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How To Have A Stressless Moving Out Experience

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In 2020 the expectations to return your home back to the landlord in pristine condition are high.

Anything that you leave in your home gets a fine along with anything that was not cleaned the way it needed to be. With the expectations ingrained in our mind we stay anxious, but we don't have to deal with that any longer. We aren't proposing a revolution, instead we are proposing that we follow along.

Give me my move out cleaning deposit back now.

Having many years of experience in the cleaning industry, we know that fees generally come from a misunderstanding. Most of the time coming from different ideas of "clean" means. Sometimes, you are against the odds. But, we are here to help with your move out cleaning.

Landlord experiences aren't always bad.

I am going to break all that down and more so you never have to worry if you took care of all the cleaning possible. There is a high chance that your landlord has given you a list of things to do before turning your home in. But, if they haven't, we are going to go over all the basics to make sure you don't have any issue with your move out cleaning.

Okay, let's hop into it and get the highest quality moving out clean possible.

Table of Contents

    The Supplies Needed For Moving Out Cleaning

    It all starts with making sure you have the proper supplies.

    Mr. Clean got ready before cleaning. Have you?

    To make the process of scrubbing off the soap-scum and other build-ups easier you need an abrasive. If you haven't cleaned in a long time do not ignore this. You will thank me later.

    Your supply kit should at least have these items:

    All purpose cleaner is needed for your move out cleaning.

    1. All-purpose cleaner

    Almost any all-purpose cleaner will work for your move out cleaning. You don't have to get fancy here. All-purpose cleaner isn't the type of supply that gets better the more expensive it gets. If you are in the need of something more heavy duty then an all-purpose will not be the supply. You will want to take a look at the shelf of your local supply store and check it out. The supply you choose will depend on what you are trying to clean. So if you aren’t sure what type of supply to buy, ask someone for help!

    Glass cleaner spray. Whether it be liquid, the foam or even just the mist. Glass cleaner is vital to keeping your glass and mirrors clean.

    2. Glass cleaner

    A good glass cleaner is vital to making sure that your move out cleaning inspection goes smooth.

    Without a glass cleaner it will be impossible to get your glass clean. Especially if the glass in your home is dirty. For example, if your interior or exterior windows are covered in things than you will absolutely need a glass cleaning rag as well.

    Toilet bowl cleaner is a wonderful supply that can do all of the work while you let it sit in bowl of your toilet.

    3. Toilet bowl cleaner

    There will never be a situation where you can get through a move out cleaning without a toilet brush. Even the cleanest of people and families have build-up inside their toilet bowl. If there isn't build-up on the visible part there is definitely build-up under the ring. The bathroom will need a lot of attention during your move-out cleaning.

    Your toilet bowl brush doesn't have to be fancy or super nice. All it needs to do is scrub the inside of your toilet!

    4. Toilet bowl brush

    Once you've allowed your toilet bowl cleaner to sit you will want to go to town on your toilet with your toilet brush. Of all things to prepare for the move out cleaning, a toilet bowl brush is key. This will help return all the bathrooms to the days of looking and smelling great.

    Any microfiber rags will be perfect for a move out cleaning.

    5. Rags

    Choosing the right rags is hard to mess up as any microfiber rag will be more than enough. In Texas we have a ton of dust so your rag choice won't change too much. This is the case because everywhere we go there is a lot of dirt and dust that you have to fight. The only thing to avoid in this area is paper towels. By using rags you move through your home much faster with a higher quality clean upon finishing.

    Choose your favorite smell to leave and spray it throughout your home.

    6. Air Freshener

    A move out cleaning isn't all visual. It's also the smell that your landlord meets when they come to do their walkthrough. The smell may seem like a small thing, but when was the last time you walked into a house that smelled like a dog and thought it was clean? Never. There is no more important time to have a good smelling home than when your deposit is being held hostage.

    The bottle from the Dollar Store is more than enough.

