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Does a Lubbock, Texas Home Need Extreme Cleaning?

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Hello again. Chance the founder of Homeer here again with another post in my 'Competitor Insight' series. With this, I am going into every detail and learning more about the reasons that members of our community schedule with each.

The expectations and desires of clients when scheduling a cleaning service are typically defined before a call is even placed. This means there are many different types of cleaning services in Lubbock, Texas that are built to serve different types of clients. Having a lot of options isn’t a bad thing for any client of a cleaning service or any owner of a cleaning company. The more competition the better as everyone will have their unique aspects for a unique set of our community members.

To better serve our existing and future clients we go into extreme detail and try to uncover things that many potential clients may never see or know and share all of that here. After all, keeping up with our local competitors is the easiest way to keep up with the home cleaning industry in general, plus stay in touch with what our community is asking for.

Finding the right home cleaning service in Lubbock, Texas can be difficult and we’ve talked about some parts of that in our blog posts:

Those blog posts don’t cover any specific company or what they offer though. So let’s make it a little easier for you to wade through all of the information available from home cleaning services in Lubbock, Texas.

Today we are looking into Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning.

The logo of Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning

Having one of the best names in the cleaning industry (in my opinion), Prettie Pleaze has a unique standpoint from the very first seconds of introduction.

There is the common belief that a name is more than just a name:

“There even have incidents we heard of that explains how people judge a brand simply by hearing its name. The thing is – by selecting a good business name you can make your possible consumers believe in the high quality you would be providing and a crystal clear view of what the people can expect in case they are new to your service or products. “

Their name is memorable and very approachable and I am personally a very big fan of that. I get the precise feeling I expect to get from seeing a local company that loves what they do while delivering results at exceptional quality. The one aspect Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning doesn’t have covered by their name is the “searchability”, but we will get more into that in just a minute.

While I was only 10 seconds into the search, I already had far more confidence in what I would find than I did when looking into Merry Maids.

Before we get any further let’s take a real hard look into their name so that we can better understand the ideals and results we will be looking for during our research and throughout this post.

A good business name revolves around a few key aspects. Those being:

  • Does the name properly represent the image you see?

  • Will you easily remember the name?

  • Is it easy to search online?

  • Can the name be easily shared between friends and family?

With the name Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning we immediately know two things.

  1. They show and understand the value of respect.

  2. They are extreme cleaners.

The extra inclusion of “extreme” in the business name conveys to us that they focus on more than just standard cleaning. So immediately the majority of people are going to be more confident that Prettize Pleaze Extreme cleaning will deliver a spotless clean compared to a company with the name “Sandys Standard Cleaning”. It’s a simple but effective trick and they have pulled it off flawlessly. While the value may come subconsciously, I think choosing this name for their business was a brilliant move.

Now that we know who we are looking into, let’s get out the magnifying glass and look at the details.

Table of Contents

    Multiple websites to find information (by accident?)

    The first aspect of a cleaning service that most experience in 2021 is the website and I’m no different. To get the research started I began the search for the website of Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning and what I found had me confused for a split second…

    I found two different websites...

    Screenshot of homecleanersinlubbocktx
    Screenshot of prettiepleazeextremecleaning

    Now in the beginning I assumed that they had just received a website update and I still think that’s a possibility, but it wouldn’t be fair of me to not give some detail on the other options.

    The first other possibility is that the website on the domain “homecleanersinlubbocktx” is a lead generation website. But what is a lead generation website? In short, it's a website that is owned, built and ran by a company that sells contact information to other companies.

    So in this case, that would mean that Prettie Pleaze would have been contacted, would have been told that this “company” has leads they are receiving for cleaning and that they would like to send them to Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning. At least, that’s one variation of what is known as “mass lead generation”. At Homeer we’ve vowed never to use any of the practices like outsourcing mass lead generation as we believe in a more organic way of growing. But, just because the idea of this website solely being a lead generation website is a possibility, it’s difficult to say the odds lie in the favor of this scenario. So, let’s say that isn’t what’s going on here.

