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Personal Branding Is Like A Cheat Code For Your Small Local Service Businesses


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Today we are going to be discussing how personal branding can bring your business to life. People like having a connection with businesses they support. Instead of trying to have a business brand that takes years to build, start by introducing yourself to your business mission.

This wasn’t always the direction Homeer was always going in. For a while, we touted that we were a community focused business that was focused on helping out. But from the consumer’s perspective, we found this sounds like something any local business would say. So we decided to introduce the people behind the message. And Homeer personal branding was born.

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    Define personal branding?

    According to there are really two parts to the puzzle of building your personal brand. believes that 'A “Personal Brand” is the objective, where “Personal Branding” is the process and strategy by which to achieve the objective.'

    I can't argue with that. I could not have said it any better actually, but let me give you some insight so you can better understand this definition.

    In the process of building your personal brand you will take time to build your processes and perception of personal branding. You can't expect to see the clear image before you get started or a even a few days or weeks. It takes some time for even yourself to see a clear image of your personal branding. But everyone starts at the same place and you can find your personal branding as well.

    • The official definition of 'Personal Brand' is: 'A widely-recognized and largely-uniform perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions and/or achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large.'

    • The official definition of 'Personal Branding' is: 'The conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry, elevating their credibility, and differentiating themselves from the competition, to ultimately advance their career, increase their circle of influence, and have a larger impact.'

    So as simple as it can be put, your personal brand is how your audience members see you, your personal branding is the effort you put in for those audience members to see the work and time you've invested.

    The Personal Branding Triangle

    It may seem kind of convoluted at first so let's put it into simpler terms. The idea of building your personal branding is very similar to the saying by Deion Sanders: 'If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.'

    You can't immediately skip to playing good if you don't look and feel good. But you also can't look and play good if you feel horrible and can barely stand up. You see what I mean? It's a step based process and you can't go out of order or try to operate with just two of the steps or you end up with a weird mess of luck and circumstance driven successes and failures.

    How many home-runs are hit when the batter has the flu?

    I know personally I love some marketing consistency and I don't know a single business owner that would prefer the majority of their content receiving extremely low engagement with one or two decent ones. Reliability is a key part of a successful business and this is the easiest way to ensure a reliable and representative image of you and your business.

    Before continuing any further if you are thinking: 'I don't think personal branding is for me.' I would love for you to head to the comments at the bottom of this blog post or where you saw this post shared and tell me why. I haven't found a single person that can give me a solid reason why personal branding isn't the perfect fit, but I would be happy to be proven wrong! Because as goes my personal branding, no one is perfect, but we can always try and improve along the way.

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    So take your shot with your personal branding! Stop hesitating and take this opportunity. In 2020 personal branding is more effective than ever because you have the ability for more reach at your fingertips than ever in the existence of mankind. Businesses had to pay incredible sums of money before Facebook introduced ads in 2007. Now we have a way to reach a larger number of people without spending a cent and staying true to yourself. Then on top of your organic posts you can toss a few dollars to spread that mission at an accelerated rate. We are currently in an ideal state for small business growth. You just have to take the opportunity we've had bestowed upon us. You don't have to be 'all corporate' or an ad writing savant when you have the ability to be honest and transparent.

    Go ahead today and start putting all of your effort in and build the idea you want to and would be proud to represent.

    Just do it GIF

    Are you still not convinced?

    Want a few examples of people that have wonderful personal branding?

    How about Taylor Swift? Throughout her career she has put myself and anyone that's ever listened to one of her songs through a masterclass of audience catering. Taylor understood her audience and talked to each listener of her song with an emotional breakup story. Regardless if the listener had experienced a situation similar, it didn't matter. Because Taylor had been singing breakup songs for years before, her listeners are seemingly interested in the next chapter of her love life as each listener navigated their own way through their love life. If the listener had experienced something similar, well even better!

    That was just part of the spark that started the Taylor Swift Fire. She also showed the 'raw' side of herself and life and experiences which allowed her audience members to have an inherent sense of trust. Bringing a new stream of content and connections to make; all because she offers an honest representation of herself.