    7. Oven Cleaner

    Although oven cleaner is not necessary, it will definitely make your job of performing the move out cleaning easier. We recommend spraying the oven cleaner when you start the cleaning you save time. Then when you finish the cleaning loop back to this before your floors. The oven almost always takes the longest to clean any item in a home. You will want to make sure you've done everything possible to make it easier on yourself when you get to it.

    Your brush does not have to be fancy.

    8. Grout Brush

    Having lived in your home for any amount of time there are definitely areas of your home that will need some scrubbing. Unfortunately, there isn't anything you can do to avoid this. This aspect of your move out cleaning will come down to the amount of elbow grease you're willing to put in. Choosing to do this step will make sure your home shines.

    Bar Keepers Friend is an amazing product.

    9. Bar Keepers Friend

    Bar Keepers Friend power is magic. At Homeer we send it with our team members to every single move-out cleaning they have on their schedule. This powder allows our team members to remove years of build-up without minimal elbow grease. This way they can focus on other areas like you need. Lacking a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend for your move out cleaning in Texas would be a horrible mistake.

    Your vacuum does not have to be fancy either.

    10. Vacuum

    Having a vacuum will determine how well your final result looks. If you can't get your carpet clean then it's going to be very difficult making everything else look good. So good, that the carpet doesn't draw attention. Before starting to vacuum you will want to make sure you have cleaned your vacuum out so that no dust goes flying. You don't want to undo all your hard work as you get close to finishing it.

    Make sure you get the entire fan when you're using your fan cleaner. This is a supply that you cannot get by without.

    11. Fan Cleaner

    With a fan cleaner in your moving out cleaning arsenal you will have much more success preventing the dust from building up.

    It could be days between finishing your home cleaning and the landlord coming. If you don't use a fan cleaner, it will go everywhere as soon as you turn on the fans or any air blows through your house. It will look like you didn't clean anything. This is not an exaggeration.

    A proper fan cleaner is one of the most underrated cleaning supplies out there.

    Choose your favorite style of mop to use during the time of your move out cleaning.

    12. Microfiber Mop or Standard Mop and Mop Bucket

    Everyone has their own preference on what type of mop to use and that doesn't matter as much as having one. As long as you have a mop that you know how to use and the cleaner made for the specific type of mop you're using, you will get high-quality results without fail. Though, if it's not coming cleaning and scrubbing it more is not making it any cleaner; you may have chosen the wrong floor cleaner.

    Now, those aren't all the supplies that you would need to make your move out cleaning easy. But those are all the supplies needed to make sure you can get your home returned to perfection. At least without bearing concern of not pleasing your landlord.

    The Cleaning Process For A Move

    With your supplies ready you are officially all set up to get to cleaning. But, where do you start? What should you do first? What things do you let sit? Don't worry. Let's go through it and making sure your moving out cleaning goes off without a hitch.

    Let us get ready to rumble and start the move out cleaning of your home!

    So, to start at Homeer we teach all our team members to work top-to-bottom, left-to-right. Doing this prevents you from dirtying anything you've already cleaned. Plus allows you to move much faster through the cleaning with higher quality results.

    The next step to remember is if you're rag is leaving streaks behind, then it's too wet. It's a common philosophy at Homeer that if your rag is dripping it's far too wet. There is no cleaning supply in the world that will clean everything on its own the wetter you get your rag. Cleaning, comes down to the focus and elbow-grease you're willing to put in. There are no shortcuts.

    When cleaning we always recommend starting in the back of the house and working your way forward. Never forget that you should be working from top-to-bottom to save yourself a ton of time. So start with the fans, crown molding, walls, and windows all before you touch furniture.

    Here's the full checklist of our recently-accepted move out cleaning from a local apartment complex:

    All general areas and bedrooms will be the first place to focus in your home move out cleaning.

    General Areas / Bedrooms

    • Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners.

    • Dust ceiling fans.

    • Dust all high reach areas (Above 6 feet).

    • Dust all blinds.

    • Dusting horizontal surfaces of desks, counters, tables, cabinets, and other furnishings. (Papers and folders on desks will not be moved unless by previous arrangement.)

