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Have you ever wondered how much time a home cleaning service could save you? Or wondered what kind of cleaning home might need? Then I have some great news! We have officially made two new home cleaning quizzes to help you find out some answers that you might have about your home cleaning and you can browse the quizzes available by visiting our quizzes page.

Before now, there has not been a place that you can go to get the real answers from within the cleaning industry. So much of the cleaning industry performs behind closed curtains and Homeer is here to open those curtains and show you the process of delivering the highest quality cleaning services you can imagine. These quizzes aren't for us, they are for you and every client within the cleaning industry. No longer do you have to wonder about certain aspects of the cleaning industry, we'll take care of giving you every single answer you could want or need.

We have formulated each quiz question to help give an idea of what kind of cleaning needs your home will need or the amount of time you will save by booking a Homeer home cleaning. Most cleaning services will say that they have to come to do a walkthrough to give you a quote.

With our flat-rate pricing, we do not need to do this. Our price depends on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, type of package, and how often the service is. With this, you will be able to see accurate results when taking the quizzes.

The results are 100% for your knowledge and will allow you to schedule the home cleaning service that best fits your needs while saving the most amount of time. Doesn't that sound like an amazing option to have?

Table of Contents

    How will a cleaning service help me on my time management

    How much time will you save with a cleaning service? Find Out With Our Cleaning Service Quizzes

    Our first quiz is to determine how much time you will save by simply using a cleaning service to take care of all your cleaning needs. To determine this you will need to answer a few questions about your home and how you clean already.

    Some of the questions are asking how many bedrooms and bathrooms your home has. While others try to determine how much you clean your home. Once you finish answering the questions then the results will be given with the amount of time you could possibly save. Pretty cool right?

    I suggest answering the questions as honestly as possible because each answer will determine the outcome of the results. The results are mainly just for you to reflect on. After seeing my results I see why I switched to using a home cleaning service instead of cleaning on my own.

    There is something about realizing how much time you spend on something. Once you know the actual number it is near impossible to happily waste all of that time. Instead of spending your time cleaning you could be:

    • Play 18 holes on favorite golf course.

    • Spend a day at the pool with family and friends.

    • Get a nap in to get recharged for the coming days of the week!

    • Go get a haircut and get spiffied up for date night. Plus, then you can come to a sparkling clean home and not have to worry about pushing clothes off your bed at the last second.

    • Prepare the last boxes of your move. Do you know how bad it sucks to move everything of your home and then still have to clean up the messes that have been made from the time you've lived in the home? Really bad.

    • You could catch up on the errands that have piled up and take the stress of your shoulders. More often than not it is in the inability to do something that creates the anxiety and not the actual task of doing it.

    We will always give you the package you deserve

    Cleaning package quiz: Which Home Cleaning Package Is Best For You?

    Our second quiz determines which one of our home cleaning packages would suit you the best. The results will factor in each one of your answers to customize the package just for you. This is good to take if you are thinking about using a cleaning service but aren't quite sure what you might need based on your everyday life and habits. You will be able to see which package is best for you, how often you need to be serviced, and the price of the suggested package. Happy with your results and would like to book the suggested package? No problem, you will be able to book that package suggested for you in a matter of seconds. Or if you have any questions you can give us a call at (432) 355-3171 and we can get anything that you might have answered.

    This question may also beg the question of "Do I really need a cleaning service?" and you can find more information about that in a blog post recently released: Will a move in cleaning even make a difference?. In that blog post we cover all of the benefits that you can get from having an amazing cleaning service take care of your home, but no where have we ever talked about the actual amount of time you save by not having to worry about cleaning your home.

    Go ahead and visit the How Much Time Is Saved With A Home Cleaning Quiz now to head to the quiz and find out how much time you would save by trusting a professional cleaning service for all of your home cleaning needs.

    Always get what is best for you

    Skip becoming a professional cleaner when the Homeer cleaning quizzes are ready for you to use

    It's always nice to know exactly what you need. This is especially true when it comes to home cleaning. Many cleaning services will overcharge for the services that they are providing or will charge you for something that you don't even need.

    With Homeer, we want you to know exactly what you are purchasing and what the final price will be before you have to commit to a thing. We want the client to be satisfied with the service package and the price before booking a cleaning.

    Taking a few minutes to answer the questions on our quiz will be a great help in justifying which service is best for you while also making sure you get all of your moneys-worth even if you aren't booked with Homeer.

    The quiz is easy and will only ask for a seconds of your time. This comes in handy when you have no clue what you are looking for or what you might need. Instead of calling cleaning companies hoping to have them tell you what you need, you can go in knowing what you need without any concern that you may be wrong or you are leaving something out.

    Take our quiz today and see the final pricing on a professional home cleaning

    Experience the benefits of using a cleaning quiz designed to provide answers and solutions

    At Homeer we have first-hand experience showing the difference a professional clean can make on the time it takes to find a new tenant. On the surface that appears to be the case just because the house is cleaner, but it is far more than that. By trusting a professional cleaning service with all of our move-in and move-out cleans, you get the luxury of:

    • You never have to worry about coordinating schedules.

    • You never have to worry about purchasing supplies.

    • You never have to worry about sudden price changes.

    • You never have to worry about a booking taking longer than expected.

    • You never have to worry about something still being dirty.

    • You never have to worry about a week where all of the needed cleaning cannot be done.

    • You never have to worry about calculating payroll for a cleaner again.

    • You never have to worry about paying payroll taxes for an in-house cleaner ever again.

    The list of reasons to trust Homeer with your cleaning needs is endless. Just take a look below at all the time and stress we could save you with every single move out cleaning.

    Upcoming quizzes

    The other types of cleaning quizzes available for you to try

    The two quizzes that we have up so far is a quiz to help determine how much time you will save by using a home cleaning service and a quiz to help determine what package is best for you. We will be adding more quizzes to our list as well.

    • Some of the quizzes that are being built are to help determine if you need a cleaning service for the holidays and more.

    • Having trouble determining if you should get a cleaning service for your college kid? We will be creating a quiz to ask you some determining factors to decide whether it is needed or not.

    The whole goal is to allow you to find the answers you need in order to make the final decision on signing up for a home cleaning service. No pressure at all.

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