    Another great example of personal branding is Steve Jobs. The man who was known as a stubborn genius, Jobs spent his career fighting for what he believed in. Famous for proving a point in the most memorable way. Steve Jobs will forever be known as a perfectionist and powerful leader.

    Highlighting this aspect of Steve could be seen when first presented with the iPod prototype back in 2011. Jobs' first response to the engineers was to make it smaller. After being told that it was impossible to make it smaller, Steve Jobs threw the prototype into the fish tank and watched it sink to the bottom. When air bubbles started to rise, he told the engineers that there is clearly room in there and that it needs to be made smaller. Without Jobs stubborn leadership style Apple would not have been pushed to create the innovative products we know today.

    Maybe Oprah Winfrey comes to mind? Oprah became the most watch daytime show host on television and had an audience of both men and women. Unifying all races and giving a spectacular example of generosity and the ability to give. With her incredibly successful career she went on to own her own production company and amass an audience size difficult to match still to this day. Some even going on to say: 'Oprah Is The Original Celebrity Influencer'

    All three of these extremely influential people have one thing in common. Their personal brand is honed to their and their audience members idea of greatness. Regardless of your stance in line with each of these men and women, you cannot argue that their personal brands had been expertly established to best benefit their lifestyle, dreams and goals and that of their audience members.

    Each of those three spent years defining who they are and when at the top of their authority level they could easily sway truly massive groups of individuals in just a few words. Not because every single thought or sentence of theirs is crafted with genius or prodigy substance, but because they had audiences that supported them as people and not necessarily the outcomes and/or the outputs of Taylor, Steve, or even Oprah... (Yeah, we're on a first name basis. What can I say?)

    Noticing the value personal branding has to offer took me a long time and if this is your first time hearing about this don't worry or feel bad. You very well may have just found it so let me tell you, personal branding very well could be the thing that sends your business towards improvement during the tough times like we've had throughout 2020.

    This ideology of building a personal brand has been around for hundreds of years and with each passing year our personal brands will undoubtedly grow and evolve into something more refined and beautiful than the previous version. If we go almost a hundred years back you can find the foundations of personal branding in Think and Grow Rich (That is an affiliate link so if you buy the book with that link Homeer will get a little kickback! The Kindle version is free though so if you have one make sure to use that!) by Napolean Hill that was first released in 1937.

    That is a long time ago and especially for something that you so rarely see in modern business culture. But that's the beauty isn't it? Instead of having your clients buy into a product or service and forget about you ten minutes later, you can include each and every client in your journey towards greatness and give them a peak into the growth that you've experienced as a person and business. After all, aren't they the ones funding your businesses forward progression?

    It's a unique opportunity and not one that every business is granted very often. And even more rarely does said business even take that opportunity. But personal branding is sitting here waiting for anyone to come along and utilize, you just have to be honest with yourself and your audience about who you are and what you represent.

    You do that and the rest of it will be figured out along the way... Don't worry about not knowing your personal branding right from the start. With the time you put into your good and honest work, the image will begin forming in front of your eyes without you even realizing. You just need to get started.

    What kind of branding isn't personal and why does it suck?

    We are a home cleaning business so I wanted to keep this in our industry, but you can find examples of this in your industry quite abundantly. Let's just look at a couple real quick before diving into the home cleaning industry...

    In the food industry we have Heff's, a delicious Texas-based restaurant to eat at, but that's where the magic stops. Just take a look at their most recent post engagement. With 8,500 likes on the page you would assuredly expect higher level of engagements right?

    Sourced from Heffs Facebook page

    Let's take a quick look into the home improvement industry. How do Lowes and Home Depot compare?

    Breakdown of The Home Depot and Lowes personal branding presence.

    Lowes has pretty wonderful personal branding on their Facebook page and it's wildly successful for them! Instead of focusing on a member of their team and their organization they are focusing on their clients. This here is just a more matured version of personal branding has had the time to manifest over the years of operating. Now they the trust has been established Lowes doesn't need to focus on that so much. So the tone of course doesn't match mine or yours. Lowers here is a wonderful example of how powerful personal branding is when used honestly and with a 'not-so-serious' approach!

