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Hey again, Chance, owner of Homeer here with another post about the long journey I embarked upon to become a Thumbtack Top Pro.

Being a Thumbtack Top Pro is an honor that only 4% of the total companies that use Thumbtack ever receive. Being a Thumbtack Top Pro, you can get an incredible amount of benefits. As a local cleaning service, this is one of the largest online-based achievements that can be made.

When you're a Thumbtack Top Pro you get a badge that you can download and print. But really, that's not the

Setting the goal in 2017 and finally finding success in 2021 shows that becoming the Thumbtack Top Pro for house cleaning wasn't a fast process. It took years. Literal years to accomplish an award on one website. Was it worth it? Well, only four weeks into being the Top House Cleaning Pro and I can say firmly, yes. Yes, this challenge was more than worth it.

But, Thumbtack has been a gift to Homeer and it comes with great pride that we finally reached the dream! This was only possible by consistent focus and deliberate effort to make improvements by my team and for that, I am beyond humbled.

We ran into hurdles. We experience some issues. But what's important is that we continue to improve each day and with that, we've now taken one of the largest honors a modern-day cleaning company can earn.

To shine some light on how large of an achievement this is I'm going to go through the entire experience from start to finish so that you can see the things we had to learn along the way.

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    Logging in and seeing we became a Thumbtack Top Pro could not have been more exciting. I was literally jumping up and down.

    The benefits of becoming a Thumbtack Top Pro for house cleaning

    Now, the concept of Thumbtack can be a difficult one to grasp upon the first introduction. Both for clients and businesses, Thumbtack is a confusing maze the majority of the time. They're simply focusing on way too many things and offer way too many options. With the incredible amount of directions to go one will often find themselves in a very small niche of what Thumbtack has to offer.

    That is exactly the case Homeer has been pushing through as we've dredged our way through the ranks to become the Thumbtack Top Pro for house cleaning in Midland and Odessa, Texas and Lubbock, Texas.

    This is a major achievement. Realistically, the biggest achievement that Homeer has seen to date.

    Opening a new location is incredible and shows that we have enough interest to open a new location. But, being recognized for the quality of work instead of the growth of the company. That's an amazing change of pace.

    At Homeer we offer a 24-hour Satisfaction Guarantee with every single house cleaning because we truly want to make sure that every house cleaning is done to perfection. Our reviews reflect that, but now we also get to wear this award with pride as we continue experiencing new levels of growth.

    When we started this journey we knew one thing: becoming a Top Pro was not going to be easy. The cleaning industry has an incredibly high standard for expectations compared to many other service industries and that creates a marketplace of intense competition with extremely high quality available from many different people and cleaning businesses.

    Thumbtack doesn't share much information about the benefits of becoming a Thumbtack Top Pro beyond being able to display the badge on your website.

    Thumbtack Top Pro Midland house cleaning 2021 badge.

    That's cool and all, but who is going to post an award that so strongly contrasts with their branding? Not many... But realistically, having an image that says you're a Top Pro is the smallest benefit of becoming one.

    For example, I wasn't aware we had become a Top Pro until I got an email (as a customer) from Thumbtack. Every now and then I need someone for some work around my house and Thumbtack is the place I go. So, imagine my surprise when I get an email that's promoting me!

    Was quite a shock!

    The random email that suddenly made me realize we had finally accomplished our 3-year goal.

    Now, I got this email but what does it really mean to Homeer? It means we were just promoted to every single person that had browsed the cleaning services available recently on Thumbtack.

    How do I know this? Because I constantly browse the list to make sure we are only offering the best, but have I ever schedule a cleaning? Definitely not! I won't find a better team than the one I've built. That's clear because Homeer is the only house cleaning service ranked as a Top Pro in Midland Texas, Lubbock Texas, or Odessa Texas.

    Do you see why this is such a big deal now? At the start of 2021, Homeer set the goal to leave paid marketing in the past and we've been rather successful in doing so so far. But this award only makes it easier.

    That isn't the end of the benefits though.

    Additionally, now that we have solidified our position as a Thumbtack Top Pro, we also have gained the badge when displayed on Thumbtack.

    The badge in the list is just a nice reminder that Homeer does things differently.

    Not only have we taken the #1 position. But we've also gained an extreme distinction compared to every other cleaning company. That's something, isn't it?

    The benefits keep on rolling though because we haven't even reached the end. Want to see another incredible benefit that isn't talked about anywhere on the internet?

    When you're a high-ranking Thumbtack Pro they will start advertising for you. I'm not sure if this is in partnership with Nextdoor if they've genuinely made it part of their business model to advertise for the best companies within the Thumbtack arsenal, but I'll take it either way.

    Now Thumbtack is spending their money to advertise for Homeer on Nextdoor.

    It's most shocking because Thumbtack doesn't mention this anywhere. Not on their website. Not in the communication to their Pros. So, imagine the incredible surprise you experience when you're searching for a local service in another industry and run across yourself!

