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How To Find The Best Move-In Cleaning Service

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Your home being clean is pivotal in determining how smooth your move-in day will go.

The last thing you want to happen is to spend all day packing the last boxes, loading up, and then getting to your new home to find it dirty.

That is why at Homeer we recommend getting a move-in cleaning anytime you're moving into a new home.

We are big believers in the idea of using a move-in service and you can read more about that in our blog post: Will A Move In Cleaning Even Make A Difference?.

If you haven't read that blog post yet I suggest you do. It includes things like:

  1. The difference a move-in cleaning can make.
  2. How to perform a move-in cleaning yourself.
  3. The benefits you get from a move-in cleaning.

In that post, we also skim on the topic of how to find the best professional move-in cleaning service. But, this post is going to go through the entire process so that there's no way you have any questions left.

Now we know the goal: Learn how to find the best move-in cleaning service near me.

So, how do you we really do that? That's what we're covering today.

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    What is a professional cleaning company?

    First, let’s define what a professional cleaning company is.

    A professional cleaning company is a cleaning service that cleans at higher than normal standards. This means from top-to-bottom in your house or apartment. A true professional provides custom cleaning for your home to keep everything clean. This is really important when moving out or moving into a home.

    Using a professional cleaning service allows for an easy transition into a new home.

    No more hassle to deal with than you already have with moving. A professional will have systems and procedures in place to make this time easier. Not more difficult or time-consuming. When you schedule a move-in cleaning with a pro you have more time to get your home set up. With a professional cleaning service, you can give your attention to decorating instead of worrying about cleaning your home.

    If you come across a cleaning company and you question their professionalism, go test the waters with another. In the cleaning industry, there are many professionals in your area. All you have to do is find the company or person you prefer to work with!

    That can be a difficult process if you don't have inside tips. So, those tips are exactly what we are going to hop into now.

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    The experience and quality needed for a move-in cleaning.

    First, you need a professional cleaning service you can trust.


    Cleaning service's employees will be in your home, often when you might not be home. Thus, your cleaning service handles the cleaning and being respectful towards other's homes in a diligent and professional manner. Not being home is also why it's of extreme importance that the company you use be bonded and insured. More on that later though.

    So how can you check to see if a professional cleaning service is trustworthy enough to clean your home?

    A true cleaning professional will do more than you can ever imagine.

    Understanding the type of clean you need for a move-in cleaning.

    Check the cleaning services website to find out their level of experience in the cleaning industry. If they don't have a website you can always call to ask any questions.

    The majority of cleaning services offer three packages:

    1. Standard

    2. Deep

    3. Move In / Move Out

    These three packages cover 95% of all residential cleaning needs. Thankfully, if you're in need of a move-in clean the odds are high that a cleaning company very close to you will have a lot of experience.

    However, if you cannot find a pre-built package for your move-in clean then you should ask the cleaning company if they have experience with this type of clean. A move-in clean is special in that the goal is not just to clean, but to remove all signs of someone having lived there previously, That is not a task that can happen with the commonly-acquired knowledge. So, it is extremely important that you determine the cleaning company you choose has the experience to meet your needs.

    When it comes to experience there, unfortunately, isn't a single question to ask to determine the actual level. Therefore, while the experience is very important it is extremely difficult to gauge. Don't worry though, in the coming sections I will give you some tricks to determine their experience before you even pick up the phone to call.

    Pictures speak a thousand words and that's true for cleaning services too.

    Look at the pictures previously posted of their move-in cleaning.

    The act of cleaning is a very routine thing and this is even more true when it comes to professionals. As a professional cleaner, we build consistent routines that experience small changes as they are applied to each house we have the opportunity to clean.

    With this, all of our move-in cleanings look the same in the end because we are always shooting for perfection. And you can see that in the pictures that are posted. There is never anything left behind and a family could move in that day.

    You can do this for any and every company. The pictures they choose to upload are the pictures they believe to be of the highest quality. That means you can never expect to receive higher results than the pictures you find.

    This step cannot and should not be under-estimated. In an age of society where much of our time is spent online finding a company with images representative of your end-goal will be very easy.

    To show you a real-world example we are going to look at two images. Both of these images are Homeer images. However one is from our first year in business and the second is from our fourth year.

    Can you tell the difference that comes with experience?

    Here is the first image of a move-in cleaning for an elderly couple.

    You've seen the first image, but let's see the second one!