    Another things to notice here is that Lowes themselves did not even make this content. They have such a ravenous fan-base that their audience now makes the content for the business and all they have to do is share it. It's truly genius and shows that the personal branding aspect of a Lowes is being managed extremely well.

    We've taken a look at other industries but how about we look at the home cleaning industry now? In this industry todayI am going to solely focus on Merry Maids. (I'm not going to link their page because they are not a great business and I do not want to contribute to my community members having a bad experience)

    To start this journey the Merry Maids Facebook page is currently sitting at 100k likes. I would like to point out that 2,772 people have still unfollowed their page. So that means those people don't have the chance of seeing their post due to losing the interest of said people sometime throughout their interaction.

    100k likes on Merry Maids Facebook.

    But what can be done when you give Facebook 97,422 people the opportunity of seeing your post each day? Well for Merry Maids it's an abysmal 7 likes...

    Merry Maids performance is less than ideal.

    It's shocking that in 2020 a publicly traded company does not know how to talk to their clients. Not only does this show that Merry Maids is not in the business of helping, but this also shows they do not even care enough to keep up to date with their clients!

    Think I'm exaggerating? With 100,000 likes on their page and only 7 likes on the most recent post that is a 0.00007% engagement rate! Does that sound like something investors or clients should have faith in? Absolutely not and that is precisely why I am so passionate about showing my community members that there is a far better option available just within arms reach.

    What else does this say?

    • Your local Merry Maids isn't near as awesome as you think. Don't feel bad, they're good at hiding it. Coming up I am going to do a deep dive into why they absolutely do not deserve the share of the home cleaning market that they have. But more on that in the coming weeks.

      If you're a current client of Merry Maids you can use the code 'GOODBYEMERRYMAIDS' to save $75.00 off your home cleaning when scheduling with Homeer.

    • Merry Maids will not always be the biggest cleaning company in America if I have anything to do about it.

    • Merry Maids management is all sorts of out-of-wack and outdated. What does that say about the way they operate in the rest of their business?

    Although this says nothing about the actual cleaning employees of Merry Maids, it does say everything about their organizational and process quality as well as their top-level leadership. It's not good. Shoot, it's not even bad. It's atrocious and that means there is room for Homeer just as there is room in your industry for you.

    It is truly incredible how a business would let an audience of one hundred thousand people sit in silence. But that is the perfect example of why utilizing your personal brand in your small local business is the best thing you can do and basically a no-brainer decision. Ignore personal branding? You might as well be ignoring your social media all together and spending your time other places.

    With the proper personal brand and utilization of said brand, suddenly you have the ability to not only compete with companies that process billions in revenue without having to spend a cent. But you also get to shine the light on why you are so much of a better option than these companies that cannot keep up while doing literally a million times more in revenue. When you put it like that it sounds crazy doesn't it? That's how powerful branding is and that's how much power you have begging to be used.

    So how does personal branding look at Homeer?

    At Homeer we are quite bold with the approach to personal branding; taken to an extreme extent on a regular basis. Why would a home cleaning business ever do that?

    Because we are just some local boys with amazing team members that are taking an honest approach at giving our community members an amazingly cleaned home with a level of service to match the cleaning. We aren't trying to trick anyone so you don't see us dressed up in suits and spouting nonsense. Or standing on a foundation that doesn't exist. We've put in the work to give our community the best level of service possible so why shouldn't all of our social platforms reflect that? Why should we constantly try to sell our services, look and think like 99% of other business and always wonder what we're doing wrong?

    The short answer: We shouldn't.

    We don't worry about our clients taking us serious beyond belief because that isn't who we are. When my team members and I show up to a cleaning the client already knows who to expect. All because when they visited our Facebook page they could see behind the walls instead of just being hit with constant sales pitches.

    But what about when you go to the Homeer Facebook page?

    You are immediately greeted by me as I introduce you to Homeer and the way that we work.

    Screenshot of the Homeer Facebook page.

