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How Often Should My Maid Service Clean My House?

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There's not a definite answer on how often you need your home cleaned. It can depend on a lot of different factors, which we will get into in a little bit. We do know of one thing that is definitely going to happen. Your home will need cleaned.

Do you want to be the one to have to clean it?

If not then choosing the right maid service is exactly what you need. The problem for most though is figuring out how often you need or want your home cleaning service to come.

Note from Chance: This post goes into the details of how you can manually determine what frequency will be best for you and your home when scheduling with a professional home cleaning service. If you'd like to skip all of the reading and get your answer now you can take the quiz: How often should my home be cleaned? .

You reading this post likely means you've already made the decision to hire a pro cleaner. But, if you haven't come to that conclusion I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago talking about the amount of stress I avoided by using a move out cleaning service. The idea is very much the same for your recurring home cleaning service.

You can read the post How to have a stressless moving out experience to learn more about that!

Moving forward with the assumption you are ready to schedule a cleaning service let's get to the nitty-gritty.

Table of Contents

    Understanding the frequency options you have for your cleaning service

    At Homeer the total cost of our home cleaning is determined by the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the package, and the frequency of your house cleaning. Most maid services will offer a different discount for each of their frequencies and the same goes for Homeer.

    At Homeer we focus on delivering a cleaning that is always great. Not just the first time. Not just every now and then. But every single time our team members arrive to clean your home. With that we can offer these frequencies and discounts to all Homeer clients:

    • 10% discount for a monthly service

    • 12% discount for a tri-weekly service

    • 15% discount for a bi-weekly service

    • 20% discount for a weekly service.

    • 0% discount for a one-time service.

    To be as transparent as possible with our prices you can visit our online home cleaning booking form where everything will update live as you change the request!

    Want to see what a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom weekly cleaning costs? You can see your final total in a few seconds.

    Want to see a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom monthly cleaning costs? You can also see your final total in a few seconds.

    But before we continue any further we first need to cover one thing. A home cleaning service is not the same as a maid service. Generally, you are one or the other. In 2021 the lines have become quite blurred.

    • A typical home cleaning service will not do your laundry, but a maid service will.

    • A typical home cleaning service will not be able to extend their checklist cleaning to cleaning, but a maid service will.

    I don't want to drone on so if you're interested in learning more about the difference between a maid service and a home cleaning service you can do so in our blog post: What Is The Difference Between a Maid Service and A Cleaning Service

    Your needs will determine the best frequency for your home cleaning, but that isn't the entire picture. Finding the right frequency requires more than knowing what specific type of cleaning company you'd like to schedule...

    It is such a good feeling when we find the thing that will just perfectly fix the problems we've been having.

    Choosing the best frequency for a maid to clean your house

    To help determine how often you might need a maid service we should first determine how often and how thorough you currently clean your home.

    Are you the kind of person who is always cleaning and touching up things around your home? If this is the case then to help you relax a little bit it would be wise to get a maid service to come once a week to your home. This way you could clean a little less each day but still know everything is being cleaned to perfection each week. A weekly service will leave your home clean for the full 7 days depending on how you live. In this case, if you live a clean lifestyle and have a weekly maid service then your home will always stay perfect just like you like it. Plus with this, Homeer is not the type of cleaning company that asks our clients to clean before we come to clean so you don't even have to pick up your messes before your team arrives!

    Do you live a pretty clean lifestyle but don't clean constantly? Unlike the previous person, you clean occasionally instead of every day. Your home is clean but not completely at its full potential. This is really common and is totally okay. To help with this a scheduled weekly or bi-weekly cleaning would be ideal to help keep your home looking to its full potential. This way instead of having to half-clean your home each week, you will have a team of professionals there to help take care of all your cleaning needs. Leaving your home clean and life chore-free.

    Are you someone who lives a very busy life? This can mean busy with work, traveling, kids, etc. This can make it tough when trying to keep your home clean while trying to manage your busy lifestyle. No need to worry! A maid service will be able to help you out and keep your home clean while you continue with your normal life. For someone who travels a lot, we suggest using a maid service for your Texas home on a monthly schedule. This will help you keep a good budget but will also ensure that you have a clean home when you get finished after your long weeks of travel. If you are busy with kids and family activities then it would be more common to use a weekly maid service. This way you can continue to take your kids to football practice and to the piano lesson and know that your home is cleaned. This will help give you a little time to relax and take some time to yourself.