    Because if we look at the design of the websites, the information displayed on the websites, and the overall image things become more clear. I believe the website that lives on the domain of “prettiepleazeextremecleaning” is just a new website.

    It can be very difficult to get Google to do what you want and I imagine that is the scenario here. Because having two websites is not a good thing there is no reason to even consider the idea that they could be attempting to game the system.

    • The new website is improved in terms of branding.

    • The new website is far easier to navigate and find the desired information.

    • The new website makes it very easy to contact them.

    But it’s not the perfect solution, unfortunately. For years the growing standard within the cleaning industry has been to move online. And with this, I don’t just mean that every cleaning company needs a website, but that every client should be able to book online and manage their scheduled home cleanings online at any time.

    It’s a large task to implement, but as the industry has modernized many home cleaning companies have kept up.

    When we looked at another local cleaning company named Custom Maids, Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning is lacking in this area. I can understand not having an online booking form as Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning does not appear to be heavily focused on the growth of the company. However, I do expect to at least see a quote form considering the effort that’s been devoted to releasing this updated website.

    Screenshot of the only online way you can schedule a home cleaning online with Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning

    While they currently have two websites, they didn’t always. So, we are first going to go through their old website and then on to the new updated version.

    On their first website, it’s to easy understand why they prefer a phone call. And that’s because there is very little information to answer all of the questions that many prospective clients have.

    For example, just based on this version of the website no home cleaning client would have any way of determining how the prices are determined and what the price would be for their cleaning, nor do they have any way of knowing if this company even gives quotes. If you try and answer this question for yourself, you will find an answer you likely won’t like.

    When scrolling through their website you will find that they have services pages with more information. But, what do you find on those pages at the bottom?

    “Head on over today to find your solution!”

    Even with years of experience in the cleaning industry, I was quite confused when reading this. Does this mean that the clients of Prettie Pleaze extreme cleaning were expected to go into the office to get a quote and a home cleaning service scheduled?

    While the contact information is right below that statement. I still can’t determine what that intended way of schedule a cleaning would be in this situation. If clients are expected to come into the office, does that mean that clients can only book during normal work hours? Does that also mean that they don’t offer any cleaning services outside of those hours?

    Let’s return to the homepage and continue our search. And it’s at this time that we will see the header images rotating with a different tagline. And what do these taglines say?

    Screenshot of the hero image saying to drive in to work out the schedule.

    On the third tagline of the homepage we see: “Drive over to our Lubbock location today so we can work out a schedule as quickly as possible!” So, while the phone number may be plastered very large on every page, the assumption still reasonably stands that clients are expected to go into the office to schedule their cleaning. Is this accurate? It’s difficult to tell.

    So this begs one big question. Why would they leave their second website up?

    With two websites won’t they be competing against their website for the ranking on Google? Yes. They will and that is why it’s highly recommended never to have two websites and it’s even more highly recommended that you never let it sit.

    Based on everything we can see there are three options left:

    1. They’ve lost access to the account that controls the website on their old domain.

    2. They aren’t the owners of this domain. (They paid someone for it and their working relationship has since expired.)

    3. They just don’t know how to ask Google to remove their old website from the indexing.

    Fortunately, on the newer version of their website, the information is far more clear. At the same time though, some things got far worse…

    Before we talk about the things that went downhill, let’s first find the answer to the question created by the old version of the website: How do I get a quote from Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning?

    Screenshot of ‘Services Booking’ form.

    Although this form is not fancy and still is nothing more than an email. It’s more than they had on the previous version of the website and I do appreciate the effort and thought. The email is still the extent of your home cleaning schedule ability with Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning though. So, if you’re interested in a cleaning service that is modernized and allows for online management of your scheduled home cleanings, Prettie Pleaze will likely not be the cleaning service that’s best for you.

