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As the owner of Homeer I often get asked the things that should be done before the team shows up to perform the scheduled maid service cleaning. It happens in Midland, Texas and Lubbock, Texas. It's an understandable question but at Homeer we give a very different answer than most may expect.

We always tell our clients that we are not the type of cleaning service that expects you to clean before we come clean.

You are booking a professional maid service that knows what they're doing to avoid the struggles of having to clean your home and I would never ask you to do the cleaning before we arrive. Instead, we ask the opposite. We ask that you leave your messes throughout the week and between your cleanings so that you don't have to worry about it as your maid will return everything to absolute perfection.

To better understand this situation, we are first going to look into what other cleaning companies suggest here. With that, we will also take a look at the methods used by other local cleaning companies convince their clients to do the cleaning so that the cleaning company has less work to do.

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    It's easy to keep your home clean with a maid service

    What to do and how to prepare before your maid service comes to deliver your cleaning

    When you are searching for an answer to "What's the best way to prepare for my maid service?" you will be met by a lot of differing opinions from a lot of different companies. Realistically though, most of the information is the same.

    To answer the question right away: No you don't still have to clean and no you don't have to do a single thing found in this post. At Homeer we will never ask you to clean before your cleaning so if that sounds like what you're looking for you can head to our online booking form now and schedule your maid service online in under 60 seconds.

    It was during the time of this research that I stumbled upon an article written by Nick Douglas that starts with:

    "The old trope of “cleaning up for the cleaning lady” isn’t entirely silly: While you should leave the real cleaning for the person you’ve hired to clean, you should also tidy up—and maybe even do a few spot-checks. If it’s your cleaner’s first time in your home, you should also have some instructions prepared. It’ll make both of you much happier."

    To start, the author of this article is not the owner of a cleaning company so it's quite odd to see this advice here. Ignoring that aspect though, that statement is filled with inaccuracies and horrible assumptions. Generally, the only reason you would ever need to clean before your maid service comes is if you've chosen a low-quality maid service. Any decent maid service will tell you that you don't have to worry about a thing while they are focus on all of the details. You should absolutely never need to tidy up or do any spot-check cleaning when you have a maid service scheduled.

    If we just look at the recent posts we can see he's talked about:

    • Please Don’t Use Cloth Toilet Paper

    • Never Stop Flirting With Your Partner

    • How to Not Be a Sore Loser

    Not a single one of those is about cleaning so if I had the phone number of Nick I would call him right now and ask him to stop spreading this false information. It's not right for cleaning companies, but more importantly, it's not right for you...

    So, let's get a better answer and look at how other maid service companies answer the question. When we look at cleaning companies we see a much different situation than presented by Nick in his article. Now, we can see broken down aspects so that we can more easily determine the pros and cons of each preparatory task.

    By picking up loose items you will receive a far higher quality clean in less time.

    Picking up loose things around your home

    This is a common suggestion you will find from cleaning companies, but there is something incredibly important to note with this.

    The suggestion is not: "Clean everything that might need to be cleaned."

    The suggestion is: "Pick up the loose items."

    Merry Maids operates with very strict expectations as most of their clients sign contracts (Homeer maid service clients absolutely do not sign contracts) and still Merry Maids isn't here asking you to clean before your cleaning team.

    Need some clarification?

    Loose things would be things like:

    • Loose clothing on the floor.

    • Loose kitchen utensils that belong in a certain area.

    That's it. Seriously. No maid service should ask you to do any more than that and if they do, they are not the best maid service available to you.

    If you are currently using a maid service that requires you to do more than that, you should ask them why. They could possibly follow a unique cleaning routine that has its own special needs.

    Simply put, there is no way to know what you should really do before your maid service arrives without asking them. Everyone is a little different. But, just because everyone is different that does not mean you should deal with a maid service that forces you to clean before the time of your scheduled cleaning.

    There should be no risk to your family or pets.

    Getting your kids and pets prepared for the maid service

    This area is an area that varies drastically company-to-company. There are a few reasons for that and instead of just skimming on the surface I am going to go ahead and go through all the details so that you can walk away from this blog post with a much clearer image of not only the expectations but what you're happy doing and what you think is crazy to do before your maid service arrives.

    The first thing we should consider is the aspect of safety. Many maid services use harsh chemicals that will result in a smell lingering throughout your house. In 2020 that has thankfully seen a large shift as many cleaning companies have changed to better cleaning supplies, but this is absolutely something you should consider with any maid service you communicate or schedule with.

