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[126 Points] Airbnb / vacation cleaning checklist

Get the step-by-step process the exact routines that Homeer team members follow when performing this exact type of cleaning and download this printable [126 points] airbnb / vacation cleaning checklist.

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Cleaning your home is a very important part when owning a vacation rental or Airbnb. You could own a really nice home but if it is not cleaned properly then it can take away from the appeal of your vacationers. To service a vacation rental or Airbnb you will need to do a little bit more than just your standard cleaning. As a good host, you will want to accommodate your guests as best as possible in order to be stress-free from any situation.

Let's think about it. Would you want to go on a vacation and stay in a dirty place? Then what's the point of going to relax somewhere else? There isn't! This is why it is very very important to do all of the right things after your renters leave.

The following vacation rental / Airbnb cleaning checklist will help you give your guests a perfectly clean and presentable home. This will help make your changeover as quick and thorough as possible.

Step One: 5 Items

Start with getting the linens and towels prepared

Before cleaning it is important to go through each bedroom and remove the used linens and change them and go into the bathrooms and collect all of the used towels. You will need to wash the used linens and towels at the start so you can dry them and put them away by the time you are finished cleaning.

Step Two: 24 Items

The odds are high your guests will cook at the house at least once during their stay at your vacation rental home

Most vacation rentals will not have too much to work on in the kitchen since it is perfectly cleaned after each vacationer leaves. The main focus will be on making sure all of the dishes and cooking utensils are cleaned and put away in the proper places. The goal is to have a perfectly presentable kitchen for the next guests.

Step Three: 21 Items

Keeping the bathrooms spotless in rental homes are vital to a happy stay

Cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom is a must. there should not even be hair left in the bathroom when you are finished cleaning it. A perfect bathroom will allow your guests to feel clean and at home. This will allow you to avoid any complaints or bad reviews from your guests. Be sure to have all toilet paper and towels replaced properly and presentable.

Step Four: 20 Items

The cleanliness of your guests bedroom will determine the majority of their "cleanliness image"

It is also important to clean and straighten up the bedrooms properly. Nobody wants to sleep in an unclean room or bed. To help your guests feel more at home be sure to put fresh linens on the beds and make sure all of the bed sheets are nice and tight. Nothing should be left untouched by the time you are finished up cleaning the bedrooms.

Step Five: 19 Items

Giving your guests comfortable and clean common areas to relax in with a professional cleaning

Just like all of the other areas of your home, it is important to get all of your living areas perfectly cleaned and tidy. This means making sure all of your furniture is 100% crumb-free and clean. Make sure all of the electronics are put up properly and cleaned. Clean living areas are essential when preparing your vacation rental for future guests. You want them to feel comfortable and better than at their own home. Remember they are on vacation! Presentation is key so keep that in mind when organizing and tidying up.

Step Six: 14 Items

It is important to have a clean laundry room clean when Airbnb guests arrive

You are getting closer to having your vacation rental / Airbnb ready for your next guests. Now we will need to focus on the laundry room area. This area is not likely to be used very often so it will need little attention. Before cleaning, make sure that you fold all clean bed linens and towels and put them away accordingly. Once you have all of the clean linens and towels put away you can begin cleaning the area.

Step Seven: 13 Items

The guests of your rental will spend a decent amount of time walking through the hallways

The other areas of your vacation rental that will need attention are any hallways, entryways, and porches. Be sure to go on the front and back porch and make sure that there is no trash and that everything looks perfect and presentable.

Step Eight: 10 Items

Making sure your vacation rental cleaning is done to perfection every time

It is always a good idea to do a final walkthrough when you are all finished up with your vacation rental / Airbnb cleaning.

This way if you see something that you might have missed or something that needs a little more attention, you will be able to take care of it and move on throughout the rest of your home.

It is a good idea to take a couple of clean microfiber rags and your all-purpose solution with you when doing your walkthrough. Look from top to bottom in every area of your home.

Run your hand across surface tops to try and feel any grime that might have been missed.

If you’ve done everything in this checklist your rental home should be spotless and ready for the next guest!

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