    The next thing that saw a massive improvement on this website was the overall branding!

    Screenshot of the rebranding transformation to this bright and vivid color palette.

    Beyond the colors, that is all that’s changed sadly. The content is the same for the most part, the functionality is the same for the most part, and the difficulties of finding the relevant information are most definitely the same. Don’t believe me? Let’s just look at a side-by-side of the about pages found on their old and new website…

    Screenshot of homecleanersinlubbocktx about page
    Screenshot of prettiepleazeextremecleaning about page

    The content shown is the same and that’s not a great testament to the amount of effort that goes into the representation of this company. Is it safe to assume they devote more thought and effort to the home cleaning services delivered?

    Today, I’m not here to nitpick their website as we’ve already determined that’s not their focus or skill, but there’s one aspect we need to talk about before we move on to the next subject of discussion...

    As of 12/13/2020, Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning has included images of cleaning as their work that are not their work. They are standard stock images that can be licensed for this purpose. However, it is very deceiving to use those images in a “work portfolio”. This situation only gets worse when these are the only images of “work” shown on the entire website.

    Screenshot of the ‘Best Gallery’ section and the stock images within the portfolio of Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning.

    I won’t beat around the bush here. Not only is this incredibly deceiving, but this is also downright shady.

    A hair salon does not use stock images in their portfolio, they show haircuts of men and women they’ve had the opportunity to meet.

    A roofer does not use stock images in their portfolio, they point across the street to a roof that they recently repaired or replaced.

    A financial advisor doesn’t include the work of others in their portfolio, they show the returns they’ve received.

    There is no industry where it is acceptable to claim another person's work as your own and the cleaning industry is no different. Before I noticed this I wasn’t concerned about Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning having the ability to deliver a truly extreme cleaning. But now that I can’t find any images of their previous work, I could not be more concerned*. That is not a good sign at all…

    That’s a pretty big claim to make though, right? So, let’s make sure that’s the case.

    Screenshot of image search that results in a myriad of images from the same photoshoot.

    As you can see here many other cleaning companies are using the same image or very similar images. It is important to note that these images can be legally licensed and used for businesses, however, it’s incredibly shady to license those images and claim them as a company’s work. For example, no other cleaning company returned by reverse-searching that image claimed that image as their work. Instead, it was solely used to provide context as intended by the licensee of the image.

    Regardless of the legality, displaying these images in their portfolio as previous work is ethically and morally questionable.

    Now thankfully they have given some information about the services they offer. Let’s get right into that.

    The services offered by Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning

    A cleaning company can have a wonderful website and organizational structure, but if their services don't come in at the same level of quality it will be difficult finding happiness in the results. So, we are going to look through all of the information they've provided about the cleaning services offered. By the time we are done with this section, we should be able to estimate every type of cleaning and location that a Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning employee could be found at.

    Now, I do want to note that for this aspect of the services I typically look for testimonials that back up the claims that a company has made. Unfortunately, Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning has made it very difficult to do that. It is near impossible to find a single review about their services besides the standard home cleaning.

    Looking at the website we can see they've chosen to show a few different services. Those being:

    1. Residential cleaning in Lubbock, Texas
    2. Make-ready cleaning in Lubbock, Texas
    3. Family house cleaning in Lubbock, Texas
    4. Local packing and commercial cleaning in Lubbock, Texas
    5. AirBnB & apartment cleaning in Lubbock, Texas

    Right away you will notice one thing. These are all the same services that have just been worded differently... To understand this, we are going to look at every detail of these services and determine why Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning has chosen to display these as their primary services.

    Screenshot of the Lubbock, Texas residential cleaning services page of Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning.

    What does it mean to be a good residential cleaning service in Lubbock, Texas

    I've attached a screenshot here because I don't want to copy and paste what they have and steal their Google searches. But, in that image, we can see that very little helpful information is offered. Instead of this page answering questions about their residential cleaning services in Lubbock, Texas, this page is just another page to sell the visitors of their website.