    Just take a look, we have 219 likes and in comparison to Merry Maids with 100k likes we are doing wonderful! Homeer became operational in March of 2020. Merry Maids on the other hand has been operating since 1979. That is quite the difference in time to be seeing lower levels of engagement. Homeer may not be able to match Merry Maids in physical scale, but we are chomping at the bits as we utilize our personal brand to connect with our community members that want a higher level of customer service and cleaning.

    We are a new company made up by members of the community that genuinely care and anyone can see that the second they land on our Facebook page.

    Is the Homeer personal branding only visible on your Facebook page?

    When Austin and I learned more about personal branding we went full-belief mode. Taking notes along each step and being deliberate to take our time and not rush through any process.

    Marc built an amazing course, but I know not everyone may take the time to sign up and go through it. It seriously does not cost anything and he doesn't ask for up-sells along the way. Just an amazing guy.

    Continuing on the breakdown goes as follows:

    1. Identity: the image and ideas that you and your business represent.

    2. Visibility: the methods with which you expand your existing audience.

    3. Authority: The weight of your words in the eyes of your audience members.

    Sourced from Marc Ensign in the Chosen: Personal Brand Course

    At first sight I wasn't quite sold...

    The idea of this graph being that in the very center of all three of these circles are the people that seem to be "Chosen" in the eyes of the public. But not everyone may have the goal of being the absolute top dog, sometimes we just want to improve right? At this point I hadn't determined my goals and I didn't have any desire to be a "Chosen" one, per se.

    That was until I continued down the page and saw:

    Sourced from Marc Ensign in the Chosen: Personal Brand Course

    This single image perfectly summed up the struggles Austin and I had endured growing Homeer in the last few months. In all the time of preparation and growth of Homeer we couldn't put our finger on the missing piece. But as soon as we saw this image things started to make more sense.

    Before you can really do anything you have to set a goal. If you don't set your goals, how do you know when you've arrived? So, right out of the gate I set the impossible goal of: 'I will be the person that Texas community members know will do anything to make sure that everyone is taken care of by 2025. Home chores will be a thing of the past for anyone that I have a chance to encounter.' No one deserves to be forced into cleaning while we are living in the future.

    With that I continued to tick off things on the todo list. This wasn't just about being the best me. This wasn't just about being the best business. This was about being the true representation of who I am, who my business is and why we care so adamantly.

    I recorded my first video to explain the way Homeer works. There are of course a long list of things I could have done better, but hey It was our first real crack at making a video and I wasn't going to let perfection stop me from being proud that I put myself out there and showed what we are capable of. You can read more about my journey of creating our first video in the blog post Creating Our First Business Video. It's Supposed To Be Easy When You're The Owner.

    On top of that, at Homeer we aren't trying to represent that we are perfect, only that we are a team of people that will make sure your home cleaning is done to perfection.

    When then took to rebuilding our homepage to include our personal brand and make an immediate connection with our audience.

    A current screenshot of the Homeer page as of 07/12/2020.

    Quite proud of the redesign we then set off to getting our social media pages updated.

    We updated the header image, the user image, basically everything. We even took care of our Facebook page story so that our audience members were really given the opportunity to read our story:

    Screenshot of the Homeer Story section.

    We couldn't stop there though, there was still so much to do... We cleaned up our business cards, our branding palette, our email signatures, our uniforms, etc... The list was extensive, but finally we were taking action to represent who we truly are. Finally, we were done faking and trying to be a business we weren't. We could finally be proud of the image we represent each day as a part of Homeer.

    Then we started giving a peak behind the walls of Homeer. We were putting in all this effort to give our existing and potential clients a better service; why wouldn't we share that information with them?

    So with a persistent form of communication I developed a quick blog for our website and began sharing the improvements as we make them:

    Screenshot of the Homeer blog page.

    It wasn't even hard to come up with blog topics anymore. Suddenly I was granted the ability to write about real things that were happening in our business. On top of that, we were seeing more bookings in reference to the content released than ever before.

