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The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Rental Property

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One of the worst things about owning or managing a rental property is that there are so many things to do that it is often hard to distinguish between what is merely urgent and what is actually important. If property managers and landlords are not careful, the daily demands of a rental property will press them into making choices that are bad for the long-term success of their business.

This is because that owner or manager may find themselves sucked into an endless cycle of chasing minor problems at the expense of the real issues that determine their success as a manager or landlord. To be effective, as a property manager, investor, or entrepreneur, rental property operators must be intentional about the tasks and responsibilities they give their time to.

They must have a clear idea of which roles deserve their direct input. They must also define those roles that they can afford to delegate to others. This is the only way for owners and property managers to remain professional and still see the myriad of mundane tasks involved in running a rental property, says Bigham & Associates, a property management company in Round Rock. Cleaning is an example of one of those things rental property operators must let others do.

Keeping a rental property clean is important for many reasons:

  • It is one of those qualities tenants are not willing to make any compromises on

  • It can serve as a marketing tool for attracting better tenants to a property

  • It can help reduce the overall cost of operating the rental

Yet in spite of how important cleaning is to a rental, it is not so important that the owner or manager has to do it by themselves. That is because keeping a rental property clean can usually be done better, faster, and cheaper by other people. A professional cleaning service has the know-how and tools to do a better job of cleaning the rental than the property manager can.

When property managers make the decision to hire a cleaning service for their rental property they make a choice that will benefit them in unexpected ways. Property owners who hire a cleaning service soon discover that the cleaner’s role is not limited to keeping the rental spic-and-span, but they also give the manager or owner’s business an edge in the marketplace. What are the true benefits of hiring a professional cleaner in a rental property?

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    With a cleaner that can be trusted property managers can forget about most of the chores.

    Why rental property operators need a professional cleaning service

    Now, while I will provide the base list of benefits that come to property managers that trust their cleaning in the hands of a professional cleaning service, we will follow that up with a Homeer Client Story from February that highlighted this issue. The same story that really introduced Homeer to the property management world and what all there is that a cleaning service can do to help.

    Maintaining service consistency

    Maintaining a consistent level of service in a rental is important. When tenants get used to a minimum standard of cleanliness, they come to expect it always and any deviation from that standard can cause problems. A cleaning service will help the rental achieve and maintain a consistent level of cleanliness. They have clear standards for defining cleanliness and established protocols for achieving that standard every time.

    While a property manager may expect their tenants to clean the home before moving out, the odds of that cleaning be done to perfection are quite low. That is, unless that tenant scheduled with Homeer.

    At Homeer we recommend every tenant schedules a move out cleaning and you can learn more about that in our blog post: Am I obligated to clean my apartment when moving?. It's an obvious win for the tenants when they return their home in such a wonderful state that they are able to get back their full deposit. That's even a win for the property management company because that means there isn't a single thing that will introduce new costs before a new tenant can be moved in. This is the ideal scenario, no?

    Finally, you can maintain the quality of your houses for far longer by trusting a professional cleaning service to remove all signs of wear and tear at the end of each lease. Regardless the actual usage, a proper deep clean is structured to return every home and building back to being spotless.

    Imagine if you didn't have to worry about all of the hard-water covering every single sink faucet and shower head, then maybe not even single of them would need to be replaced every few years.

    Imagine if you didn't have to worry about keeping the windows clean and making sure the window sills and tracks are staying in good condition.

    Scheduling a deep clean service is the easiest way to know that everything is going to be taken care of without question or exception.

    Quicker turnover

    In addition to establishing high standards of cleanliness for the rental, professional cleaners will clean the home in record time. A cleaning service can clean the same day a rental becomes vacant and have it ready for showing in less than twenty-four hours.

    They can implement with speed and not compromise the quality of cleanliness they deliver, because they have every part of their process systematized and perfected through practice. The professional cleaner’s ability to turnover fast helps the rental make more money.

    Want to know a crazy stat?

    Realtors and property managers that thoroughly clean and stage their homes before showing, sell/lease the properties 73% faster than a realtor or property manager that did the bare minimum. That's a significant amount of time saved just by putting a little time and money into bringing the absolute best visual presentation that home can offer. With the typical house closing taking 70 days in 2021, that means with a professional cleaning and staging the home could be closed in under 50 days.

    That's 20 days immediately taken off the average turnover time while also gaining the luxury of you not being the one responsible for the cleaning. That's another four-plus hours every realtor and property manager just reclaimed.

    It's easy to see the impact a cleaning service has in the work of property managers, isn't it?

    Saving money for the location is important, but that does not just mean refusing to introduce professional-level costs.

    Saves money for the rental

    A professional cleaning service helps property owners save money. Professional cleaning protects the home from wear and tear; expert cleaners know the best way to remove the harmful substances that cling to surfaces and cause them to break down. The walls, floors, materials, and fabrics in a home that is professionally cleaned last longer.

