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The Unique Aspects Of A Lubbock Cleaning Service


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After living in Lubbock for 3 years, and graduating from Texas Tech, I learned a few things about the town and the people. One of those things is that the wind sure does like to blow. Wind with the combination of the Lubbock dust means that keeping your home clean is a laborious task. Another thing is that people like to gather with family and friends and socialize during sporting events. T

his can lead to messy homes and apartments. Using a Lubbock cleaning service is a must if you want to get your home or apartment sparkly clean.

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    Don't let the Lubbock wind ruin your home

    How To Manage The Dust In Your Lubbock Home

    If there is one negative thing about Lubbock it is the fact that the wind blows dust constantly. This can leave your home looking dirty and unclean. Nobody wants to live in a dusty, dirty home. To help fix this problem there are a few things that you can do to be proactive against that Lubbock dust.

    1. Clean From Top To Bottom

    When cleaning your home it is always important to remember to clean from top to bottom. We do this to prevent having to clean things more than once. If you were to vacuum the floor before you dust off the fans, then all of the dust that comes off of the fan will go onto the floor. This would mean that you would need to vacuum up the dust that's back on the floor. This is why we suggest working from top to bottom.

    Book with Homeer and you will be kicking back and relaxing in no time

    2. Keep Your Home Tidy

    Staying away from clutter is another way to keep your home dust-free. By simply putting away items will allow for less dust to settle in hard to reach places. An example would be to get storage for any game system controllers, remote controls, video games, and DVDs or simply put them away instead of leaving them out on the entertainment stand. Doing this will allow for dust to settle on the horizontal surface instead of on your personal things. This will make it easier when trying to clean up all of the dust.

    3. Vacuum Your Home Regularly

    First, you can go ahead and get rid of your broom and dustpan. This will only kick up more dust, causing it to get all over your home. At Homeer we suggest using a microfiber broom head if you are going to sweep inside your home. This will allow for the dust to stick to the microfiber instead of being kicked around.

    Vacuum regularly to keep that Lubbock dust out of your home

    Secondly, I suggest vacuuming on a regular basis. Most areas will only need a good vacuuming once a week. However, the high trafficked areas will need some more attention quite often, if you are trying to keep the dust out completely.

    When I lived in Lubbock I soon began to grow tired of how much I was having to vacuum to keep the dust out. This was becoming almost an everyday chore of mine. As soon as I would open my front door, I could see the dust begin to blow in. To help solve this problem I decided to get an irobot vacuum. I was pretty skeptical at first and did not think that it would work. Wow, was I surprised. It was picking up all of the dust that was settling into my carpet without me having to do it every day. It was almost like having a separate set of hands while I was gone at school or work.

    Homeer will vacuum every inch of your home every home cleaning visit

    4. Use Microfiber Rags When Dusting Or Cleaning

    Microfiber rags are really good when it comes to picking up dust particles. Like I had previously said about the microfiber broom heads. Using microfiber rags to clean with will allow for the tiny dust particles to stick to the rag, instead of being thrown into the air.

    These rags work really well in Lubbock. They are easy to clean with and are easy to wash. Using microfiber rags will also save you money instead of using paper towels that you have to throw away.

    Get a Lubbock cleaning service to take care of your cleaning needs so your rugs don't look like this

    5. Clean Uncommon Areas On A Monthly Basis

    Another place to clean is those hard to reach areas of your home. These areas include the baseboards, blinds, room corners, ceiling fans, closets, behind furniture, lampshades, and so forth. Dust will gather and settle on these areas where it is not as common to clean and they can get overlooked. I highly suggest going over these areas at least once a month to ensure that the Lubbock dust isn't invading your personal space.

    6. Replace Air Filters

    If you are constantly seeing dust float around in the air then it is most likely time to change those air filters in your vents. This is very important, especially living in Lubbock. I would check your air filters every few months and replace the ones that need it. This will help control the dust that is floating around in the air of your home.

    Homeer can easily make your old dirty home look sparkly clean

    The Odds Are Low If Your Home Was Built In The Last 10 Years In Lubbock

    If you are from or live in Lubbock then you know that most of the homes and offices are older throughout the city. This means more time for a home or office to collect dirt and grime over the years. Dirt will be more settled into corners of windows and baseboards, the doors will have oily hand marks from constant use, and so on. This can lead to quite a big mess to clean up. Do not worry though! You can still get that older home looking sparkly clean from top to bottom.

    I suggest taking each room and area step by step to make sure that every inch of the home is cleaned to its full potential. I tend to lean towards starting with the kitchen. This usually is the dirtiest place in the home and can take the most time to clean, especially if there are appliances that need to be cleaned as well. Next, I would move onto the bathrooms and bedrooms and finish with the living areas.

    Don't wait until the dust piles up to take care of it in a single cleaning of your house.

    Dirt and dust can really be embedded in certain areas of an old home. To help get rid of this hard to remove dirt, I would use a good all-purpose solution. This will help reduce the amount of scrubbing needed. Scrubbing too much on old baseboards and old window sills can strip the paint away or damage the wood. I suggest getting your microfiber rag damp with an all-purpose solution, then going over the baseboards and window sills lightly. This will ensure that nothing gets damaged while cleaning your older home.

    Lubbock Social Gatherings

    The people of Lubbock really enjoy the company of others. It is really common for the people in this area to have guests over for food after church, have friends over for a sporting event, or for college kids to have friends over for a small get together. No matter what the situation is, I can assure you that most of the town will have some sort of social gathering at least once a week. This can lead to a dirty messy home really quickly.