    Homeer is not a cleaning company that uses eco-friendly products however we do use products that have no smell. And this is the situation for many maid services. With that being said, there is always the option of choosing a maid service that already uses eco-friendly supplies.

    To really understand the benefit of that, we need to first understand what it really means for a cleaning supply to be eco-friendly. To better understand, we will head to and we can see that each category of cleaning products has been scored and ranked.

    Screenshot of the EWG cleaning products homepage

    Then, let's say we are wanting to look at a bathroom cleaner that we know will do an amazing job.

    Screenshot of Seventh Generation Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, Lemongrass Citrus Scent on

    You can see there that EWG has done all the hard work for us and gives us a clear and easily understandable breakdown of what's found in this cleaning supply. Now, not all cleaning companies will use products that have been rated by EWG as they tend to stick to household products. That being said, you will be able to ask any eco-friendly maid service the products they use and they will happily oblige with all the information you could need or want!

    And using eco-friendly products isn't a requirement for most. Especially since the time, it takes for a maid service to complete their job with eco-friendly products will be greatly lengthened. While the quality of cleaning is largely determined by the maid doing the cleaning, the products used absolutely have an impact on the quality that is possible to achieve.

    On top of that, it's also not mandatory to use eco-friendly products to keep your family safe. Though, it does make it much easier.

    When a maid service chooses not to use eco-friendly cleaning supplies special precautions have to be followed by the cleaning company, but those precautions should never be passed off onto the client. For example, at Homeer we use a rather strong bathroom cleaner so that we can perform a top-to-bottom clean every time and make every square inch shine. With this, all we focus on is having everyone out of the bathroom at the time of cleaning. As soon as we've finished the bathroom the smell will be gone and the surfaces will be dry, but it is important to keep everyone out of the bathroom during the time of cleaning that area. The bathroom cleaner is the only chemical any Homeer team member carries that has a smell so we gain the unique ability to tell our clients they have nothing to worry about.

    With the supply arsenal, we've built our maids to deliver a higher quality of cleaning without any concern for their or our client's safety. It's a win-win and this is the case for the majority of maid services in your area.

    Realistically, the supplies used will have the most impact on the person cleaning. It is pretty difficult to find a cleaning supply so harsh it would impact the cleaner, kids in the home, or pets in the home. The only reason your kids or pets wouldn't be safe is if you've chosen a maid service that you cannot trust. That reason is precisely why at Homeer we always tell clients: "Even though we are cleaning, it's still your home and we would never ask you to live any way saying otherwise."

    • We won't ask you to leave your home.

    • We won't ask you to stay home.

    • We won't ask you to get all your pets in a single area.

    • We won't say you cannot have your family or friends around.

    Any maid service that does tell you that has not put in the effort to ensure your safety along with high-quality cleaning and should not be trusted. It really is that simple...

    If you use a maid service that makes it feel like you lose access to your home while they are, I highly recommend finding a maid service that you not only trust but like.

    Keep your home safe and secured when using your maid service.

    Make sure your maid has a way to get in and lock-up upon completion

    Now, this is an area that you will have to plan before your maid service arrives. Typically, this is only something you have to do once as most maid services will send the same maid every time. That being said, there are still different options you have to take care of this part.

    To start, we are going to cover the most popular option of leaving a key under the mat or in a place that is hidden from the public. This way, your maid service can make a note of where you leave your key for the bookings and your maid should never have to call wondering where your key is. But there are two possible issues with this...

    1. You may accidentally forget to put your key out if you don't leave it out.

    2. If you leave your key out, anyone could find it.

    These two problems are precisely why the only thing we ask at Homeer is that we have a way to lock up once we've finished your cleaning so that never everything is safe and sound. But, there are multiple alternatives that solve these problems. The next logical thing to consider would be to leave a key with your maid service that they keep track of. This can save you an incredible amount of time and run around. Instead of having to run home and put a key out, you can rest assured knowing your maid not only has a key to get in but also lock everything behind them. At Homeer, we've built a custom key management system to make this as secure as possible with little to no chance of error. You can read more about that in our blog post: Handling Client Keys For Your Cleaning Business So You Never Lose One. In that blog post, we acknowledge that very few cleaning companies have kept up with the times. This means that very few cleaning companies have devoted any time to ensure your keys stay safe while being in the hands of your maid service. If you do choose to leave a key with your maid service I highly recommend learning more about how they manage their keys to keep you and your home as safe as possible.