    Also, the tenants in the home are healthier, more comfortable, and less likely to move. By helping to reduce tenant turnover a professional cleaner makes the rental more profitable.

    Can you tell me what the most expensive part of the move out process when you're a property manager? The repairs...

    More often than not, major repairs aren't even needed. But, with years of walking and lack of maintenance can result in floors that have layers of build-up and carpet that is not only stained, but carpet that has deeply embedded smells. Smells are a difficult thing to remove and only the best professionals will have an answer to the horrendous smells some carpets carry. It's an unfortunate scenario, but by trusting a cleaning service property managers can skip that part of the process by combining the service of a house cleaning and carpet cleaning service. With this, the home will receive a full top-to-bottom treatment and be returned back the condition it was before this round of tenants moved in.

    Time is the one thing you cannot buy more of. I'm offering all property the managers the opportunity to do just that.

    Saves manager’s time

    Cleaning a home, even a tiny apartment, takes time. Owners and managers often start out expecting to spend a couple of hours cleaning a home, but end up using a couple of days. That additional time results in a longer vacancy period for the rental. It also denies the manager or owner valuable time they could have spent on critical aspects of their business.

    Hiring a professional cleaner allows the manager to focus on his or her core roles without worrying about how well their rental property will be cleaned. Help managers build a reputation for professionalism

    Managers who focus on improving their business systems become better at it and their business grows as a result. They establish a good reputation among their peers and outside their industry. That status draws opportunities to them in the form of higher quality tenants and more affluent clients. But this is only possible if a manager knows what tasks to direct their energies to and what tasks to let others handle. A professional cleaning service gives rental property owners and managers the time to hone their professional edge.

    Time is the one thing you cannot buy more of. If you take notice of any benefit, having more time would be the one. No one in the world can argue that saving time is a bad thing. More importantly, no one can genuinely say they wish they had less time.

    So, as a property manager all you have to do is schedule the cleaning service and save yourself ten-plus hours per home you manage at each turn-over. When you choose to make the upkeep a recurring service, suddenly you've unlocked hours we cannot even calculate!

    It is beyond obvious that many property managers should have a better option. It's time for Homeer to shine.

    How Homeer knew it was time to focus on property managers

    The owner of Homeer, Chance, moved out of Lubbock a few months ago after renting the same house for three years. Being the owner of Homeer, he scheduled a cleaning service to make sure that everything was returned to how it was before moving in.

    But, this part of the story isn't that important. What is important, is that the property managers of his home unknowingly called Homeer at the same time to schedule a cleaning service. So, when they stumbled into the same company that was already scheduled we entered a conversation about how that could've happened when there are so many cleaning companies available to schedule in the Texas area.

    In the end, the answer ended up being rather simple. Homeer is the highest rated house cleaning service in Lubbock. It's not even really a comparison to the competitors and recently that has allowed us to reach a higher level of clients that we previously hadn't even considered serving. By operating with the goal of never delivering anything but perfection, Homeer has become to go-to company when a Lubbock community member needs a clean without having to worry about hidden fees or poorly-priced estimates. Instead, with the Homeer flat-rate pricing everyone knows exactly what type of cleaning has been schedule as well as the absolutel final price.

    What's that? There's more benefits that a property manager can take care of? Like what?

    Well to start, all of our property managers are given an online account so that they don't even need to call and confirm that we can service the booking. When we have a property manager in the Homeer family schedule a cleaning service, the cleaning is done. At Homeer we don't have an active waitlist or long lead-time to schedule a booking because we are constantly growing and improving so that we can offer every client a better cleaning experience. This idea isn't just limited to Lubbock though and with the recent expansion projects to open in Midland and Round Rock, Texas Homeer is now taking the step to serve the clients that are more cut-out to need an all-inclusive service that doesn't have exceptions appended to everything.

    You can schedule your cleaning online in under 60 seconds on our online booking page or you can give our team a call with the call button at the top of the page!

    Finding the right cleaning service

    In the shoes of a property manager the issue when finding a professional cleaning service is not the small amount of cleaning services available. There are a lot of cleaning services in the Texas area, but very few have devoted any effort to structuring a program for property managers and even fewer have devoted any attention at all to answering the questions of their clients.

    For the last fifty years the cleaning industry has stayed the same without any major changes. Homeer is here to change that for every single property manager.

    No longer is it a case of having to call a few companies and hoping that the property manager finds someone that's available at a reasonable rate. Even more importantly, no longer does a property manager have to wait for a team member to go out and provide an estimate on the cleaning. No longer are our property managers bound to the situation of only being able to get a quote on the cleaning they need.

    Instead, a local property manager can visit the Homeer website and have their cleaning scheduled in under 60 seconds while knowing absolutely everything that will be included in the cleaning.

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