    Our clients finally had a way to get to know us. Even if they weren't going to book a home cleaning today suddenly they had the opportunity of seeing what really is out there. Could we really be all that much better than their current home cleaning provider? No way right?! Well now they can read a post, see what we claim to be and watch as their cleaning service cannot compare. Then, when my team members and I come to take care of their home cleaning their is still nothing but surprise. Because not only do we care, but we are experts at cleaning homes to perfection.

    We don't promote these blog posts yet, maybe we will one day, but we are still in the process of defining our platform. We don't want to send a lot of traffic to a platform that doesn't reflect our ability! But for now they sit there as a long-form answers to some of the most important questions our clients have throughout the time of having their cleaning needs taken care of. No client ever has to wonder if we care enough to put in the effort. Because as you can see by the existing posts we write about real things that have happened at Homeer. We don't choose crazy topics to play with SEO or drive uninterested traffic.

    When we transformed from Lubbock Maids to Homeer I wrote a post-mortem detailing the entire process, the reasons for everything, and the plans moving forward.

    When we started recording videos as first step towards personal branding, we again wrote a blog post.

    When we improved the way that we manage client keys to ensure the highest level of safety with the lowest rate of error we wrote another blog post.

    Because a blog post full of information on how your business improved will forever be better than one where your goal is getting that reader to schedule a service or buy your product. At Homeer, our first priority is helping our Texas community, not scheduling home cleanings.

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    To seal the deal Austin and I took a weekend to renovate our Lubbock, Texas office. We don't have a huge budget and we definitely are not construction experts. But we took an honest approach and had some fun along the way, just like we perform our home cleaning services.

    You can see Austin and I were having some fun!

    In a single month things really came together and suddenly our business felt like a real business. It sounds funny to say, but taking some time to build our personal brand is really all it took. I suppose it's true, if you don't look like a team, it's hard to be one.

    You can already see the benefits personal branding brings if you look at the level of engagement on the post above! 38 likes and a comment when just days before this our Facebook page was seeing 3-5 likes per post getting on average on share a week:

    Why did we ever expect our community members to be interested in us or even Homeer?

    Not over night, but in the course of a month we had determined the best way to communicate with our very talkative audience! It was like being gifted and miracle and if there is anytime to thank anyone, it's now and for Marc. So Marc, thank you for showing us there is a different way to approach not only business, but life. We seriously would not be here without you.

    Are the results of Personal Branding as different as the approach?

    During this week we ran a simple A/B test. On Monday we had a team member to introduce as she just left her training period and we like to give our clients a way to stay up to date as we grow! This of course is in line with our personal branding, but was not part of this test. We've proven personal branding works amazingly well, but how crazy can we get with it?

    So the test started Tuesday with a post that we would have released before learning about having a personal brand. I'm not knocking the approach we took previously. It did result in bookings and some level of 'engagements'. The approach is better than nothing and is especially better than the majority of what our competitors are doing. However, at Homeer we always strive for improvement and I am sure you are the same with your business and life.

    Then on Wednesday I would publish a post that better reflected who we really are. With an attempt at making a funny image completely out of context from our services. i.e. can I get my audience members to click on me instead of a post about our services. My main hope for this test being the idea that we could see a higher level of engagement and driven bookings without referencing home cleaning anywhere in the media. That would give us an extreme amount of flexibility with our social media content moving forward.

    So the first two days of the test came:

    The outcome of being honest and approachable.

    Right away the post skyrocketed compared to our previous engagement.

    Of all other posts this is the single highest engagement post besides our hiring post that is regularly shared by our team. So, really it's our best performing post ever. Coming in with a 1,466% higher level reaction rate, personal branding was suddenly speaking volumes.

    Yes, you read that right. We saw an increase of 1,466% in reaction rate on that single Facebook post. You simply cannot argue with that number. If anyone can tell me how you can happily turn away almost a 1,500% increase with reason, I will be truly blown away.

    With our non-personal branding focused post we saw:

    The interactions of non-personal branding.

    But then with our post with a goofy image and a personal tone we saw:

    The results of being honest and transparent.

    Sure it comes down to the content actually written within the post as well, but just take a look at the impressions to engagement comparison. And those two posts were definitely not of the same content, but you cannot deny the results. Still I wasn't convinced and neither was Austin, but with this level of engagement it was definitely worth testing again and looking into more.