    This here is another situation very similar to Custom Maids in Lubbock, Texas in which very little helpful information is offered on their website. It's an unfortunate scenario to see a company put the time, effort, and money into updating their website only to end up with a website that still doesn't answer the questions of their potential or existing clients.

    But aren't all pages supposed to sell the visitor of their website? Well, that's a complicated answer that does not have a clear yes or no. The pages of a cleaning service website in Lubbock, Texas should answer the questions associated with that service. For example, just based on this page we have no idea if the supplies are provided for their residential cleaning in Lubbock, we don't know how the prices for their residential cleaning function, we don't even know what's included in a residential clean.

    This is in stark contrast to Homeer, where on our Lubbock, Texas home cleaning page we have tried to answer every question that any potential client could have.

    Screenshot of the frequently asked questions on the Homeer residential cleaning page.

    Even answering many questions throughout our residential cleaning page, we still had a few questions that needed to be answered separately and you can see those in our frequently asked questions section! There is more to know about a residential cleaning service than seeing that they are accepting clients...

    Realistically, this page appears to mostly exist with one goal. Increase the word association of the Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning brand. By adding this page and the keywords found in it like "home cleaners in Lubbock, TX" and "taking care of that spring cleaning" they now rank higher in Google. So if that was the goal, mission accomplished. And while I'm not here to dissect their website and the content found on it, after seeing this service page I do now find it difficult to determine the real purpose and goal of the website being updated.

    It would be awesome to know more about their residential cleaning services not only for their clients but all of us here at Homeer as well. The more local cleaning companies that are upfront with their information and transparent with what they offer, the better chance we have to recommend people to them when they are the better fit. At Homeer we believe in delivering a "perfect cleaning" and that means 10/10 in the eyes of the client. To do that, we are always immediately let specific potential clients that we won't be the best fit, but that another amazing local company we know and trust is. That's one of the benefits of being in a city like Lubbock, Texas. The community. Through all of these blogs in my Competitor Insight series I have yet to find another cleaning company in Lubbock Texas that shines a light on who they are and the cleaning they deliver. Most have chosen to solely focus on the services they offer and that makes it very difficult to feel confident recommending some of the highest rated companies in this great town.

    A residential cleaning service is special because you live there. It has your family. Your belongings. Your pets and more. Your home is the place you can just relax and the last thing you want to do is invite someone that you can't trust. And I'm not saying you can't trust Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning, however, they have made it very difficult to know who works behind the curtains and at the cleanings.

    Screenshot of the make-ready cleaning page on the website of Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning

    A make-ready cleaning in Lubbock, Texas is an entirely different specialty

    In sum, a make-ready cleaning is top-to-bottom clean that is going to have your home sparkling so clean anyone could move in without knowing someone had lived there before. But on top of the cleaning, any repairs and signs of repairs would have been included as well. For Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning, that does not appear to be the case though as it seems they operate with a different definition for make-ready than the majority of the cleaning industry. That's not good, but let's do a little searching and see if we can find more information that rectifies this possible misunderstanding.

    From the information you can see we see they offer three different types of cleaning that they consider make-ready:

    1. Dorm cleaning in Lubbock, Tx.
    2. Vacant/empty home cleaning in Lubbock, Texas.
    3. Moving cleaning in Lubbock.

    These are all very different types of cleaning so we should look at the finer details. Starting with dorm cleaning this is a unique service to see in Lubbock. Having a clean dorm in college can help a ton as there have been many studies that concluded having clean home results in a better and happier life.

    On top of that, college life is an incredibly busy time and the last thing that is on the to-do list is to clean up. Not every dorm is crazy dirty, but they are small and collect trash and messes quickly. Because it's so small the cost associated is incredibly low and with the proper cleaning team, you can forget about cleaning your dorm room and focus on spending that time studying and the things you are more interested in. At Homeer we don't offer dorm cleaning currently as you have to have a close relationship with the campus. So in this situation, I would recommend Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning.