    Where you live should be a very large factor when determining the best frequency for your maid service

    Another thing to consider when trying to decide how often a maid service should come to clean your home is the geographical location of your home. Do you live in the country or in the city? Typically, homes that are in a more rural setting tend to get a little more dusty and dirty regularly than a home in the city. For this, we suggest that if you live in the country that you get a weekly maid service to keep your home clean.

    While we are talking about this I want to mention that both Lubbock, Texas, and the Midland/Odessa Texas are a constant flurry of dirt and dust. The flat open land and pastures allow it to blow against and inside of all our homes. Of all places in America, West Texas is one of the worst places to go when trying to avoid dirt in your home. That's why we focus on delivering a higher level of quality at every cleaning. The other day we released the blog post: Does a Lubbock, Texas Home Need Extreme Cleaning? and in that post, we cover every special thing there is to consider for your home in Lubbock, Texas.

    Lubbock isn't the only city that has special needs though. For example, a large majority of men in Odessa and Midland work in the oil industry. That means they come home covered in oil, dirt, and sludge while spreading it throughout their home as they get comfortable each night. The only way to avoid this would be by taking a shower as soon as they arrive, but let's be real, how many do that? So, if you live in a place that naturally makes your home dirtier you may need a more frequent cleaning than others.

    Homeer will release a blog post about the special things we've had to implement to offer the same level of quality to our Midland/Odessa clients, but we aren't quite finished testing yet! So far we've got 7 differences and I can tell you there will be several more still.

    Pets help make a house a home. But they also make it filled with hair.

    Another factor to help determine how often you need a maid service is if you have any inside pets. We have to face it. Pets are great and become a part of our family over time. The only downside is trying to keep your home dog hair or cat hair-free. This leads to having to vacuum and sweep up all the hair regularly. A weekly or bi-weekly maid service will be a good fit to help keep your home pet hair-free. A team of professionals will make sure your home is pet hair free from top to bottom. Leaving your home looking clean and smelling fresh.

    I will mention though, that cleaning the pet hair will not prevent it from returning. Realistically, the second we clean all the pet hair is the second that you will be able to see all the newly shed pet hair. I have a 2-year-old Corgi and stopping her shedding is downright impossible. I clean it up every single day, but no matter the amount of focus invested there is still pet hair the very next day. So, the easiest way to forget about dealing with pet hair is by using a professional home cleaning service. A home cleaning service won't be able to prevent future build-up, but they can and will remove all hair that is currently found in your home. With this, you shouldn't have piles of hair in the corner or ever see your couch covered in hair again.

    The number of people that live in your home will mostly determine the rate at which your home gets dirty

    The last thing to cover is the number of people that are living in your home. If you aren't the only one living in your home then there will definitely be the situation of finding messes you know nothing about. It would be a dream if everyone cleaned up their messes as soon as they happened, but that's not realistic. What is realistic is to come home to a family member in the progress of doing something that creates a mess. And it's your home after all so what options do we have left? We aren't going to prevent our family from doing the things they enjoy, are we? Instead of living with the messes, the ideal outcome would be to hire a professional maid service. This way everyone can do what they want without the worry of having to get in trouble for not cleaning up their mess or the messes of others.

    As you can see there is a lot that goes into determining how often a home cleaning would be of benefit to you and your family... So, what should you do? At Homeer we suggest going with your gut! We offer recurring discounts and we never retroactively charge the difference if you decide to go more or less frequent. We don't have any fees or sudden price changes and that creates the ability for you to forget about this aspect! If you choose a frequency that doesn't best fit your schedule or needs, no worries. You can log in to your account or give us a call and have that updated in a matter of seconds.

    The benefits of getting a professional deep home cleaning every few months

    Now we've covered many of the key things that determine the most beneficial frequency, but we've left out one key thing. The type of cleaning that you are receiving each booking. This may seem like a trick question, but let me explain the situation a little bit.

