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Handling Client Keys For Your Cleaning Business So You Never Lose One


In the home cleaning industry it is quite normal for a service provider to need a key to access the property. There's a long list of reas...

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🗣   Published: 05/25/2020

Creating Videos Ads For Our Local Cleaning Service -- Not Very Easy


You see it all the time... Photo ads... Scrolling across your television and favorite social media networks as you watch your favorite f...

👀   Views: 152

🗣   Published: 05/19/2020

Lubbock Maids Rebrands To Become Homeer Cleaning Services


Hello, my name is Chance Herriage and I am the former owner of Lubbock Maids. In February of 2020, Lubbock Maids was repositioned to beco...

👀   Views: 396

🗣   Published: 04/26/2020

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