    • Clean interior glass.

    • Dust all low reach areas including but not limited to chair rungs, moldings, baseboards, windowsills, wood paneling, door jambs, etc.

    • Edge all carpeted areas. Spot clean carpets to remove any new spills.

    • Vacuum carpeting.

    • Clean all glass, removing all fingerprints and smudges every clean.

    • Clean all baseboards.

    • Sweep/dust mop and damp mop hard surface floors to remove spillage.

    • Turn all lights off as soon as possible, leave only designated lights on.

    • Secure all previously locked doors.

    Restrooms will be where you spend most of the time for your move out cleaning, but it doesn't have to be hard!


    • Clean and disinfect toilets and urinals inside and outside and polish all brightwork.

    • Thoroughly clean and disinfect all tiles, leave in streak-free condition.

    • Clean and disinfect both sides and toilet seats.

    • Scour and disinfect all sinks and polish brightwork.

    • Remove splash marks from walls around sinks and urinals.

    • Sweep/dust mop and wet mop restroom floor with germicidal disinfectant.

    • Clean and polish mirrors.

    • Dust tops of partitions, light fixtures, cabinets, and dispensers.

    • Wipe and disinfect metal partitions, walls, kick-plates, and thresholds.

    • Empty trash, replace liners, spot clean, and disinfect trash receptacles as needed.

    • Empty sanitary napkin receptacles, disinfect, and replace liners.

    • Pour water down the sump in restrooms to prevent odors.

    • Stock towels, tissue, hand soap, seat covers, and other expandable restroom items from janitorial supplies provided by the client.

    • Clean and disinfect shower stalls and shower floors, polish brightwork.

    • Clean all baseboards.

    • Report maintenance problems (dripping faucets, broken handles of fixtures, etc.) to the building manager.

    Your kitchen should be shining and hard-water free.


    • Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners.

    • Dust all high reach areas (Above 6 feet).

    • Empty and clean inside all cabinets.

    • Dust all blinds.

    • Dusting horizontal surfaces of desks, counters, tables, cabinets, and other furnishings. (Papers and folders on desks will not be moved unless by previous arrangement.)

    • Clean inside the refrigerator.

    • Clean inside the freezer.

    • Clean inside the oven.

    • Clean the inside of the bottom tray of the oven.

    • Clean inside the microwave.

    • Clean the hood vent.

    • Clean all debris out of the washing machine.

    • Clean all glass, removing all fingerprints and smudges every clean.

    • Polish sinks and all fixtures to remove hard-water stains.

    • Clean all baseboards.

    • Sweep/dust mop and damp mop hard surface floors to remove spillage.

    • Turn all lights off as soon as possible, leave only designated lights on.

    • Secure all previously locked doors.

    Even the most complex laundry room can be lint-free and spotless.

    Laundry Room

    • Remove cobwebs from ceiling corners.

    • Dust all high reach areas (Above 6 feet).

    • Empty and clean inside all cabinets.

    • Dust all blinds.

    • Dusting horizontal surfaces of desks, counters, tables, cabinets, and other furnishings. (Papers and folders on desks will not be moved unless by previous arrangement.)

    • Clean inside the washing machine.

    • Clean inside the dryer.

    • Clean all glass, removing all fingerprints and smudges every clean.

    • Polish sinks and all fixtures to remove hard-water stains.

    • Clean all baseboards.

    • Sweep/dust mop and damp mop hard surface floors to remove spillage.

    • Turn all lights off as soon as possible, leave only designated lights on.

    • Secure all previously locked doors.

    While this list is quite long. It's not exhaustive for a move out clean in Texas. You will still want to make sure to check over the list provided by your landlord before considering your home ready.

    You are still not quite done with your move out cleaning though.

    The Other Things To Do

    Along the way of cleaning your home, there are a couple more things you will want to do. That starts with finding out if you need to make any repairs. All apartment complexes are a little different so check your lease. Make sure to determine the every task and item that you are responsible for. Very rarely are you in charge of anything like paint or fixtures, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Especially when it comes to your apartment move out or house move out experience.