    At Homeer our professional home cleaning services have three packages, but recurring cleanings generally stick to:

    1. Signature cleaning

    2. Deep home cleaning

    These two packages are the packages that all recurring home cleaning clients of Homeer schedule with. We do have the optional move in / move out home cleaning package however that is built for empty homes and does not really factor into your experience with Homeer unless you're moving into or moving out of your home. Now when you're searching for the home cleaning service you prefer they may have different names for their packages. But, the fundamental base of each package should remain the same regardless of the name.

    At Homeer we recommend getting a deep clean every 3 to 4 months. Regardless of the specific chores of your home, I can firmly say that this is enough for time for your baseboards, tracks and glass of your windows, crown molding and more to have built a large amount of dust. Even with a monthly signature clean, you are sure to need a deeper clean every few months.

    So, it's always really nice when you manage to find a local company that offers their recurring deep cleanings at a discounted rate. For example, at Homeer we offer the option to automatically upgrade your cleaning every 3 months to a deep clean. With this, we automatically deduct 50% of the deep package cost so that our existing recurring clients can save money and get a cleaner home! Not all cleaning companies offer the option for an automatic upgrade when you need it so I would absolutely ask any cleaning company you contact their procedure for this.

    Okay, so we can infer the difference between a signature/standard home cleaning and a deep cleaning. It would be nice if we had a broken down list though, wouldn't it?

    Well, you're in luck! At Homeer we believe in offering help more times than just when our team members are at your home. So, we've created downloadable cleaning checklists so that you can see everything included in each cleaning.

    They're totally free and never expire plus they are updated as our checklist updates! So, you can rest assured you are getting the most up-to-date professional cleaning checklists at all times. Still not sure what package is best for you? No worries! I have one last trick up my sleeve to help you find the home cleaning package that meets your needs and desires. What could it be?

    A quiz that gives you the answer without you needing professional cleaning knowledge. In the home cleaning quiz: How often should my home be cleaned? all you have to do is answer a few questions and we will be able to give you the best recommendation possible. With this information, you will have the ability to contact any cleaning company and know exactly what you're looking for in a cleaning service.

    You don't have to weigh a thousand factors here. This is actually very easy to determine.

    How to know if you chose the wrong home cleaning frequency for your maid service

    Of course, the goal for your home cleaning should be to get your home perfectly cleaned. Especially if you are looking into using a maid service but how often do you need one.

    For example, if you have a maid service come once a month and clean your home from top to bottom. And by week two or three you are realizing that your home is already unclean and in need of your maid service to be back. This means that your level of cleanliness is a little bit higher than you expected.

    We will need to get your maid service either rescheduled to come more than every month or you will need to clean a little more between your monthly service. At this point, you should already have a cleaning service so it would be crazy considering filling the gaps in yourself and that is why we offer higher discounts for more frequent cleanings. By offering a higher discount we can offer a more thorough cleaning more often. It's a win-win for everyone!

    At Homeer we understand that sometimes you change your mind on how often you would like your home cleaned. To help with this we have no binding contracts for our home cleaning services. That's not a thing we're okay with doing at Homeer.

    As a client of Homeer, you will be able to select which frequency will better work for you and which days work best. This way you will have a clean home without the hassle of having to worry about sudden price changes or doing the cleaning yourself.

    If you come to that conclusion it's time to get in contact with your maid service and notify them of the changes you'd like to make!

    Now all you have to do is find the best date and time for your home cleaning.

    What to do now that you're a professional cleaning frequency expert

    With all this information there is nothing more you need to know. You are ready to make the perfect decision that will result in a home cleaning that exceeds your wildest dreams. Homeer is a professional home cleaning service and we would be honored to take care of your home cleaning needs. But, if you're not within our service area (you can check by visiting the Homeer locations page then you still need to find a cleaning service that will offer you the package you want.

    Every home is a little different, but generally, it's the people within those homes that vary the most. With that variation comes many different needs from one's home cleaning service. So, to make that part easier we've written: How To Find The Best Move-In Cleaning Service which is an incredibly in-depth blog post about how you can easily find the best cleaning service near you. The post focuses on finding a home cleaning service that specializes before and after moving. But the methods apply to all types of cleaning services and service businesses.

    You can reach Homeer anytime at (432) 355-3171 or you can head to our online home cleaning booking form and schedule your home cleaning in under sixty seconds with the frequency you believe is best!

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