    And here is the second image which is a move-in to an apartment.

    What may be shocking, is that technically the quality of the cleaning delivered hadn't changed. What changed is that we learned there is more to quality than just the technical aspect. You can read about the journey and details of quality in our blog post: Covid-19 Created A New Definition Of Clean.

    And that is precisely why looking at the pictures of cleaning companies helps so much. Immediately, you can look at their images and determine the quality of work they are capable of delivering.

    Now, if you can't see the difference between the two images let me outline them for you. As the differences in these images the same differences you need to see when choosing the cleaning company to use. The key difference in these images:

    • In the second image the vacuum lines in the carpet are much more uniform. This means the cleaner not only followed a more consistent routine but also that they remove all areas of inconsistent texture with a ruffle of the carpet.

    • In the second image all items have been removed. In a move-in cleaning, it is common to find small things laying around, and collecting them in a single area helps finalize the move-in process by a large margin.

    • In the second image the lighting is far better. This loops back to the idea that the clean is not just the technical aspect, but also the presentation of that clean. So, it's important that you find a company that devotes the time and effort to take high-quality pictures of their high-quality work.

    Images really are the simplest way to get a preview of the clean you will receive.

    With a solid list of reviews you can have a full picture of any company in a matter of seconds.

    Looking at the reviews of a cleaning company says a lot

    The reviews of a company will be the most important aspect of any cleaning company to consider. This is the one place that these companies cannot control. On their website, they can choose what is displayed. The review section on Google or Thumbtack. Not so much.

    Look at previous reviews from people who have used the company you are researching. This will give you a better idea of who is trustworthy and who will deliver the best quality.

    For example, let's look at a few of the recent reviews we've gotten at Homeer.

    To start, let's look at the reviews left for our Midland, Texas location which was struggling to get house cleaning clients. Having opened in July 2020 just as the COVID-19 pandemic grew, Homeer had a weak position online. To rectify that, we focused on establishing a solid base of reviews from real clients that we're proud to help us grow. And that shows in the reviews they left.

    With last-minute saves you can see our clients were happy with their service.

    But, when you're looking at reviews you should consider more than the promptness of the company. You also need to be looking for specific mentions of superior quality. Mentions like...

    This review was left after this had a move-in cleaning with a recurring signature cleaning coming up in 2 weeks.

    So, we know the company will show up when we need them and deliver stunning cleaning. But, what about the people? Well, to find out how great the people are you should look for specific call-outs of specific employees and experiences.

    Having mentioned Kailynn you not only know the client has formed a relationship with their cleaner. But that they also love the cleaning Kailynn delivers.

    It's reviews like this that will help you find the best cleaning service possible.

    These reviews were likely written by someone extremely similar to you. Of all places to trust, the reviews section is it. Personally, I apply this method to all industries before going anywhere. With so little time in life, it's important to me that I don't have wasted experiences.

    Checking reviews of the companies I prefer is the easiest way to make sure every experience is one to remember.

    You will always want to find a company that is specialized in move in and move out cleanings.

    Make sure they are specialized in move-in cleaning.

    A professional cleaning service has the capability to provide the service you are needing. This way you will never have to worry about having to fix the things that they have missed. A professional cleaning service will make sure that they take care of every square inch. If this is not promised then they are not a professional cleaning service.

    You should have absolutely no worry about the quality that will be delivered. If you do, keep looking. Although Homeer isn't in every city in America yet, there are amazing cleaning companies everywhere.

    AspenClean released this blog post that contains a full checklist for moving into a new home. That is the type of cleaning company you want. One that has done their research. One that has spent their time in the field. One that has crafted routines and built value with their knowledge. One that shares that and is transparent about the move-in cleaning service you will receive.

    Just to prove the point of you easily being able to find a wonderful move-in cleaning service, let's find one now. Let's pretend we are in Phoenix, Arizona and we're in search of a cleaning.

    When it comes to questions in the cleaning industry it makes sense to need accurate answers quickly.

    Don't be afraid to ask the cleaning questions you have

    Many people tend to clean up their homes before a professional service comes in. There is never any need for this. True professional service will be able to take care of everything that you might do before they show up.

    To make you feel better it might be a good idea to ask any questions that you might have about what is provided on a move-in cleaning. If there was anything that you needed to be cleaned that is not routine, then it is good to ask instead of cleaning it yourself.

