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Tip #3: Set A Schedule For Your Laundry.

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It's another beautiful day in Texas and today I have another cleaning tip that our team members want to share with you!

With these tips we aren't focused on getting you to book a home cleaning. We are only interested in helping you keep your home cleaner with much less effort.

So, what's todays tip?

For our ✅ Tip #3 we have: Set a schedule for your 👕 laundry.

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Doing your laundry not only takes more time than almost any other chore in your home, but it's also one of the chores that has to be done more often.

To really understand why laundry is typically such an issue we need to look more into the details.

it all starts with the your hamper and the way you keep your dirty laundry organized.

Limit The Size

To avoid the entire task of keeping your laundry organized I highly suggest going down a size in hamper and keep it square like this one 👉 https://amzn.to/2XUeqGK

Once that basket fills up in the area you've placed it, it's time for laundry. Don't wait until all of your baskets are overflowing. Allowing the baskets to ever get to the overflowing phase is why doing your laundry takes so long.

By decreasing the size of your loads you not only spend less time waiting because there are less loads to do in a single day, but also because there is simply much less to fold once it's dry.

Then even more say you have washed shirts and you are the type of person that likes to have their shirts air-dried.

It's entirely personal preference, but as soon as you deviate from the "common routine" of doing your laundry the day takes much longer. So, yet another reason why decreasing the size of your laundry loads is one of the easiest ways you can save yourself time each week.

Another benefit of having a laundry schedule is that you never have to wonder "Oh, do I have any clean shirts?"

Because with a schedule you should know exactly when the time comes for you to wash your shirts, rags/towels, sheets and more...

You may be thinking that by doing smaller loads you are making more work for yourself.

But you are giving yourself the convenience of never being out of anything that you have to wash.

So what is a good schedule to follow?

The Ideal Schedule

Well the website parentlightly.com has a wonderful schedule to share.

I wash the dirty sheets on Tuesday evenings, after the cleaners remove them from the beds. That way I know I’ll have clean sheets for next time. On the Tuesdays the cleaners don’t come, I wash whites that I bleach. In our case, this is just one load of white bath mats and my bathrobe.

I also wash towels every Sunday. At some point on Sunday, the kids go through the house and collect every towel and washcloth they can find. This is the one time they’re allowed to drop things over our upstairs balcony, so they think it’s fun! It usually doesn’t add up to more than one load and this gives me a specific time to wash towels. Otherwise, I never would think to do it!

Another extremely helpful trick is ✅ to fold and put away your clothes.

It does not help at all to do smaller loads if you're not putting away the clean loads at the end. Not only are you running the risk of accidentally rewashing something that was already clean, or thinking it's already dirty when it's not, but you're also leaving a mess that you are actively trying to battle.

Another thing that will make your time dealing with laundry just a little cheaper and faster would be to introduce 👉 https://amzn.to/3gSBvkq

With these balls you no longer have to keep a stack of dryer sheets around. Instead you just leave these little balls in the dryer and they take care of all of the work.

Another benefit of these is that you'll never have to pick out the dryer sheets of your freshly dried clothes. It's really not that big of a deal, but it's 2020 and just about everyone will do anything to save a few seconds. Well saving yourself 30 seconds 5 times a week; You already saved 2.5 minutes. That's over 100 minutes saved a year just because you picked up a set of dryer balls like: 🎁 https://amzn.to/3gSBvkq


Want some more info on anything I mentioned today? Drop your question down in the comments below and I'll respond with any information we can!

Talk to you tomorrow with ✅ Tip #4

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