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[149 Points] Make-ready home cleaning checklist

Get the step-by-step process the exact routines that Homeer team members follow when performing this exact type of cleaning and download this printable [149 points] make-ready home cleaning checklist.

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A make-ready house cleaning is the most detailed type of cleaning available in the industry. That's why we've compiled absolutely everything into one checklist so that you don't have to go searching for the answers.

Below you can find the link to download the checklist for your make-ready clean if you already know the differences. But if you don't, here they are:

A move-in cleaning/move-out cleaning:

  • Does not include any repairs.
  • Includes the cleaning of the refrigerator.
  • Does not include any painting.
  • Does include any tub resurfacing.
  • Does include the inside of drawers and cabinets.

On the other hand we have a make-ready cleaning which is a far more thorough repair experience, but less of a thorough cleaning experience. Meaning cleaning is not the primary focus on a make-ready service and is only one of the many parts. A make-ready cleaning consists with these steps:

  1. General Maintenance
  2. Tub Resurfacing
  3. Wall Repair
  4. Paint
  5. Flooring
  6. Preventative Maintenance
  7. Move-In Cleaning

As you can there is far more to the picture of getting a home make-ready than just the cleaning. The typical average property manager has to wait 15 to 18 days before they can consider their homes ready to move in. With a proper make-ready service that time can be brought down to a much more reasonable, 2 to 3 days.

Not everyone can hire a make-ready service though and that is precisely why we've made our make-ready checklist free and available to you! Click the download button below now and you can be on your way without the worry of forgetting or missing a single aspect.

Online you can find a lot of make-ready home cleaning checklists that claim to go through everything, but that is precisely what this checklist is for. Plus, instead of having to keep this page open at all times you can download a copy of the make-ready checklist we use for free!

Having a downloadable checklist has helped our teams an incredible amount so I cannot wait to hear how it helps you! If it does make an impact, please drop a comment down below so others can see the weight this make-ready checklist carries.

A home make-ready checklist is so much more than just the cleaning and with this checklist you will not only see that, but know how to go through every single step of the process without worry. So in this checklist I have included all the details to bring the full checklist to:

Step One: 30 Items

By starting with this step you can save yourself a ton of time and headache. By identifying all of the issues at the beginning of the process you never have to worry about discovering something last minute.

Step Two: 30 Items

Following the completion of checking everything mechanical in the home you will want to pivot into the plumbing and electric items. By doing this you can order your parts and have everything prepared by the time you are wrapping up.

Step Three: 25 Items

In this step you will find all of the general items in the home that see wear and tear. Regardless the amount of time that was spent living in this home, these things are sure to need a check and possible repairs.

Step Four: 8 Items

With all of the small things out of the way and all parts ordered or replaced it is now time to focus on the “bigger picture” things. While every step before this determines the overall quality, this step will ensure good first impressions.

Step Five: 30 Items

Now on step five it’s time to perform all of the cleaning that is needed within the house. By doing this halfway through instead of at the end you can leave the home in a much cleaner state without worry of it getting dirty.

Step Six: 5 Items

With all of wood and cleaning taken care of it’s now time to focus on the carpeting. Carpets contribute to a large amount of the smells found in homes so cleaning, repairing, and replacing when needed can be a lifesaver!

Step Seven: 9 Items

The security of your tenants starts with the locks and keys of that home. By making sure everything is tight and secure you can lower the chances of having to deal with an unsavory situation of unpermitted access.

Step Eight: 6 Items

Now wrapping up we need to make sure the final touches have been put on the house. With just a few things left to do it’s time to check the last things in the common areas to consider this home ready!

Step Nine: 6 Items

Finally we’ve reached the last step and it’s time to make this house a home. Let’s get it ready to show and welcome a family into. All the hardwork has come together to this time and now all you have to do is walk out!

So, that's 149 points of focus that you will not only have on the checklist to follow, but also document the progress of each step. With this home make-ready cleaning checklist you can have it downloaded and print in just a few seconds. After that, it's just a matter of going through the home and ticking off each box!

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