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[140 Points] Deep home cleaning checklist

Get the step-by-step process the exact routines that Homeer team members follow when performing this exact type of cleaning and download this printable [140 points] deep home cleaning checklist.

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Sometimes a regular signature cleaning just doesn't get the job done. You have dirty baseboards and dirty crown molding and your home just doesn't look clean. Then it might be time for a deep home cleaning.

A deep home cleaning needs to be performed roughly every quarter of the year depending on how much use your home gets. This way you will have a clean home from top to bottom. This will ensure to get every nook and cranny cleaned to perfection.

Deep cleaning will be a more in depth cleaning. This means that you will be required to get light smudges off of walls, doors, and cabinets. This will bring your home back to life again and leave it looking sparkly clean.

Our in depth checklist will ensure that you get all areas of your home deep cleaned without missing anything. This checklist will make your deep cleaning experience easier and more efficient.


  • Get your microfiber rags saturated with all-purpose cleaner to make it easier when cleaning the baseboards

  • Always work from top to bottom to ensure that you only clean everything once

  • Save cleaning the flooring till the very end

  • Concentrate on properly cleaning instead of simply wiping across surfaces

Step One: 20 Items

Getting the supplies needed for your deep home cleaning

Using the correct supplies will ensure that your home is deep cleaned to perfection. By following our supply checklist you will be able to clean effectively and thoroughly. Each item has its very own purpose and will be used at least once.

Step Two: 20 Items

Getting every crumb in your kitchen with a deep clean

The best place to start when doing a deep clean is in the kitchen. The kitchen is going to be one of the most used areas in the entire home. The supplies needed for the kitchen will be all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner if needed, hard water remover, wood polish, barkeepers friend, and magic eraser. You will save the floors for last.

Step Three: 16 Items

The dining room in your home definitely needs a deep cleaning

After cleaning the kitchen you can continue moving on into the dining room. This area should be pretty easy and shouldn't take up too much of your time. For this area, our main focus is making sure we get all of the furniture cleaned perfectly and make sure that all of the baseboards and crown molding are spotless and free of scuffs or smudges. Your main cleaning solution to use will be your all-purpose cleaner.

Step Four: 16 Items

Your living room may need a deep cleaning even more often than everything else

Next, you will move on into the living room area. This is an area that can see quite a bit of traffic especially if you have a big household. We will be focusing on getting every area here perfectly cleaned. You can move any light furniture out of the way to get behind items that might collect dirt and dust. Be sure to never use any solutions to clean your television screens with. Always use a dry microfiber rag when cleaning off any screens. It is important to also put away any personal items that might be cluttering up this space. An example would be folding up your blankets and placing them either in a cabinet or a blanket basket.

Step Five: 21 Items

Your bathroom gets dirty much faster and will benefit from a deep clean

One of the dirtiest places in your home is the bathrooms. Bathrooms get used on a regular basis and contain harmful bacterias if not cleaned properly and often. This is why it is very important to have a good bathroom cleaner to use and a good toilet bowl cleaner. If you do not want to get a fancy bathroom cleaner, then it is really good to mix the right amount of bleach with water. Bleach will ensure to kill 99.9% of all harmful germs and bacteria left behind on your bathroom surfaces. Using a good toilet bowl cleaner will allow for your toilet to be cleaned to its very best and will get off any residue that is stuck to your toilet bowl.

Step Six: 16 Items

Even just sleeping in your bedroom can result in it needing a deep cleaning

When deep cleaning bedrooms it is important to clean every inch and make sure the entire area is tidied up nicely. You will be using a lot of all-purpose cleaner and wood polish cleaner if there is nice wooden furniture. Having a deep cleaned bedroom is a great way to feel good in your own home.

Step Seven: 11 Items

Is the pile in your closet as deep as the cleaning you need?

Closets can have a lot of dust build up around the crown molding and baseboards. Performing a regular deep cleaning will prevent your closets from becoming taken over by dust bunnies. Having a clean closet will help keep all of your hanging clothes clean and any personal belongings you have stored away in your closets clean. This will mainly focus on cleaning the dust out and getting the crown molding and baseboards cleaned.

Step Eight: 10 Items

Your laundry room needs a deep cleaning because of the lint

Laundry rooms tend to collect a lot of lint. Lint will collect on all surfaces when doing loads of laundry and can easily build up over time. It is always good to have a nicely cleaned laundry room in order to keep your clothes perfectly clean. It is always good to use your vacuum to suck up all of the hard to reach lint behind the washer and dryer.

Step Nine: 10 Items

Finishing the deep cleaning of your home

Throughout the house you will have hallways and other areas that will need some attention. Most of these areas will have some furniture that needs cleaning and the rest should just be crown molding, baseboards, and flooring. You can take care of these areas as you clean your home or after you finish with all of the main areas.

With just 140 points of cleaning you can have your home in a perfect state of being deep cleaned. It's near impossible to match the quality of a professional cleaning service that has a team to deliver this type of service. But, it's not downright a waste of time. If you're tackling this checklist alone I highly recommend splitting it up into multiple days or getting some assistance in the areas you think are easier to clean.

Regardless, you can download the exact checklist our team members follow at Homeer when delivering a professional deep home cleaning.

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