    Following a key, we still have a few more possibilities of giving your maid service access to your home. The next option will be giving your team a code for the front door or garage. Not everyone has a code on their front door, but most do have a code on the garage door. If you don't plan on being home when your maid service arrives the garage is a great way to make sure everything is secure without having to share too much information. I will say though, if you do plan on being home it can be surprising to have someone come in through your garage (Just something to keep in mind)!

    Now in 2021, there is another option that we have begun seeing more and that's the remote-unlocking once the team arrives. With features like Ring and Nest doorbells, some clients have started unlocking the door from their phones. This way the client knows the door is locked as soon as the team member is inside as well as the client just saw everyone that went inside the home. Personally, this is how I let my team members into the home just so that I never have to worry about keeping them up to date with a code or key!

    Through all of this, we have one more option and that is leaving your home unlocked. This option is not very secure and is not the recommended way of getting your maid service into your home. But it does work. If you choose to go this direction, please make sure that your maid service is insured and bonded and also has a very thorough securing process to make sure that your home is secured as they leave your home empty.

    A clean bed is one of my personal favorite benefits of using a maid service for my home cleaning.

    Get your clean linens ready

    Hopping into a tightly made clean bed at night is one of the best feelings. Thankfully, you can get this experience every time your cleaning team comes without having to change and tuck your sheets. The majority of maid services will happily change your bed as long as you provide the linens needed to do so.

    A maid service that goes above and beyond may even offer to wash the sheets that are currently on the bed. But, that is an aspect rarely found. This is the case because linens take the longest to launder by a significant margin. It would be rather difficult to wash the linens of four rooms in the time of cleaning the same four rooms. There is simply too much material to wash and dry in that amount of time.

    That being said though, if you do wash your linens before your team arrives you will not only save a lot of time, but you can also forget about actually putting those sheets on the bed. You don't even have to fold them. Just toss them on the bed you would like them to be put and your maid will take care of absolutely everything else for you.

    It is important to note though that if the sheets have been soiled you will want to mention it to your team before they pull it back and get a surprise. The odds are low that anything will have to change or that this will be any kind of an issue, but being upfront is always best when it comes to these situations. By being upfront you can trust that your team member will be prepared with the proper supplies and tools to do the job to perfection.

    It is not rare to find that your dining room needs some special attention from your maid service.

    Identify any areas that could use some special attention

    It's normal to have a few areas in your home that need more attention. It happens without realizing it, but generally, everyone has a few rooms they spend most of their time. It's a little different for every family and person, but the majority of people will have a few rooms that need some special attention during each cleaning.

    That's not an issue and instead is actually one of the many reasons having a maid service can be such a life and time saver. By telling your maid that you have a few rooms or areas that need some special attention you don't deal with a dirty favorite room.

    At Homeer, almost every single home cleaning for a family comes with the note of the kitchen needing special attention. That makes sense, doesn't it? Having dinner every night is a lot of dishes and messes and that gets out of control when there are six family members running around at all times. Even if everyone cleans up their messes and cleans their own dishes the amount of stuff that is dirtied by dinner is incomparable. So instead of fighting that battle constantly, you could just tell your maid service that the kitchen is going to need some special attention.

    You shouldn't skip this step by cleaning up the dirtiness yourself. That's what a maid service is for all you have to do is tell them where you would like some special attention.

    Another prime example of this is the holiday season when family comes into town and everyone collects in the living room. Plus, what if it's Christmas? Then we will have a ton of wrapping paper strewn everywhere with loose items tickling our feet as we walk through the carpet. Instead of worrying about cleaning your home once each has left a maid service will deliver a perfectly cleaned home without you having to do a thing.

    An initial walkthrough and introduction will make your maid service experience far better with little effort.

    Give your maid an initial walkthrough of your home

    We are almost done! The next thing that we are going to cover is the benefit that comes with giving your maid a walkthrough of your home upon the initial meeting. An initial walkthrough is only made more important if you plan on not being there following the first cleaning.

    This is the time that you would point out any of those special areas previously mentioned, the time that you would mention anything you don't want your maid to take care of, or even just special little notes like specific frequencies for specific cleaning tasks.

    The customization of your cleaning is endless and a walkthrough is the easiest time to communicate that. Instead of calling and hoping to explain a situation over the phone, I would recommend notifying your maid company that you have a few changes in this upcoming cleaning, but that you will happily communicate all of those changes to the maid of your home! It really is that easy.

    An initial walkthrough is also a great time for your maid to meet the family. Even in the case that you and your family may not be home during the cleaning, things can come up. Meeting your maid will establish that you don't have to stay away and also establish the idea that you know each other! There's nothing wrong with being around while your maid performs the cleaning!