    • This time is already tough enough and the last thing we want to do is make it more difficult. At any time in life, now is the time where we should read the paperwork and prepare before we get to work.

    • For example, odds are high that you've been responsible for the lightbulbs. If you are, you will want to make sure you've already got them all replaced. If not you could to eat a fine for a single light bulb.

    Credit to Lisa Freedman.

    • Another nice touch would be to clean the inside of your dishwasher with a cup of vinegar starting it. This guide is a great resource to use for this step of the process.

    • Clean out the refrigerator. This is one of the items that we most often see neglected and resulting in a large fine for the clean-up or removal. Cleaning the refrigerator is quite a large task and you can expect to invest at least 30 minutes. If you have to clean your freezer as well, then I would expect at least an hour. Make sure that your refrigerator ready to turn in for your move out cleaning walkthrough.

    • The final thing to mention here would be to check for anything that you've left outside. Whether that be a bird-feeder, a wind-chime, or anything similar. These are easy items to forget so I wanted to make sure that we included the little reminder for you.

    With everything ready and taken care of it is time to take pictures. Pictures may not end up being necessary. In the case that they are you will be forever grateful that you took them. You won't want to delete these as soon as the final walkthrough is approved either. At Homeer we hold onto our move out cleaning pictures for 90 days (than which they are automatically deleted) so that our clients never have to worry about not having the pictures of our completed move out cleaning.

    You have done great -- Time to check the results.

    Testing The Results of your Moving Days

    Now that your home is completely clean you are ready to get a final walkthrough from our landlord. I know in the case that you have a realtor it may not be mandatory, but having your realtor happy will allow your home to sell much faster. We're so close to done with the moving home experience much sooner.

    This is not a step that you want to skip. If you do choose to skip this step then you need pictures and videos documenting the condition your home. It's not always possible to have a walkthrough and that's understandable. Yet, it is always possible to cover yourself and everyone that lives at your home.

    Homeer is the solution you need for your move out cleaning.

    The Alternative to A Painful Move Out Cleaning Experience

    We have the first-hand experience showing the difference a professional clean can have. Not only on the stress that comes with the moving experience, but also the memories. On the surface that appears to be the case because the house is cleaner, but it is far more than that. By trusting a professional cleaning service with your move out cleans, you get the luxury of:

    1. You never have to worry about coordinating schedules.

    2. You never have to worry about purchasing supplies.

    3. You never have to worry about sudden price changes.

    4. You never have to worry about a booking taking longer than expected.

    5. You never have to worry about something still being dirty.

    The list of reasons to trust Homeer with your cleaning needs is endless. Take a look below at all the time and stress we could save you with every single move out cleaning.

    Schedule your move out cleaning online in 60 seconds.

    To schedule a move out cleaning all you have to do is head to You can have your move-out cleaning scheduled in under 60 seconds. Every cleaning comes with a guarantee so you don't have to worry about the cleaning being "okay". Homeer is there to make it perfect. When you provide the list of expectations your move out cleaning team will take care of it. Our team is there make sure that your house returns to perfection!

    Don't pay anything upfront and only pay for your move out cleaning 24-hours after the booking finishes. This way you have time to use your satisfaction guarantee. Homeer is here to make sure that your move out experience goes as smooth as possible.

    The major takeaway for your move out cleaning.

    The Take-Away From Your Move Out Cleaning

    In the end, a professional cleaning service isn't required to have a move out cleaning go smooth. Having a professional move out cleaning service from our local area that you trust does make the process an incredible amount smoother.

    Instead of you having to worry about everything you have to do our Homeer team members will take care of everything for you besides the repair aspect.

    All cleaning, you can bet will be taken care of and that will be standard for 99% of cleaning companies you will find.

    A professional cleaning service is there to help you and even if Homeer isn't the cleaning company for you or we don't currently service your area; you're not out of luck.

    The most important thing to walk away from all this is that the importance of your move out cleaning cannot be underestimated.

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