    For a vacant and empty home cleaning in Lubbock, that calls for a very unique expertise. That's because there is an incredible amount of older homes and dirt in Lubbock. There is nothing you can do to prevent the dirt and dust from flying in besides trying to keep it at a controllable level. So, that means the time spent cleaning to deliver a home that is ready to move in takes some extra knowledge and patience.

    Now moving cleaning is a different service as well and I wanted to talk about this last because this is a service that sits close to my heart. I say that because I have recently felt the tumultuous struggles that come on the day of moving out. I have documented my entire day of moving for you so that you can learn from my mistakes, but in summary, that blog post comes down to one idea: Scheduling yourself a move out cleaning service in Lubbock is one of the best decisions you will make the whole time you live here.

    There is simply too much to do on the day that you're moving to even consider leaving the cleaning until the end. A move out cleaning will take at least two times as long as a normal clean. Are you prepared to spend that cleaning your Lubbock, Texas home when you have already moved all of your stuff into your new home? Wouldn't it be way nicer if you could just move everything out and know that a professional move out cleaning service will make sure that your home is cleaned to perfection?

    Before moving on I also want to note that these cleanings are not what we consider make-ready cleanings. A make-ready cleaning to Homeer and most cleaning companies means that the home is truly ready to move in. There should not be a single thing left to do once that team has left.

    This definition is and online-misinformation of this definition is best summed up by Lupe's House Cleaning with:

    "Across the web, you may find it defined differently, but the concept is the same. In essence, the home has gone through a significant change, such as a remodeling or the previous tenants or owners have moved out, and you want to make the home ready to live in again.

    However, we like to separate Move-in/out cleaning and Make-ready cleaning because the home is always vacant for move-ins and outs. Make-ready cleaning, on the other hand, doesn’t always mean the home is empty and could mean only a portion of the home needs cleaning."

    They do sum it up the best. A make-ready cleaning is more than a standard move-in cleaning and it's somewhat concerning a company with so many years of experience hasn't encountered a situation of miscommunication due to the vocabulary used for this service.

    A make-ready cleaning in Lubbock, Texas will typically not include things like the drawers, closets, refrigerators, beds, pantries, ovens, or cabinets. That is a lot of cleaning that is left to do and that's because there is a very specific difference between a move-in cleaning / move-out-cleaning and a make-ready cleaning. If you're on the search for a highly rated make-ready service, please confirm with them that they are delivering the services you expect.

    Screenshot of the family home cleaning page.

    Getting your Lubbock, Texas home cleaned for the family

    This is another service that is typically very particular in the method of delivery. That's because the odds are high to be cleaning a home with children, pets, or someone that just prefers eco-friendly products.

    Many companies throughout America do follow an eco-friendly approach. However, from the information available Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning is not one of them. While they do mention the potential scenarios that a family could want a service, they don't offer much in the form of what a "family house cleaning in Lubbock, Texas" really is.

    Is it only a name change or are the routines, expectations, and safety precautions different? That's a question that is impossible to answer without making manual contact with this company and that's unfortunate.

    Homeer is also not a company that only carries eco-friendly products so please don't assume I am only here to highlight the bad. However, we absolutely will make that alteration to any clients cleaning when requested and put a large amount of effort into letting all potential clients know we will happily do the same for them.

    So if Homeer is willing to use eco-friendly products why don't we always use them? When using eco-friendly products our cleaning professionals have to use different methods to get the same results which call for the need of special knowledge and skills. There are very different benefits that come with using eco-friendly cleaning supplies in your Lubbock, Texas cleaning and we will talk about that soon in an upcoming post.

    Screenshot of their very unique page for a packing service in Lubbock, Texas.

