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Will A Move In Cleaning Even Make A Difference?

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First of all, congratulations on the new home!

Congratulations on the new home!

If you're reading this post that means you're think about scheduling a move in cleaning. Scheduling a move in cleaning in 2020 isn't difficult. So, the purpose of this post is not to tell you how easy it is to book with the home cleaning service that I own.

Not even close actually. The purpose is to paint the picture of how important giving your home the proper cleaning before you move in is.

The picture of a clean home is easy to paint.

With everything that is going on in the world, there has never been a better time to get a move-in cleaning. You don't have to take my word for it.

We are looking into the benefits that come with a professional move in cleaning service. Plus we will share some extra tips on the ways we have found to shorten the required moving time. Plus we will go into the details of how you can get the highest quality results with the least amount of effort.

Before we get into the juicy bits... We should determine if you're one of the people that can benefit with a move-in cleaning. We don't want to waste your time, right?

Let's get into it!

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    Time to decorate your new home.

    Are you moving into a new home? You need a move-in cleaning.

    Want to know the easiest way to find out if you need a move-in cleaning? Let me show you!

    Are you moving into a new home? Oh, yes? Then you need a professional home cleaning before you move in. Did you expect a lot of qualifying questions?

    Well, the only qualifying question to determine if a move in cleaning would be of benefit to you. It is that simple.

    Homeer clients are jumping over the moon for their move-in cleaning service.

    Look at what a recent client of Homeer in Midland, Texas left in the review of their home cleaning:

    "First time of using Homer and Kristi did a great job cleaning my home! The price was very reasonable and I felt comfortable having her here. Will be signing up for a monthly service and would recommend this service to anyone else. Enjoyed smelling the strawberry-scented air freshener all day too :)"

    You can find a local cleaning company that specializes in move-in cleaning in minutes. Many local cleaning businesses choose to specialize in delivering a top-to-bottom clean. A move-in cleaning is always performed aiming to remove every sign of wear and tear. That is not an exaggeration. A move in cleaning should remove all signs of anyone having lived there.

    A new home is a new chapter in life.

    Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting times that come around. But the errands and chores associated with this time of life aren't as glamorous. And when it comes to move-in cleanings, there are a lot of chores you need to do.

    There is an upside though...

    Although you have to clean, you don't have to lose sight of the fun you're going to have in your new home. There may be a lot of things going on, but that doesn't mean it all has to be serious.

    Before we go any further first let me explain your two options. This way you can go ahead and decide if a move-in cleaning service is right for you faster.

    For option one we have:

    Do the cleaning yourself is always an option.

    • Do the move in cleaning yourself.

    But, who likes the idea of cleaning their home for an entire day before being able to move in any furniture. So, your second option is:

    Trusting a professional is far easier and less stressful.

    • Trust a professional with your move-in cleaning needs.

    Now that you know the options you're faced with.

    Let's move forward so you can determine if a professional move-in cleaning is what you want.

    Can you see yourself spending a whole day cleaning before you move in.

    The benefits of scheduling a local moving in cleaning service.

    Doing it yourself means you are going to devote a day and around $100.00 to get your home to a state of perfection.

    Instead, you can call Homeer or another local cleaning service. Having a move in clean you can forget about the cleaning responsibilities of your new home. With a professional service you could walk into your new home for the first with it ready you to make memories.

    Imagining the benefits without any information can be difficult.

    The more you know the easier it is to understand.

    But seeing the impact a professional moving cleaning service can have on your life in list-form is easy.

    1. You don't have to worry about keeping your supplies in a special box. It sucks having to unpack several boxes to search for supplies. No one wants to delay unpacking to clean your home before you start unpacking.

    2. You don't have to go buy new supplies when you arrive. It's easy to do a check for dust before it gets covered by furniture. But the act of cleaning isn't as quick as finding the mess. With a proper move in cleaning you can put your furniture out and begin unpacking right away!

    3. You don't have to plan four or more hours for your move-in day. More often than not the task that took so long during moving is "preparing". It can sound like an oxymoron, but moving in a stressful and hectic time. It's difficult to stay on track and focused while moving and having to stop and clean only makes that harder.

    4. You don't have to deal with any messes left behind. This item is pretty simple and doesn't need much explanation. In an ideal scenario the home you're moving into is already clean, but that is not always the case. With a professional move in cleaning service scheduled all the messes will be gone. Not only will your team clean the mess, but they will also get all hard-water build-up lingering.

    5. You don't have to touch any hand grime left behind.

    While light switches and fixtures are a very small part of the decorations in your home, they get dirty. Light-switches in garages are always covered in build-up. The hand grime build-up being the worst when the property is not rented and is a home you are the new owner of. That means the previous owner has liking been living in the home for quite some time. Under 12% of America perform the proper amount of deep cleans: your new home needs a move-in cleaning.

    We have all felt the stress that comes with moving and cleaning.

    Let me put it as simple as possible so there is no possible misinterpretation. Do you have more important things to be doing than cleaning the baseboards, blinds, and window tracks before you move into your new home? You do!

    Times of moving are one of busiest bursts of time in life. A move in cleaning service will give you the luxury of staying relaxed while you move into your new home.

