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Save yourself hours by not doing chores around your home and schedule today.

Homeer team members deliver a personal service that will clean your home to perfection. Once your home care service is scheduled our teams will take care of everything else.

Get Started Now Talk To A Team Member

Online booking allows you to schedule your service on your own, no team member required! Let’s get started.

At Homeer our team members will take care of more than just your home cleaning chores.

At Homeer we made it our mission to take care of all your home care needs by providing the option to bundle your services. Our professionally trained team members are available to care of your home inside and out!

Homeer team members deliver more than a cheap and quick home care service.

Coming with a long list of benefits, Homeer is prepared to change the way that you see the home care industry by providing the personal touch you deserve. It's easy to see why your community has loved our teams so much.

Next-Day Availability

We try our hardest to have a team available for the most unexpected time of need. We’ll carry the weight of keeping things straight when you can’t or need more time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every single service Homeer provides is backed with our 24-hour Satisfaction Guarantee to keep you worry-free and give you time after completion to make sure everything is perfect.

Homeer Provides Everything

When you book a service you never have to buy supplies again. Your team will bring absolutely everything they need. You never have to run out and get supplies any longer.

Lock & Key Security

At Homeer we take your privacy very serious. With the option to leave a key for your team you never have to worry about it being misplaced, lost or stolen. Your privacy is safe with us.

Team Members That Care

With background checks and a thorough interview process, we are focused on building a team you can trust around your family. Every team member is a believer in our mission.

Modernized Online System

This isn’t 1850 and you shouldn’t be forced to act like it is to have your chores taken care of. Our online system is super easy to use and comes with NO associated processing fees.

Locally Owned & Operated

Homeer is built of people that are determined to give their community members the life they deserve. Knowing the local impact we have we pride ourselves in building local teams.

No Shady Fees

Homeer understands that the unexpected can happen and you may need to move around your schedule. That’s why you will never be penalized for rescheduling or canceling a booking.


You will never be blind sided by a price change. The sole reason for any future price change will be to guarantee our quality service as we serve more members in the community.

Take a look at what your Texas community has said!

Blessed with amazing clients in our community, Homeer has had the pleasure to take care of many people throughout the area. Just look at what they’ve had to say after their booking was completed!

You can save yourself hours of time by scheduling your home care service anywhere on your mobile device!

The online booking form offers you transparent and flat-rate pricing at a moments notice on your mobile device. All you have to do is select the home care services that you are interested in and our expert teams will do the rest!

Book Online Today

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ignore all of your home chores? Book your home care service today.

Can you imagine having everything done in a single booking without needing fifteen calls?

With a wide range of services, Homeer is able to take care of the entire home in one booking. Pick and choose what you need to create your own custom home care service. Get all your chores taken care of with one phone call by bundling your services today!


Scheduling your home care service is now easier than ever. All you have to do is head to our online booking form and select the chores that you would like taken care of.


Once you scheduled your booking, all you have to do is relax as your Homeer team members prepare everything to be taken care of in a single booking. You can cross those chores off your to-do list.


With Homeer taking care of your home care needs you can ignore that from now on. No need to buy supplies anymore. We will keep everything looking nice and tidy and update you on any changes!

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Delivering stunning quality home care services to our busy Texan community members with a satisfaction guarantee, flat-rate pricing and zero shady fees.

Phone: (432) 355-3171

E-mail: hello@tryhomeer.com

Hours: Monday - Sunday: 12 am - 12 pm

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