    Most professionals will have no problem taking care of all of your move-in cleaning needs. Especially when you ask a question and show them that this area is of importance to you.

    Your happiness with the cleaning will largely be determined by how much you trust the cleaning service you choose.

    Finding The Move-In Cleaners To Trust

    Now that we know what you need to consider it's time we start looking for a cleaning service. This can be the most complicated step of the process. It will determine the quality of the cleaning company you find.

    Move-in cleaning is special and you cannot forget that. The effort put into finding the right cleaning service is as important.

    To start, you should NOT head over to Google and search:

    housekeepers near me deep cleaning house services cleaning companies near me

    For move-in cleaning, you are going to want a company that specializes in this type of clean.

    Google is a sensitive momma so you must be very precise with your requests. That is why it will always be best to include your exact need in the search instead of letting Google fill in the blanks.

    Instead of taking a shotgun approach and hoping to find the best cleaning service. We are going to look for them specifically. Let's head to Google and this time we are going to search for:

    move-in cleaning service in midland

    Now this a tricky search and one that has been crafted from thousands of hours on Google. What you may notice is that instead of saying "near me" and allowing Google to base the results on my location, I set the location.

    This way I get the results of the move-in cleaning companies that are spread out around the city instead of those that are closest to me. On top of that, I specifically mentioned the service that we are looking for in hopes to find a company that has a dedicated page for that service. Sometimes it's a long shot if you're a small town. But you would be surprised by the strides that small-businesses have made to stay up to date with the largest corporations in the world.

    Now with our search giving us results we are ready to start the hunt. We've already covered what matters most when choosing a cleaning company to trust so we are going to employ those methods now. The ideal situation here is to find at least three companies that you would like to work with. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a cleaning company that answers the phone. This isn't how Homeer operates as we always have someone near the phone. But, this is pretty standard throughout the entire industry.

    A move-in cleaning service will be a small business that specializes in delivering cleanings at nothing but perfection. The work isn't the most consistent and the industry is difficult to compete in. Thus, we have smaller cleaning companies that don't have a receptionist. This absolutely should not be a deal-breaker, however, it is something to keep in mind.

    Homeer is insured and bonded. You will never have to worry about a thing with 98% of cleaning companies out there. But there are a few bad apples. This is why you cannot undervalue the effort you put into finding a group of people you trust.

    It's always best to come prepared with a few base questions.

    The questions to ask your home cleaning service

    You're almost done! At this point, you have almost everything you need to find the right cleaning company. There's just one more aspect of this experience to cover: the questions to ask when you speak to the companies.

    Generally, you will get more concise and speedy answers by giving our ideal company a phone call. It's difficult to have absolutely everything on a website so even in the case that you cannot find the information online, you can get the answer over the phone.

    To save your time and stress on the phone I am now going to cover many of the important questions you should have answers to by the time your cleaning is scheduled.

    Let's keep moving.

    When you are moving into a new house it is very important you keep your schedule flexibility at an all-time maximum.

    Does the cleaning company offer flexibility?

    A true professional cleaning service will work around your schedule. Most professionals will offer free rescheduling in case of an emergency. Finding a professional cleaning service that accommodates your schedule is most important. At Homeer we make sure to accommodate every client's schedule without any fees. However, just because most do does not mean that all do. So, when scheduling your move-in cleaning please make sure that you won't have to pay any fees in the case you need to reschedule or cancel.

    Moving in can be a timid process with deadlines and dates that constantly move. The last thing you want to do is pay for a cleaning service on a day that you don't even have access to your home.

    In an ideal world, the cleaning company you choose will have an online system that allows you to update the date and time of your booking at any time. In the worst case, you can call your cleaning company and let them know any changes that have happened to your schedule.

    There is never any reason to feel bad for rescheduling or canceling your cleaning. However, there is reason to feel bad for paying fees you should not have. It's not the fault of you or your realtor. Paying fees is solely the fault of the cleaning company and that is the last thing you should have to worry about.

    So, if a moving date is of possibility please never forget to ask about the rescheduling or cancellation fees associated.

    Trust can be a delicate situation. But can be more sure with the proper pre-procedures having been followed.

    Is the company built by people you can trust?

    The best professional cleaning services view hiring as a major responsibility. They know how important it is to hire someone honest and responsible. Bringing on only the most qualified candidates to their staff. It is also important to ensure that every cleaner has the proper training. This will allow them to clean for any situation they might run into.