    So, why did the post perform so much better? I think this post comes down to three core things:

    1. Our personal branding post is not the typical type of image your average Facebook user sees. It's a scroll-stopper and the engagement levels reflected that.

    2. We didn't take ourselves so serious so the audience members that did stop scrolling to look at the image were much more likely to read the actual content written in the post.

    3. Because they read more, we were able to show real reasons of why Homeer is the best option for home cleaning services in Lubbock, home cleaning in Midland and even home cleaning in Odessa. The thing limiting the size of Homeer has never been our inability to show our audience the benefits. It's always been reaching the people of our community and that has finally changed with our personal brand being established.

    But I wasn't going to make one post and then assume the results were a given.

    So on Thursday we came back to Facebook with another post extremely similar to our previous posts. Not focusing on our personal brand but still focusing on our community members. This post contained essentially the same information as our Friday post, but only the tone of the written content and the image had been altered.

    As you may know, when you don't rely on your personal brand for social media content it can easily turn into sales, sales, sales all day on your Facebook page. That's what we had done before now and that's what countless other businesses still do. So assuming that is the average we trucked on for another day of testing...

    Are the results consistent?

    Unsurprisingly, yes. There are still many industries that have a very different situation in regards to the ability for Personal Branding, but the ability is still there. It just looks different.

    In any case, defining the image that you want your audience to see you in is vital to being able to shamelessly share your passion. Let me explain...

    When following a more "business-focused" approach with your social media content you lose a vast majority of the creativity ability you have at your disposal. Not only that, but you are also limiting the amount of connections you can make with your audience. All so you can talk more about your business?

    Very rarely does someone buy something with a service business because they only care about the actual technical ability of the service or product. For the most part people book a local service such as home cleaning because of the people that deliver that service and the experience that comes with those people. Can you imagine a situation where a local community member enjoys inviting people into their home that make them look cold and reminiscent of a 1950s greed-ran corporation?

    Of course not, because that's not how my local communities operate and that's not how yours work either. Our lives are comprised of the people around us and we make sure to take care of every community member every chance we have. I don't just mean the clients at Homeer. I mean all of the community members of our cities.

    For example, the other day we received a call from an existing client that was wanting to donate an hour of cleaning to another community member that needed some help. Instead of allowing him to donate that time we covered the cost. No questions asked, no hidden fees. We covered the entire cost and took care of the entire home because we have the ability and passion to give back to our community. We are a locally run home cleaning business that really cares about our people and we continually show it.

    So with that our personal branding isn't about being a corporate business or the technically the best cleaners. It's about keeping that local touch and showing our audience members that we really are here for them and we aren't worried about embarrassing ourselves. If something we did increases the chance of reaching a community member in need of help, then everything was worth it.

    You could play the "what if?' game all day. But the end of the story is that all progress is progress. No one is perfect and the sooner you show your audience that you aren't pretending to be, you'll have more open ears to talk to. This idea has been the single most valuable lesson of this entire test.

    So I stopped walking on eggshells, I had more fun making the images for social media and most importantly I started having a real conversation with my community members. Now not only could I prompt comments in the content of the post, but people are actually commenting, actually liking the post and even more importantly sharing it! People are loving our posts so much they are spreading the word to their friends and family.

    But that still doesn't mean it's consistent does it? So, Thursday and Friday came and the posts went live...

    Breakdown image of the results that come with being transparent.

    I am writing this post on Sunday so only two days after my Friday post so it hasn't been given as much time to mature. Still though that being said it still saw substantially higher results in a fraction of the time. Sitting at reaction rate improvements of 500% I couldn't ask for any better!

    As you can see, even in the worst case you have nothing to lose by building a personal brand, only things to gain. You gain things like:

    1. The ability to have fun with your business image.

    2. The ability to write content that gives a peak inside the walls of your business.

    3. The ability to stop walking on eggshells.

    I wish I could claim that this came from my own brain, but building our personal brand was nowhere near an original idea though...

    You're kidding right?

