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With Homeer, you can schedule your home cleaning online in 60 seconds so you don't have to be a pro to get your Texas home clean.

Homeer delivers satisfaction guaranteed cleaning services with the assistance of amazing team members and modern technology. You can schedule your home cleaning online in under 60 seconds with a final total without the chance of price changes or hidden fees.

Keeping your home clean is incredibly easy when you've scheduled a Homeer house cleaning service.

Save yourself four or more hours every Homeer cleaning in under 60 seconds by visiting our online booking form. With that you can forget about your home cleaning chores.

1. Schedule your home cleaning service.

To schedule your home cleaning you can use our online booking form. You can schedule your booking knowing the absolute final total on the date & time you choose!

2. The time for home cleaning is coming!

In the time coming up to your home cleaning you will receive automated reminder texts. On the day of your cleaning all you have to do is kick back and relax while our team cleans.

3. Forget about cleaning your home ever again.

You've officially won back the time you've been losing to cleaning your home. With a home cleaning service there is no need to spend time cleaning or buy cleaning supplies.

Take a look at a few pictures from our recent home cleanings. Does your home need a cleaning?

Every home cleaning is a little different, but the results are always the same. A beautiful and sparkling home once your Homeer team has finished your cleaning service.

Do you know how much time you currently spend cleaning your home? Let's look at the impact having a cleaning service has on your schedule and life.

According to the American Cleaning Institute the average American family spends six or more hours a week cleaning their home. Instead of spending upwards of 200 hours a year cleaning your home, you could:

  • Spend a day at the pool with friends!
  • Take a nap to get you recharged.
  • Get a haircut and all freshened up.
  • Prepare the last boxes for your move.
  • Play 18 holes on your favorite golf course.

That's a lot of time spent cleaning your home, but do you know much time you personally could save with a professional home cleaning service? You can find out now by taking our quiz:

At Homeer we take pride in our work and the reviews from our Texas community reflect that. Finally, there is a home cleaning service you can trust.

Don't just let me be the one to tell you why you need a Homeer cleaning service. Below you can see what some of our community members have been saying after their cleaning.

All you have to do to leave the chore of cleaning in the past is schedule your Texas home cleaning now!

With no upfront-cost, no recancellation fees and no rescheduling fees you can schedule the best local cleaning service you can find without having to pay a cent before the service is completed to your complete satisfaction.

Homeer doesn't just offer phenomenal home cleaning. Proudly, we offer the same quality cleaning in the form of commercial cleaning services to our Texas community!

With over 100 combined years of experience Homeer has the ability to keep your Texas business perfectly clean. Forget worrying about the dust and trash that's piled up, your Homeer commercial cleaner will take care of everything.

The Homeer locations currently offering cleaning services to our local community members.

While Homeer opened in 2020 we've been blessed with the massive opportunity to spread our cleaning services to Lubbock, Texas and Midland, Texas while also serving 150+ miles from the office of each Homeer location.

Lubbock, Texas

Opened: 09/04/2017

2321 50th St, Suite G, Lubbock, Texas, 79412

(806) 464-1768

Midland, Texas

Opened: 07/14/2020

1308 S. Midkiff, #126, Midland, Texas, 79701

(432) 355-3171

Round Rock, Texas

Opened: 02/26/2021

555 Round Rock West Drive, Suite 201, Round Rock, Texas, 78681

Coming Soon

The answers to the most common cleaning service questions that Homeer is asked.

Finding the answers you need is an important part of being happy with the cleaning service you choose. Whether it be for a residential cleaning or commercial cleaning, we have all the answers you could be looking for.

When building your you only need to select the additional rooms and bathrooms you would like cleaned. At Homeer we include 4 common areas with every booking. One kitchen, One living room, One dining room, and laundry room are included in the booking. Then, you can add the rooms and bathrooms as you see fit! You can of course only have part of your home cleaned.

NO, the total price you see on your booking is the final price. It will never change.

No, payment will only be accepted via debit/credit card.

We donโ€™t ask you to clean up before your service comes, thats what we are here for. The only thing we ask is that you pick up all clothes off the floors.

Of course! Homeer will make sure your cleaners have what they need to get in and lock up when they finish.

No, itโ€™s your home so you can do whatever makes you most comfortable.

No! Our team members bring all the supplies needed to do every job properly.

Yes, with our referral program you can send your friends or family your referral code that they would put in the discount section of the booking form. The reward is $50 off their first booking and you get $50 off your next booking!

Yes, all team members are background checked before being hired.

You will never be charged a cent until 24 hours after your booking is completed. Within that time, if you see something was missed, feel free to give us a call and we will have a team member come out and fix that for you as soon as we can.

Just call us at (806) 464-1768 and an owner or manager will be available to talk.

Homeer does not offer refunds but does have a satisfaction guarantee policy. Meaning if you see something wrong with your cleaning just give us a call and we will send someone out to fix the issue as soon as we can with no additional charge.

Absolutely NOT. We pride ourselves on not charging fees and having our price be the final price always.

You can see the names of your cleaners once they are assigned to your home. If you click on your booking and scroll down a little you will see your cleaner thats assign.

Of course! If you know what cleaner you would like you can always give us a call to let us know who you request.

Your card will never be charged a cent until 24 hours after your cleaning is complete. This insures that you have had time to make sure everything looks perfect and if not you can give us a call to utilize your Satisfaction Guarantee

It's easy to get to know Homeer and have all of your questions answered by our blog.

On our blog you can stay up to date with all of our tips and tricks, announcements and more. Plus, you can get to know the Homeer team and more about our company mission.

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What more do you have to lose when you already lose four hours a week to cleaning?

With our satisfaction guarantee backing every single cleaning you never have to worry about subpar quality. Our guarantee is there to make sure every booking is perfect, not just okay.

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