    Now with this came some extreme exclusivity that we cannot talk about, but let me just say that I never expected this level of interaction from a company as large as Thumbtack.

    The journey to get recognized as the Top Pro in House Cleaning

    Alright, we know the benefits that came from becoming a Thumbtack Top Pro, but what we don't know is the effort required to earn this award. Let's look into that.

    There are four key requirements:

    • Top Pros reply to leads within 4 business hours at least 75% of the time.

    • Top Pros maintain a rating of at least 4.8 based on verified reviews.

    • Top Pros have received at least 5 verified reviews in the last year.

    • Top Pros complete a background check through our third-party provider.

    That may seem like an easy task, but when you consider that most cleaning companies only get 1 to 2 jobs from Thumbtack a month it can be difficult to get the number of bookings and reviews needed. So, how does any cleaning business achieve these results?

    Constant improvement. That's the only way.

    Even with wonderful quality if we let one message be delayed and miss the response window, our Top Pro ranking would plummet. Once we knew this Thumbtack became a constant game of responding as fast as humanly possible.

    So through the next months, we improved the answers to the questions on our profiles. We made sure to deliver a beyond desirable experience to every client so that we can continue helping a larger number of our community members. Finally, we made sure to raise our prices.

    By raising our prices we were no longer competing with businesses that have no systems in place. Finally, we had formed a position in the market and by delivering such stellar quality Homeer gained the ability to look for a different type of client. By doing this, Homeer saw changes that never would have been possible before.

    Prior to becoming the Thumbtack Top Pro, we were in the situation of needing business growth while also needing to find clients that exactly fit our ideal buyer persona. Now, we've gained the position that we know our ability so well that we can deliver a new level of quality.

    Not just the technical quality of the cleaning. But the quality of the whole experience. I mean from start to finish.

    Instead of dealing with twenty missed calls and two schedules quotes, Homeer stands different. We offer instant scheduling that can be completed in under sixty seconds without the need for a quote. That's how confident we are in our ability to return your Texas house to a state of perfectly cleaned.

    Before continuing any further it's important to note that you cannot pay for this award. Thumbtack does not offer any kind of paid placement as Yelp does. On Yelp, you can toss them a few hundred dollars a month and you will be put on the top of the list even if you ethically shouldn't be. Thumbtack isn't like that though.

    To rank high on Thumbtack you genuinely have to be the best. You can't pull tricks. You can't use any growth hacks. You can't just be the cheapest. You have to be the full package and the business that truly offers the best experience to all users on Thumbtack. This is why at Homeer, Thumbtack is the one form of paid marketing we continue to use throughout 2021. They are a company that stands with good morals, ethics, and that talks to both sides of their customer-base to create the absolute best product possible.

    That's it for today. Thanks for taking the time to read the post!

    Are you a business owner and have some questions about becoming or being a Thumbtack Top Pro? Drop your question in the comments down below. I would love to answer them.

    Focusing on platforms beyond Thumbtack without paying

    Now we've achieved our goal to get number one on Thumbtack, but we can't sit idle.

    What should we focus on next?

    Personally I think the Easyway Maids logo is a perfect representation of what they stand for.

    Thankfully, in a conversation with Dan Oh, owner of Easyway Maids, an Austin, Texas referral agency turned cleaning service. Dan entered the cleaning industry right around the same time I entered the industry. It's always enjoyable to discuss the things we do differently, the same, and any ideas/advice we can provide one another.

    Out of all conversations I've had in February, this conversation resulted in the most immediate impact. That's not an exaggeration. This was only possible though because Dan thinks about his cleaning business very similar to the way that I view Homeer. Not in it for the money, but in it to deliver top-notch quality while trusting that the money comes in response. (Hint: It does.) We talked about many things, but what I walked out with was two amazing ideas I had to consider.

    Our conversation started with the fact that Yelp is a core part of Easyway Maids new client connection, yet at Homeer we've chosen to let it sit for literal years. To fix that, in 2021 we will begin cultivating our Yelp pages to see what it really has to offer. It's always an amazing benefit of talking to other local cleaning companies, but this conversation was truly helpful.

    With this new goal, we also encounter a new question of whether or not it is time to make locational pages for each location of Homeer. We'll cover that soon...

    The advice to look into Yelp could really pay off in the long run. Yelp wasn't the best suggestion though and really his second suggestion is why I am so grateful of Dan. While I cannot yet share his second piece of advice. I can say it has already been implemented and if you are a client of Homeer, you may soon notice a small difference in your follow-up message and receipt email.. That's all the info I can share for now.

    I can confidently say that if you're in the Austin, Texas area and are looking for a house cleaning service, Easyway Maids is a great option to consider!

    Finishing the conversation I was more inspired than ever to set bigger goals and chase them. Our 2021 goals have quickly been grabbed so it's time to expand our horizons, isn't it?

    So along with Yelp we are soon going to release a blog post that details the full 2021 Roadmap of Homeer to cover our the updated 2021 goals along with all of our active plans in one comprehensive post.

    I will talk to you soon!

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