    Local packing and commercial cleaning in Lubbock, Texas

    This is a unique service that not many cleaning services offer. Typically, this is a service you find offered by maid services however it is very cool to see a local cleaning service that offers a packing service. Up to this point, I had no idea there was a local company that was not only willing but wanted to help on those dreaded move-out days!

    We've already skimmed on the topic, but moving out is seriously one of the most tiring days associated with living in a home. If you're in an apartment, suddenly your moving out day is going to be a lot more laborious. Especially with Lubbock, Texas apartments having very skinny staircases and elevators. That's precisely why scheduling a move-out cleaning service in Lubbock is a brilliant idea, but scheduling a packing service is even smarter.

    Can you imagine now having to worry about packing anything up? You just focus on the things you want to while your Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning team takes care of all the packing you could need.

    Also found on this page is a mention of commercial cleaning. While it is perplexing to see these services on the same page I think that goes to show a lot about the thinking of the services rendered by this company. From what I can tell, the differences between the services we discussed today are very small in the grand scheme of things. This is something to be wary of when considering scheduling any cleaning service in Lubbock. But especially when considering a cleaning with Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning.

    I suppose, after all the time spent researching their website, who they are, and the services they offer their constant inclusion of "Drive over to our Lubbock, TX location today so we can work out a schedule as quickly as possible!" makes far more sense. Based on everything we can see it appears the goal isn't to inform the potential clients while they are on the website, but instead inform them when they are in the office.

    This is a very unique setup and one I've never seen within the cleaning industry before. Typically, it is in any business's best interest to make it as easy as possible for their clients to take advantage of the benefits offered. But that seems to be very far from the case here. I haven't gone into their office so I can't attest to the outcome and benefits of going to their office instead of booking online, but this expectation sets another expectation that I'm not too pleased with. The expectation is that it's going to be very difficult to get in contact and work towards a solution if something goes wrong.

    • If I need to reschedule will I have to go into the office?

    • If I need to leave a key for the cleaning team will I need to go to the office?

    • If I need to pay will I have to go into the office?

    Packing is an incredible service to have at your disposal however if you are interested in these services I would make sure to contact them as soon as possible. It doesn't seem crazy to consider the possibility that you may not be able to make it to their office in time to get the packing and cleaning help you need for your Lubbock, Texas home. That's precisely why at Homeer we've made it as easy as possible to schedule a home cleaning service regardless of the type and you can schedule your cleaning online in under 60 seconds with our online booking form.

    Screenshot of the Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning AirBnB for a packing service in Lubbock, Texas.

    AirBnB & apartment cleaning in Lubbock, Texas

    The last service that we have to browse on Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleanings website is the topic of Airbnb cleanings and apartment cleanings. Unfortunately again, these two very different services have been bundled together and in turn, we have very little real information to look through.

    So again we are left with a lot of answers that relate to AirBnB cleaning in Lubbock, Texas. Those that do have an AirBnB in Lubbock know how different the experience is compared to many other cities that have a lot of Airbnb hosts. This being the case due to the proximity of Texas Tech and the incredible draw that comes with all of the associated sporting events.

    I can tell you from first-hand experience when family comes in town for a football game-day, the odds are very high that my home will be much dirtier than usual at the end of the day. It's the only downside to having fun on the Lubbock game-days and being part of the community, but there's an easy solution for that. With a professional cleaning service, AirBnB owners in Lubbock, Texas don't have to worry about a thing when it comes to the cleaning.

    That's because many local cleaning companies specialize in just this type of cleaning. Is Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning one of them? It's hard to tell. I say this because typically if you are focused on AirBnB cleaning you will have an extensive breakdown of the things included and the things that will be included in a cleaning service. That is not the case on their website unfortunately which begs the question of the true level of expertise when it comes to Airbnb cleaning. A true professional would know that countless hosts have these questions and they deserve to find an answer quickly and without a lot of effort.