    Not at all. In fact, some of the biggest names are successful because of the powerful personal brand they have built.

    Think about Elon Musk, he co-founded SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, and The Boring Company. Has been in the news for years accomplishing the impossible and in doing so has created a mass following. When The Boring Company came out with a flamethrower they didn’t sell out of 20,000 units in 5 days because people liked the product. They bought it because they support Elon Musk’s personal brand. And he certainly isn’t the only one who takes advantage of their personal brand.

    Just recently on Twitter you could find Elon promoting his red short-shorts.

    Why? Because his personal branding is honed in and he can drive immediate funds to his business at a moments notice. Not only can he drive funds at a moments notice, but also at a truly massive and unrivaled scale. Then the cherry on top is that this is somehow on brand! If the CEO of the single fastest growing 'car company' can joke around, you can too.

    There's no ifs, ands, or buts to that. Be yourself and the results will show you never should have done anything else.

    The results speak for themselves. But think of it as if you were the customer. Wouldn’t you rather do business with a company that you know about who the owners are, their mission, and that they truly care about what they do? Even if it means embarrassing themselves sometimes they will find a way to make the absolute best of a situation?

    It’s a no brainer, you choose the company with a mission you support and a leader you like. Whether that support be due to policy, leadership style or because of a shared humor style. The reason of support doesn't matter and each person with their own personal branding call for a different type of support from their audience. It all depends on the service you offer and the tone you take with that representation of said service.

    The best part is that it’s not time consuming. Consistently posting on social media everyday it can be hard to think of a topic. Not when you write about yourself and what has been going on in the company.

    Personal branding makes coming up with content a heck of a lot easier. If you are in the position of wondering how you should go about building a company brand, you should try to start with yourself.

    Simply start with a social media post introducing who you are and your mission. And don’t forget to add a picture of yourself. Don't just use some standard stock image that anyone could have made. Make it unique to you and your business. Even more so with this, this does not mean just slap your logo on this. That is not positive points and if anything significantly hurts your brand when your content is of low quality.

    How did Homeer know this was the way to go?

    This is where things took a turn during the process of building the Homeer personal brand and this been the single driving factor to realizing the value we blindly stumbled upon. Let me break it down...

    Previous to learning about and utilizing personal branding we were feeling the same constant struggle as the rest of our fellow business owners. How do you regularly post social media content that allows you to connect with your audience? It's incredibly difficult when you're trying to represent an image that isn't you.

    But this begs the question of 'If my business doesn't represent me how did I build this image in the first place?'

    It's an understandable question to have and is one that Austin and I struggled to answer for weeks, months, maybe even years. Because the answer here wasn't near as simple as we were hoping. In reality we were able to build the image we had by stealing from our competitors. By looking at worked in our industry and straight ripping their ideas. If you know me, you know I have no shame in taking a business functionality and tailoring it to fit my business better. To me and the rest of my team members at Homeer it's not about being the first, it's about being the best. But, by stealing you immediately set a cap on the amount of growth you and your business are capable of. To put it simply, you just handcuffed yourself to a pole without even meaning to or realizing that you did.

    So realizing that, things suddenly made so much more sense. It explained:

    1. Why our posts that did have personal branding still performed poorly.

    2. Why we constantly struggle to release content that reflects who we truly are.

    3. Why we were always concerned about our steps moving forward.

    When you're try to be something you're not you lose the ability to be flexible and transparent. Because if you spend all of your time looking at your competitors and how they find their success, then go and copy everything they do, you are only helping their brand and hurting yours. Immediately any and all potential clients can see that you in fact have absolutely nothing to unique to offer. If you can't come up with unique content how can your clients expect to buy into a unique and wonderful service/product experience? They can't and that is how we knew we had found the right path to follow with our social media content moving forward.

    Personal branding is the single easiest way to give yourself and your small local business a personal touch that no company can steal. Finally, you have 'trade secrets' to defend with your life. Finally, your business can build the momentum you've been struggling to find for years.