    Here are a few different questions to ask when trying to decide on which professional cleaning service to choose for your move-in cleaning:

    • Pre-employment Screening: Does the professional cleaning company perform any background checks before hiring a cleaner? Are all references checked before hiring? Are all cleaners interviewed and if so how?

    • Training: Asking about how the cleaners are trained is also a great way to find out if they are true professionals. Do the cleaners have a written procedure on how to clean each area? Are they trained on safety precautions? Who trains the cleaners? How do you determine when a new hire is ready to be out of training?

    • Quality Assurance: Even with the best team time can erode any routine. That is why it's important that the cleaning company you choose has a solid quality assurance procedure in place. This way, you never have to worry about the quality decreasing. In the case it does, the company will know before you and have it rectified before it becomes an issue.

    • Employees or Independent Contractors: Many cleaning companies have chosen to be referral agencies. This means they actually have zero employees that do the cleaning. Instead, they are contracting their work out to other cleaning companies. Personally, I do not prefer this business model as it makes it very difficult to offer any kind of consistency. But, this post isn't to cover the differences. Solely the idea that if you would prefer to have a cleaning company with real team members, you will want a cleaning company that has employees. Not independent contractors.

    We will search:

    move in cleaning Phoenix Arizona

    Right away that gives us the results from Tidy Casa, a cleaning company in Phoenix that wrote a blog post recently on this topic.

    This example here is just to show you how simple it is to find a cleaning service that specializes in move-in cleaning. Don't worry though. That's not the extent of the tricks that help in finding the cleaning service that best fits your needs.

    Keep reading...

    Underestimating the importance of knowing how you will pay can introduce many unexpected issues. That last thing you want is for the cleaning team to call saying they expected upfront payment and have not received it hours after they were supposed to begin cleaning.

    How is the cleaning service priced and paid?

    Finding out the final price of a move-in clean is really important. Most professional cleaning services require a walkthrough before giving a price. This can make booking a cleaning a major hassle.

    This isn't the only issue though. Another pricing issue introduced by cleaning companies is the idea that your price could change. The cleaning team you choose could show up and decide that the move-in cleaning will cost you more. This is an unfortunate situation and the only way to avoid that is to book with a flat-rate cleaning service.

    Another benefit of using a flat-rate cleaning service is that you immediately know your price. You don't have to wait hours or days to have someone look at your home. With a move-in cleaning, you may not even have access yet! So, that would mean a move-in cleaning would be technically impossible. That's why the new version of cleaning services emerging is an amazing thing.

    The last bit of possible struggle is actually paying for the cleaning service. For decades the cleaning industry has live in the dark-ages so you will want to make sure that you have an easy way to pay for your booking. That means with: * Debit or Credit Card * PayPal

    There are more options however these two are the most secure and common.

    Now the way you pay isn't the last thing to consider. You will also need to consider when you pay. Realistically, there is really no reason to use a cleaning company that requires upfront payment. Right of the bat that makes it very difficult to trust the working relationship. Instead, I recommend looking for a cleaning service that gives you time to use their satisfaction guarantee before you have to pay.

    For example, at Homeer we want to make your booking experience as easy as possible. We do not offer quotes. We offer all flat-rate pricing based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. No worrying about scheduling a time for a quote. Simply call or book online without the struggle. Plus, at Homeer we never expect a cent of payment until the booking has been completed and our client has been given 24 hours to use the satisfaction guarantee.

    Thankfully, in 2020 other cleaning companies have begun to modernize and you should be able to find a similar cleaning company near you.

    It is critical that the cleaning company you choose offer a satisfaction guarantee with your cleaning.

    Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee on every cleaning?

    Another thing to take into account when searching for the right professional cleaning service is to see if they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

    A satisfaction guarantee is offered just in case something is overlooked or forgotten. Sometimes mistakes happen so to ensure that the client is happy a professional cleaning service will go back out free of charge.

    At Homeer we actually say those exact words.

    "Our Satisfaction Guarantee is there just in case you feel something could've been done better or something just happened to be missed. In the case, we could do something better all you have to do is let me know and I will have a team member out to fix that as soon as possible."

    That's because Homeer isn't in the business of giving just an "okay" cleaning and no other professional cleaning company will either. So, if you see a cleaning company that condones a cleaning that is anything besides perfect, they are not a true professional. More importantly, they do not deserve the opportunity of your move-in cleaning.