    So as you can see, preparing your home for the maid service to come is not a large task nor even one that will require you to plan time out of your day.

    The suggestions to prepare for your maid service that you should ignore

    Now that we've covered the things you could or should do before your maid arrives. Let's look at a few of the things we can ignore that are often suggested. These three suggestions come from AngiesList and it just shows how out of touch they are with the cleaning industry. Unfortunately, AngiesList is one of the worst places to go in search of a cleaning company and the advice they provide confirms that.

    It's unfortunate that we have such a large business in the industry spreading inaccurate information. But hey, that's what this blog post is here for: So you don't have to sift through the garbage that AngiesList releases on their blog. Simply put, it's clear the only reason AngiesList releases any blog posts is to rank higher on Google. Not to answer yours or my question.

    Regardless, let's see why the suggestions found on AngiesList are so bad.

    Doing a long list of repairs for your maid service arrives is not needed whatsoever.

    Identify and repair any broken items

    The first AngiesList recommendation we disagree with is the idea that you need to repair any broken items in your home before your maid arrives. Simply put, this was one of the last things I expected to see when researching the most commonly suggested tasks before your maid service arrives.

    Maid service is not a handyman service so they will not be doing any kind of repairs. But they also won't be picking at and messing with the things in your home that do need a repair. This means that you really don't need to consider if anything is broken or need repairs.

    Plus on top of this, if your maid stumbles upon something broken they will absolutely let you know!

    All in all, there won't be any impact from not having all of your repairs done before your maid service comes. To me, this really feels like AngiesList just trying to get more sales by having you find a handyman through their website at the same time as your maid service. This is just one of the many reasons you won't find Homeer on AngiesList. They are not a company that can or should be trusted when it comes to their raw intentions.

    You should not have to lock up your belongings before your maid cleans.

    Secure valuables such as jewelry, small electronics, and cash

    This item is another AngiesList suggestion and is another that I strongly disagree with. If you are having to hide your jewelry, small electronics, and cash that means you cannot trust your maid.

    That's not how things should be and that's why every professional cleaning company carries a professional insurance policy as well as a bonding policy. That way none of their clients ever have to worry. At Homeer we take that one step farther and require pre-employment drug tests plus checking the background of every single person that applies to be a team member at Homeer. No one is exempt.

    Then each team member goes through a very detailed training process so that Homeer can trust the quality and customer received are nothing but the highest quality.

    Having the concern of your items being safe means one thing: That you didn't find the right maid service for your needs.

    There really isn't any other reason you would have to worry about this aspect. By choosing a maid service that you feel comfortable with you should get an amazing quality cleaning without ever having to worry about the safety of your home. Plus, 99% of maid services will have their team members avoid these items so that you don't even have to worry about them being misplaced.

    AngiesList went on to include any private documents, bills, or other papers in this. But again, this is entirely unnecessary and a waste of time. Overall, if you were to take one suggestion from this blog post I would hope that you walk away knowing to avoid AngiesList at all costs.

    While your maid service is working on your home

    So, we've covered the items before your maid service arrives. But what should you be doing while your maid service is actually cleaning? Well, this area actually doesn't have one flat answer. There are quite a few things we have to consider and the only way to find the proper suggestion here is by asking the maid service you've chosen for your home cleaning needs!

    Why? Let's just see a quick list of some of the things that go into this decision.

    1. Do you work from home?

    2. Do you have pets?

    3. Do you have a meeting that you need to be in during the time of your cleaning?

    4. Do you have laundry that you don't want your team member to do?

    As you can see there are a lot of things we could consider and this is only the surface. That is precisely why we always recommend that you know your maid so that you can get their preference very fast.

    At Homeer we never ask any client to stay or leave. It's still your home and we would never ask you to leave as if it's our home. Generally, the way that works best for you will work best for your maid service.

    Are you worried about being an inconvenience or in the way? Don't be.

    Once your maid service has finished there is nothing you have to do.

    Once your maid service has been completed

    With all of this information, we've finally reached the end of the post where we are going to cover what you can do once your maid service has left your home.

    Ideally, before they left you would have done a walkthrough to make sure that everything was perfect. If you did that, that means there is nothing left for you to do besides kick back and relax in your freshly cleaned home.

    If you have a maid service that leaves you a supply kit for between cleanings then go ahead and put that away where you keep your cleaning supplies! Besides that, there's nothing to do besides make some memories and messes as your next cleaning comes closer.

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