    If you've made it this far into this post and are still questioning if personal branding is the way to go, I don't know what to tell you. The results speak for themselves and if you're looking for new marketing methods that likely means you're existing marketing is seeing less than subpar results. So, what do you have to lose?

    Before continuing any further I want to cover something very quickly. The idea that there's no way you can see immediate returns from testing out personal branding. That assumption is wildly wrong. The thing is, if you don't see an increase in engagement on your first post then it wasn't personal enough. You've gone and written another post. So, what could you possibly write about on your very first personal branding post?

    How about sharing the information that you've learned about personal branding, that you will be testing it in the coming weeks and that you would love to hear feedback from your audience members? Personal branding isn't just about showing people you are, but having a conversation about who you are!

    But the Homeer approach to personal branding isn't very professional, is it?

    Well, do you see us pretending to be the best corporation or the smartest business men? Absolutely not! Though, we do take an extreme amount of pride in being the best local option anyone can find for home cleaning.

    Whether Homeer or not has made the right decision with our personal branding is left up to no question really..

    We operate with a very different approach towards our business model, team members and client all because we genuinely care. We are not out here faking it and wondering what to do with our social media content, our future business model or even the ways in which we can help. WIth our personal branding we are as genuine as possible and give the people in our lives a peak behind the walls that we have so proudly established at Homeer. But these walls aren't walls to keep our audience members out, these are walls to keep our audience members supported with an amazing level of service and an even higher level of quality when it comes to the people on our team.

    We don't take ourselves super serious but we know what we are doing and that shows with our consistent ability to leave clients jaws hanging. Pair that with our brutal honesty on our Facebook page and the consistent results really aren't that mysterious. I'm not even out here tooting my own horn. Just take a look at any review on any page. Our clients love us because we love having the opportunity to take care of them and they love helping us spread our mission further.

    Do you remember how Lowes had a different/more-mature approach to their personal branding? Well that's precisely because they have had the time to build an audience of four million people. With that your tone can change and you can see benefits from that, but you can't skip straight to that step.

    Our approach likely will not fit your existing brand and even more likely is the fact that you won't find any good examples of personal branding in your local industry. but you should always define your personal branding around you and your team members anyways! Like I said earlier, don't worry about copying WHAT we are doing, only WHY. This post here is just an example of how powerful being true to yourself can be for your business, not the steps to follow that will give you the same results...

    If you need an explanation of WHY is so important I highly suggest the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek. (This is another affiliate link so when you purchase Homeer would get a couple cents from your purchase!) This book changed my life to the same level that finding Marc Ensign and personal branding did and I recommend this book to absolutely anyone struggling with their business mission or business growth. Let's keep moving...

    At Homeer we won't always use goofy photos with my head photoshopped on, but by then we will have built an audience of people that know who we are, that know we consistently test possible improvements and that we care about finding the best way to serve our communities home cleaning needs.

    So how does the local standing look for Homeer? If we just look at the numbers, you would wonder how we can maintain such a high level of confidence in our mission and marketing approach. So, what are these numbers? Let's break them down in just a few words:

    • There are over 30 maid services in Lubbock, Texas.

    • There are over 50 maid services in Midland, Texas.

    • There are over 75 maid services in Odessa, Texas!

    And yet, we stand out. Not only do we stand out, you can't find a single company locally that we don't stand out dramatically from. Still not sure why? Because we have and use our personal brand to the fullest of our ability with each coming day. Being genuine in a local business is the single most valuable method of outreach you have at your disposal. Why wouldn't you use that? Even more importantly, why would you choose to ignore that?


    So let's wrap all that into a few sentences.

    In summary, personal branding is the single most valuable tool you have at your disposal that doesn't call for any form of new cost being introduced to your business. On top of that, if you're the business that posts every day on social media, but always struggles to find the topic; you can end that struggle. Then finally with the cherry on top you can finally build reliable and repeatable results.

    Finally, your business can take off the handcuffs and fly like the dreams you had envisioned before getting started.

    Not sure how to get started? Drop a quick snippet for your business and the industry you work around in the comments and I will respond with an awesome first post personal branding for your new-wave content!

    Had fun sharing this with you,

    Chance Herriage.

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