    Following the mention of Airbnb cleaning, we are met by a snippet of information about apartment cleaning. And it's at this time I can confidently say that I've determined the goal of this website. It is most assuredly not to answer the questions of their clients. The primary goal was to improve the search engine rankings associated with their website. It's clear now.

    The disregard and unwillingness to put the time in and answer the questions that we all know you have. Even here in this blog post, I've been able to better summarize their services without even being part of the business. That is concerning to me and that could show a communication issue that some Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning clients experience.

    But this all boils down to one thing... Are there clients happy? Let's take a look at that.

    It's not uncommon for Yelp to hide reviews if they come from users that were not previously active on their platform. Unfortunately, Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning is a major victim of Yelps hostile tactics.

    Yelp, the ultimate cleaning company killer

    Determining if a company is loved by its clients is very easy. All we have to do is a quick Google search and we will be met with many resources that will answer that exact question.

    To do this, we are going to look at three different places that Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning collects reviews and identify key notes from each. Starting with Yelp we will look at a platform that is generally not liked by many business owners and see what the reviews have to say!

    Screenshot of the introduction to the Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning Yelp page.

    Right away, I become concerned with the quality that is delivered. But, before talking about that I would like to mention that solely using Yelp to consider reviews is not fair and that's due to one reason. Yelp hides the reviews of users that recently signed up and thus "removes" the review from the page.

    While the review can still be found when following a very hidden link, Yelp clearly attempts to de-incentivize asking for reviews and instead expects all businesses to get organic reviews as they service Yelpers. Putting myself in the shoes of a high-level Yelp employee I understand why and I think the following statement perfectly outlines their thinking:

    "Academic studies suggest that solicited reviews are systematically different from reviews that are left without being requested. Findings by researchers from Northwestern University state that “[C]ustomers who are prompted (by an email) to write a review, submit, on average, up to 0.5 stars higher ratings than self-motivated web Reviewers.” It’s easy to see why this is tempting for a business, who views this as a cheap way to boost its rating, and why it’s also problematic for consumers. If only some businesses are soliciting reviews, then it’s hard for customers to know which businesses have good reviews because of good service and which have simply hounded customers for more reviews. Not only is this bad for customers, but it’s also bad for businesses who might feel they have to solicit as many reviews as possible just to keep up with the competition. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for users to compare between businesses, and we’d rather businesses focus on improving their ratings by improving their service, rather than trying to game the system."

    This is essentially saying that to level the playing field for all businesses, Yelp does not suggest or promote any business to solicit reviews. Thus, if they see a review they believe was solicited, it will be hidden and not factored into the aggregate rating of that business. That being said, nothing is stopping that removed review from becoming visible in the coming months as the person that left the review uses Yelp more. However, if they don't stay persistent in the use of Yelp the chances of that review appearing are very low.

    When we look at the Yelp page of Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning we can see that they have been hit very hard by this.

    Screenshot of the hidden reviews link that is found on Yelp pages of businesses.

    It's a really unfortunate situation because every single review that has been hidden, is a five-star rating. If those ratings were factored into their overall rating they would be sitting at a rating of 3.75 stars instead of a very low 2 stars.

    All but one five-star review has been hidden on the Yelp page of Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning. Do you see why so few companies choose to rely on Yelp as a platform to leave reviews?

    Unfortunately, their hands are tied behind their back and there's not much they can do to influence this rating on Yelp besides increasing the quality of the service they render while targeting users that are already active on Yelp.

    This being the case though, is why at Homeer we don't put much effort into Yelp. Instead, we devote our time and effort to writing new blog posts and improving our methods. We are firm believers in letting the quality of our work do the talking and I want to say I get the same impression from Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning in Lubbock, Texas.

    But, there are a few reviews that make that difficult to believe... For example, we have this review left by a landlord:

    Screenshot of the review by a landlord of multiple units that had anything but a pleasant experience with his cleaning.