    So we know every person benefits scheduling a professional moving in cleaning service. But, those that prefer a recurring service following are in an even better situation.

    You will find recurring discounts at almost every move in cleaning company. This way you can claim a discount when you choose to schedule a recurring booking following.

    You can stop carrying those supplies around.

    With a recurring booking you never have to worry about cleaning your new home again. Plus, you will gain the luxury of having a cleaner that has been building their cleaning routine for your home. So you can trust that your cleaner knows your home well, but also your expectations. A move in cleaning will always be one of the best times to start using a cleaning service. Once someone has seen and smelt the difference of a clean home, one cannot go back to the old days.

    When booking your move-in cleaning, the company you choose will ask if you're looking for a one-time cleaning. Now, this is an area to be careful in because not all companies operate with flat-rate prices. And even fewer companies operate without contracts. At Homeer we operate with flat-rate prices and never have any kind of contracts so that our move-in clients never have to worry about sudden price changes. This is a very important aspect of any recurring cleaning you schedule, but especially when you start the relationship with a move-in cleaning.

    A clean home is a clean slate.

    The true benefit of a recurring residential clean is not the recurring discount. The biggest benefit is that you never have to worry about cleaning your move again.

    By starting with a move-in clean you give your team the ability to start fresh. With this, they also gain the ability to keep the messes under control moving forward. This reason is also why all Homeer team members recommend you start with that.

    Cleaning your home can feel like rocket science.

    Determining the move in cleaning needed for your new home.

    Every day we get a call from someone asking "What's included in your move-in cleaning?" It's an understandable question to have and I am here to help you find the answer you need.

    A move in cleaning is different from any other type of clean and that's due to one reason. You're moving into a new home and want to make memories instead of cleaning up the messes from others.

    This is not a clean where the expectations are to remove the high-traffic area signs of wear. The expectation is to return everything to perfection. With the hopes to make your new home appear as no family ever lived in it before. This is only possible with a professional move-in cleaning or when you decide to invest an incredible amount of time.

    A move in cleaning will include every single room of your home and will include top-to-bottom. A move in cleaning should include all crown molding, inside all your cabinets, your blinds and window tracks, and more. The goal should be to have the ability to walk through your new home without spotting a single speck of dust.

    This effect is only compounded in areas like Midland, Texas, and Lubbock, Texas which our Homeer locations operate in. The rest of the dirt is unstoppable so the only thing you can do is have a constant fight with it. I know you don't want to do that and that is why a move-in cleaning team cleaning every single item in your home is a perfect idea.

    Alright but do I still clean everything?

    So, now that we know the expectations we can determine the type of cleaning your home needs.

    Are there a few areas in your new home that need some attention?

    Is there a large amount of hard-water build-up and your fixtures and glass in the bathrooms?

    Do you think you could complete the cleaning in less than four hours?

    There is a lot to consider when performing cleaning. Unfortunately, the number of things to consider for a move-in cleaning is even larger.

    You should schedule a move-in cleaning online now.

    Having so many things to consider is why the cleaning industry has grown for the last two decades. You do have more important things that you could and want to be focusing on. All it takes it a matter of seconds to visit our booking form and schedule your move in cleaning service.

    But before we get into the details of doing the move in cleaning of your home yourself, let's look at something else. Should you even be considering doing the move in cleaning of your home yourself? Let me explain.

    When you choose to do the move in cleaning of your home you extend the move-in period of your life by at least 2 days. With constant distractions it's difficult to make any progress towards either thing. Cleaning and unpacking both need your full attention. You can't get away with devoting only half of your attention to both.

    We know your home should receive a move in cleaning. But we don't know if you should clean it yourself or if you should contact a professional. So, I have an easy way for you to determine if you should do the move in cleaning for your home.

    If you're wondering if you should do a move-in cleaning odds are high that you are moving into a brand new house. So it should already have been clean and not have had the opportunity to get dirty, right? Well, it's not that simple.

    You can still have fun while doing your cleaning.

    Performing your move in cleaning yourself.

    If your home has left the building process then you will have post-construction dust lingering throughout your house. This dust will not only stay visible on every surface, but it's going to get in every crack and torture your first months of living in your new home. Instead of walking barefoot on your brand new flooring you will have to wear socks or fear drywall dust-covered feet.

    But with a brand new home, the drywall dust is not the only issue that you run into. There are even more things that you should keep an eye on.

    Continuing down the list you will also want to make sure that you remove all chemical residue. By doing this you don't have to deal with any harsh smells or take the risk of exposure to something you should not breathe.

    Still with a new house, there is more to consider. You will also want to make sure that all your fixtures are clean and seated. While also making sure to scrub off any beads of silicone or caulk that dripped onto the horizontal surfaces and floors.

    Then, you still have all the paint that may have splattered. And even in the case that there is not a lot of paint on the floor. The odds are low that there is no paint. In all our years of experience, we are yet to perform a move in cleaning that hasn't required some attention on the flooring. For the flooring, all Homeer team members carry a plastic scraper. This way you can clean to perfection without the worry of scratching your brand new home!