    There is no valid excuse for a cleaning company not to have a satisfaction guarantee. I can promise you that there is a wonderful company in your city that offers a guarantee for their service. I can also promise you that finding them will be totally worth it.

    With a professional cleaning company the communication needed does not have to be complicated or take a long time.

    How important is communication to you?

    Finding a service with great communication can be tough but I assure you it does exist. Let me show you the fool-proof system.

    The first step to this system is calling them during their hours of operation. With this, you have the potential to learn two things.

    1. Does this company have a position that solely focuses on the communication of new and existing clients?

    2. Does this company answer the phone?

    In the case that they do not answer the phone, then you get a third answer all before making your first contact! What is that answer? Well...

    1. Does this company return phone calls?

    You aren't out of ways to get helpful information though.

    The most important question you can ask when measuring their level of communication is:

    "How long has your longest-working employee been with your company?"

    With poor communication, it is impossible to keep a solid team for any length of time. However, if a cleaning company has been able to not only keep their team but grow it; you know they're doing things right and communicate very well.

    Another thing to look for when trying to find the right cleaning service is to find how you will be notified of updates concerning your cleaning. The ideal service will be able to send you alerts in advance about your cleaning coming up. This way you can be prepared for the cleaning service to come and if you aren't, you can easily reschedule.

    If a cleaning service does not have very good communication then it is likely that there will be problems.

    If a cleaning company doesn't have insurance and bonding to keep you and your home safe do not book your cleaning with them.

    Are they insured and bonded?

    Okay. No, we are getting serious. If you choose to ignore absolutely everything in this blog post and only walk away with one thing; this is it.

    Never. And I genuinely mean never, use a cleaning service that doesn't have the proper insurance policies in place.

    To make sure that the company you contacted is insured, you should ask for a COI (Copy of Insurance) to see all of the up to date information. On this note, you will be able to see the amounts at which they are covered along with the coverage dates.

    It should never be an issue for a cleaning company to give you this information. If they are not willing to, then more than likely they are not properly insured. With that being said, the employee you ask may not immediately have it on hand. In the cleaning industry, it is not common that everyone carries a copy of that. However, I would reasonably expect to get that within 24 hours. Many, like Homeer, will have it ready for you in seconds coming to whichever communication method you most prefer!

    Professional cleaning services will always have proper insurance status. Again, there are no exceptions to the expectations.

    The benefits are fun to experience when you can ignore the cleaning.

    Additional benefits of scheduling a move-in cleaning

    Not only does a move-in clean make your home or apartment sparkle, but it also has a few more benefits.

    • Having your home cleaned from top-to-bottom allows for a cleaner and safer home environment.

    • All professional cleaning companies will use specific products that remove and/or kill germs and bacteria. This way you will not have to worry about how clean or dirty the previous owners of the home were. Knowing that your household is safe from germs or bacteria is always a plus.

    • Another benefit is that your personal items will remain clean longer. Having your baseboards, crown molding, and the tight spaces cleaned before you move in is important. This will allow for your newly placed items in your home to remain clean.

    Already have your items moved in?

    No worries. Most professional cleaning services will happily do a move-in cleaning even with your furniture and personal items moved in. It may require a little more time and effort, but no professional cleaning will be stopped by a few pieces of furniture.

    It is super easy to schedule your move-in cleaning with Homeer online.

    Booking your move-in cleaning with Homeer

    At Homeer is our mission to make the world that we are a part of more beautiful and pleasing.

    Not only for my amazing team members and clients but for every member of your community.

    By cleaning the homes of the members of our community we can take the load off the shoulders and give back the time. This way you will have time for the things you are passionate about. When booking with Homeer you get the highest quality cleaning possible.

    But there is more to giving you the service you deserve than the technicality of the cleaning. Not only do we include literally every possible best-case scenario we've talked about today. But we are also still a growing company. We have hopes to spread our mission far and wide so you can be sure you are receiving the cutting-edge of what we have to offer.

    That means you don't have to do a thing as Homeer is not the type of service that asks you to clean before your cleaning team comes. In fact, we are quite the opposite in that way that we say it's okay to leave the mess and let our teams worry about it. That is what we are there for. To give you a perfect move-in cleaning and moving experience.

    You can schedule your home cleaning online in under sixty seconds with our online form in under 60 seconds. Or, you can give us a call now at (432) 355-3171

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    By joining our email list you will never miss out on the tips and tricks shared, the lessons learned, and the changes announced.

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