    Social gatherings are really fun except for the cleaning up after. Having multiple people over for a football game or basketball game means that there will be an increase in dirt and trash in your home. More people will be going inside and outside than normal causing more dust to be distributed throughout the house. This can be frustrating when trying to clean up afterward. Take your time and clean one room at a time. Before you know it you will have the entire house cleaned.

    Homeer will come to clean up after any party, vent, or social gathering you might have

    Cleaning Up After Texas Tech Students Move Out

    One of the main attractions in Lubbock is Texas Tech University. Students from all over the world travel to Lubbock just to attend the university. This means that every 6 months new students are moving to Lubbock, current students are moving to a new home or apartment, and graduating students are moving away from Lubbock. This leads to plenty of cleaning up to do. Either a local cleaning service will help clean up or it is up to the individual to take care of it. Since we are dealing with young adults, it can be tough to get them to clean up their own mess. This is why we highly suggest letting a cleaning service help you with your move out cleanings.

    Many college students live in an apartment. Most of the college apartments in Lubbock require a move out cleaning when your lease is up. This way the used apartment will be perfectly cleaned and ready for the next tenant. At Homeer we specialize in getting your used apartment or home perfectly clean before the next residents move in.

    Don't worry about having to clean after packing: Homeer will take care of all of your move out cleaning for you

    How To Prepare For Senior Day Or For When Family Comes Into Town

    Being a third-generation Texas Tech graduate, I learned that senior day, or family weekend, in Lubbock is a really big deal. Many parents will come into town on a specific weekend to visit their sons or daughters who have moved away to go to college. This can be a very stressful moment for any college student.

    I remember having a bunch of my friends over right before family weekend. This caused me to have to clean for multiple days in order to get my place back to normal. I was having to clean up spilled drinks, food crumbs, trash, and who knows what else. It was a disaster! Instead of missing work to clean up, I should have used a local cleaning service. This would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. Plus, my place would have been a lot cleaner too.

    Get a home cleaning service instead of trying to do it yourself

    Whenever my friends asked me who cleaned before my parents showed up I said that I did. They all laughed at me for this. They knew how much trouble it had to be to clean up after the mess that they made. They all had said that they used a cleaning service to help with the mess at their place. It was easy, cheap, and allowed them to carry on with their everyday life while their home was getting cleaned.

    After hearing about this I had thought about how much work I had put into getting my home clean. I had wasted so much of my time that I even missed work! This was not going to happen again. The next time my parents were coming in I had a Lubbock cleaning service come and take care of all my cleaning needs. Not only did this save me a lot of valuable time, but it also made my home cleaner than if I were to clean it.

    Tired of cleaning up after your pet after a long day at work? Homeer will have your home looking clean and free of pet hair before you get home from work

    Cleaning Up After Pets

    Most families in Lubbock own some sort of pet. Almost every one of my friends had a pet at Texas Tech too. Whether it be a cat or a dog. This means plenty of pet hair to clean up. Here are a few tips to help keep your home clean from any mess your pets may attract.

    • Use a washable pet bed

    • Use a toy bin

    • Use a lint roller to pick up hard to get hair

    • Get a food mat

    • Use a vacuum to pick up hair on furniture

    • Wash your pet regularly

    • Try and keep all pet items out of the kitchen

    Call A Lubbock Cleaning Service To Have All Of Your Cleaning Needs Taken Care Of

    With all of these factors, it is safe to say that a cleaning service is highly needed in Lubbock. Homeer is a locally owned cleaning service that was created to help with any and all of the cleaning problems that you may have. We specialize in each one of the areas I discussed in the previous paragraphs.

    No matter how dirty your home is, we will be there to get you all taken care of

    At Homeer all of our rags, broom heads, mop heads, and duster heads are microfiber. This way we ensure that we get every speck of dust each visit. Each one of our cleaners is individually trained on how to use our supplies and when and where. They are also trained on the best methods to pick up dust and dirt from all places in a home.

    Even though a lot of the homes in Lubbock are old, we can still make the inside just as clean as a brand new home. We clean older homes on a daily basis. This has allowed us to find the best methods to clean and get all of the dirt and dust up without damaging any of the homes. So don't worry if you live in an older home in Lubbock, we will be able to get you taken care of without any problems.

    Having a lot of people over this weekend? No need to worry about having to clean up the next day. Homeer will be able to get your home back to normal while you kick back and relax. Or if you would like for us to come and clean before you have a party then, that is okay too. No matter what your cleaning needs are, we will be there to take care of them.

    Call your local Lubbock cleaning service before your parents show up

    Are your parents coming to visit anytime soon? This can be a very stressful time for college students. With school, work, and social activities it can be really hard to find the time to get your home clean before your parents arrive. Not only that, but I'm guessing most college students are not completely trained on how to properly clean. No need to worry! With our low cleaning costs, we will be able to get your home ready for your parents to arrive. They will be able to walk into a home as clean or cleaner than their own. This will be sure to make them feel great about how you are doing away at college.

    One of the other areas that Homeer specializes in is move in and move out cleans. With all of the move in and move out cleans we have done for Texas Tech students, we have the perfect methods in place to get any home or apartment back to normal. Don't leave it up to you or your parents to clean your rental. With Homeer's low prices we will have your home cleaned and ready for the next tenants without breaking the bank. Let us take a little stress off of your move.

    Never worry about a pet hair in your home ever again

    Have Homeer take care of all and any of your pet problems. We specialize in making sure that all pet hair is picked up and that everything is sanitized properly. Our vacuums do a great job of picking up the pet hair but if that doesn't work then we would use a lint roller. Tired of that pet hair on your couch or chairs? We will be sure to get that all cleaned up for you and have your home looking pet hair-free. We even use an air freshener that takes that pet smell right out.

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