    Bad reviews can happen though as we all have bad days. So realistically, any mistake can be rectified by the follow-up. In this situation it wasn't just the one-star review that built concern on my path research, it was the response that followed...

    What makes this more unfortunate though? The issues appear to remain constant throughout the entire life of this business and that's sad to see.

    If we take a look on the Yelp page we see four low rating reviews. It would make sense that there was a hard period of operating if they were collected within a single month however these reviews start in 2017, have two in 2018 with one last 1 star in 2019.

    So, considering the great reviews we can find that are hidden by Yelp and the bad reviews that Yelp chose to spotlight, what is the outlook? I can't quite say yet. Let's look at the next platform: Google.

    On Google, the story is much different than on Yelp. Almost every single review is raving about the excellence that was delivered by their cleaning team and this is precisely why I always say that you should look at more than one place if reviews carry a lot of weight to you.

    Screenshot of the Google My Business page for Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning.

    So if we factor together all of their ratings so far we now come to a better 4.2 stars. That's not only acceptable, but that is quite good in a city that has such unique requirements when it comes to cleaning services.

    Continuing right away let's look at one more review platform so that we can build a real image of the overall feedback received. But we run into an issue here. There isn't another public platform that I can find containing reviews of Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning. That is not typical either. That is about as far from normal as we can get. How could that be possible? Well, it's quite simple.

    Like we talked about earlier in this post they currently have two websites that are competing with one another. By doing so Google has segmented parts of their business, website, and online information into two different search queries. This results in many potential clients not being able to find the information they are needing. This here is precisely why Google says you should do everything in your power to avoid having two websites. It is not a good thing, it is a horrible thing.

    No blog or question-answering information shared

    This is the final section of this post and at this point, you should have just about all of the information to help you decide whether or not Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning is the Lubbock, Texas cleaning service for you.

    The last thing we are going to talk about the overall lack of information that you can find about this company. To my surprise, it is very easy to find Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning while they have very little public information. How could this be possible? If we take a look at the links to the website from Google we find little information. Just four other outbound links that are "credible" sources that benefit the website. So, the reason for ranking so high is not because of the links.

    Perhaps, this cleaning company has just been around for so long that Google knows they are trustworthy and a good recommendation when searching for services related to extreme cleaning. Let's test this hypothesis and look at the numbers.

    Screenshot of the SpyFu dashboard for old the old Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning website.
    Screenshot of the SpyFu dashboard for the new Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning website.

    So with these results, we see that they aren't ranking for a lot of keywords, but the keywords they do rank for are very high in the results. With all this research done, we can walk away knowing that Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning takes wonderful care of its clients.

    They may have had a few situations that weren't wonderful, but haven't we all?

    I mean, who is truly perfect?

    Moving forward I now know that Homeer will always recommend Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning to anyone interested in packing services here in Lubbock, Texas. Plus, I am really excited and look forward to seeing more information shared about this wonderful and local cleaning company. It's awesome to see other local cleaning companies carving out their portion of the cleaning industry by standing out.

    As a potential client of Prettie Pleaze Extreme Cleaning the only suggestion I would leave you with is to give them a call.

    You won't find much information online and while that may not be normal now, the cleaning industry has always lagged. You never know what you're missing out if you don't give them a call!

    At Homeer we don't lag though. Instead, we try and be the company that continues to push the expectations and possibilities within the cleaning industry. You can schedule your home cleaning online in under 60 seconds with our flat-rate prices. That means you can forget about all of your Lubbock, Texas home cleaning and focus on the things you find more joy in. Happen to have some questions about Homeer and the way our home cleaning services can help you? Don't worry! You can give us a call at (432) 355-3171 at anytime. We have cleanings going 24 hours of the day and we are only closed on holidays. If you need a home cleaning in Lubbock, Texas we will be there. All you have to do is schedule your home cleaning and we will take care of the rest.

    You can read the other posts of the Competitor Insight series with:

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

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