    Now, if you aren't moving into a new home you cannot think that a move in cleaning won't be of help. Quite the opposite. In Texas, landlords have to have your home cleaned at the time of the previous tenant moving out. However, the application of that is not consistent across the entire state and does vary. So, just because you're moving into a home that you do not own, doesn't mean it will be clean and ready for you to move in.

    You will want to do a full sweep inspection when starting and finishing your cleaning.

    The move-out cleaning process is long and tedious like the move in cleaning experience, but neither are impossible. Check out this post to learn more about finding the right move out cleaning service.

    In that post, we've included a breakdown of the supplies you should prepare yourself with. The tasks you should do for your move out cleaning. And even the completion process that you should follow when you're done cleaning.

    So, in the case, you're moving into a home that had someone living in it you have even more to do during your move in cleaning. Let's keep moving and hop right into it.

    A move in cleaning is most important for those of us with allergies. At Homeer we had a move-in cleaning client in Lubbock, Texas that has a primary immunodeficiency and it was of extreme importance that they had received a move-in cleaning top-to-bottom before beginning their recurring service. This being done so that our clients would never have to worry about anything having been left behind in their new home.

    Even in the case that your allergies are under control, removing the years of smell and messes from your new home is very important. With a clean home, it is much easier for it to "become yours" so that you can skip to the fun parts of having a beautiful home.

    As you can see there are a ton of things to consider when taking care of the move in cleaning for your new home. It's more than just the Texas dust that you're going to clean...

    Still preparing to do the move in cleaning yourself there are a few more things to consider and we aren't going to slow down.

    The time it will take for your move-in cleaning could be uncharted.

    How long will the move in cleaning for my new home take?

    Before continuing any further I want to congratulate you on making it quite a way into the process of your move-in cleaning research. We are almost to the end.

    Another key aspect to consider for your move-in cleaning is the amount of time it will take. The average family spends more than four hours a week cleaning their home. That does not even include the difference that comes with you needing a move-in cleaning.

    But, let me break down the move-in cleaning timeline for you.

    At Homeer we operate with the formula of:

    1 hour per bathroom

    1 hour per kitchen

    .5 hours per bedroom and general area

    So a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom signature cleaning would take approximately four and a half hours to complete. However, with a move-in cleaning you are going to want to take your expectations one step higher and double the amount of time spent cleaning.

    With the average house in Texas being 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms you can expect to spend at least 8 hours cleaning. These 8 hours don't even include the process of walking back and forth, collecting all your supplies, taking out the trash, and more.

    A move in cleaning is a big obligation and there is not a single thing you can do to make it easier on yourself. Your home being empty makes this the best and easiest time to perform a move-in cleaning. Moving forward, cleaning of this caliber will only be more difficult and expensive to achieve.

    Doing your own move-in cleaning does not have to be torture.

    But, you do get one major benefit a home cleaning service near you won't be able to offer: the pride associated. At Homeer we only have team members that take pride in their work and a move in cleaning returns the highest level of pride. But, when you perform the move in cleaning for your new home the feeling is hard to match. There is something about sitting down in your favorite chair for the first time in your recently cleaned home. The smell. The relaxation. The feeling of completing your move in cleaning is unparalleled.

    Finally, we have reached the end of our move-in cleaning summary. If you're still hoping to do your move in cleaning I recommend having your supplies prepared before moving.

    You will know when you find the right cleaning service for you.

    Finding the right move in cleaner near your area.

    As we reach the final section of the all inclusive blog post on move-in cleaning I have just a few final thoughts. Before getting into the details of how you can find the perfect cleaner, I'd like to talk about two things: 1. The importance of keeping your home clean moving forward. 2. The importance of finding a cleaner you trust.

    To hop right in. Now that you have a new home this is the best time to make the decision of keeping it clean. This is also the single largest opportunity you have in the cleaning industry to grab a large discount.

    As the owner of a local cleaning company I speak from experience when I tell you that first-time customers receive much larger discounts. So, if you schedule your recurring service while you schedule your first cleaning, you will save a drastic amount of money in the long run.

    Secondly, as we dive into the steps of finding the right cleaning company you must remember one thing.

    Price haggling your cleaner is the easiest way to end up with poor results.

    You get what you pay for.

    If this saying is ever true in any aspect of life, it is the cleaning industry. As we step in the process of research you will encounter cleaning companies that do not have an established presence. This makes it very difficult to check reviews for similar experiences. But also makes the experience filled with tension from the very beginning.

    So, when you're looking for a cleaning company to use for your move-in cleaning you should: 1. Check the number of reviews and what the feedback is. 2. Make sure they have the package/cleaning you're looking for. 3. Determine what price you feel comfortable paying.

    So with that basic information it's now time to go find your move-in cleaning provider!

    If you think I've given you any value today I would love for my company Homeer to have the opportunity of showing you what we do. At Homeer all move-in cleanings are satisfaction guaranteed so that you never have to worry about your cleaning being anything but perfect. Isn't that pretty key to being happy with your move-in cleaning?

    Head to our online booking page now to schedule your move-in cleaning in under 60 seconds and immediately know the final price.

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