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[64 Points] Ultimate bathroom cleaning checklist

Get the step-by-step process the exact routines that Homeer team members follow when performing this exact type of cleaning and download this printable [64 points] ultimate bathroom cleaning checklist.

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Cleaning your bathroom can be such a dreadful task.

There are so many different areas to clean it can be hard to determine where to start. Bathrooms are an area of your home that get used regularly and become dirty overnight.

So it can be very easy for hair and other bathroom grime to build up. Leaving toothpaste and other products in sinks long enough can cause your porcelain to deteriorate. This is why it is very important to clean your bathroom on a scheduled basis.

One of the problems with cleaning the bathroom is the amount of time it can take when trying to get it back to 100% clean. If you follow our step by step process then you will be sure to get your bathroom perfectly cleaned in the most efficient way possible. Saving you time and the struggle of a stress-free cleaning.

Areas like your sink faucets and bathtub faucets will begin to get a lot of hard water buildup. Following our simple bathroom checklist will confirm that you get all hard water spots off of your faucets, glass, and mirrors.

Another area that is hard to get perfectly clean is your toilet. By following our step by step process you will for sure have a clean and spotless toilet. This will give your bathroom some new life and even help take away some of the odor if there is any.

Our checklist is here to make your bathroom cleaning go smoothly and make sure to get your bathroom 100% clean and back to its full potential.

In this checklist you will find:

Step One: 19 Items

The supplies needed for your bathroom cleaning

Using the correct supplies will ensure that your bathroom is clean. By following our supply checklist you will be able to clean effectively and thoroughly. Each item has its very own purpose and will be used at least once.

Step Two: 5 Items

Picking up your bathroom area

Before we begin cleaning we need to make sure that we have our entire space picked up. This will allow us to have a clean space to work and will allow us to get all surfaces without things in the way.

Step Three: 7 Items

Working your way to the floors of the bathroom

The first areas to clean are all of the high to reach surfaces. This will allow for any dust to fall onto an area that has not been cleaned yet. Doing this step first will save you some time in the long run. To dust all high areas we will use the duster with an extension pole. We will also use a microfiber rag with some all-purpose cleaner on the areas that we can reach to ensure that they are 100% cleaned.

Step Four: 6 Items

Cleaning and polishing your sinks, faucets and fixtures

The next step is to clean all sinks and clean all surface tops. For this, you will need to use your bathroom cleaner for the sinks and use your all-purpose cleaner for the surface tops. We will also be using a hard water remover to make sure to get those faucets looking brand new again.

Step Five: 8 Items

Cleaning your bathroom throne to perfection

Having a clean toilet will make a difference in how clean your bathroom is. Before you begin with anything, you should let your toilet bowl cleaner sit in the toilet and work its magic while you clean the rest of it. You will also make sure to get every inch of your toilet cleaned with your bathroom cleaner and a microfiber rag.

Step Six: 7 Items

Remove the sign of soap-scum and hard-water from your bathtub and shower

The way your bathtub and shower are set up may be different. Some people have a shower that is separate from the bathtub while others have a shower that is also a bathtub. For this, we will be using our bathroom cleaner for all bathtubs and shower surfaces. To help with any hard to remove soap scum we will be using the barkeepers friend along with your magic eraser and sponge.

Step Seven: 3 Items

Make sure your cabinets and drawers are spotless

If your bathroom does not have cabinets or drawers then you can go ahead and skip this step. However, if your bathroom does have wooden cabinets and drawers then you will need to get a microfiber rag and your wood polish. Spray a little amount of your wood polish onto your rag and begin to clean the outsides of the cabinets and drawers.

Step Eight: 4 Items

The final touches in your bathroom cleaning are the most important

Before we move on to the floors it is always good to wipe down those baseboards and light switches. This will get the rest of the dust / dirt that might be in your bathroom. To clean the baseboards you will be to get a microfiber rag and get it damp with your all-purpose cleaner. Once your rag is damp enough with cleaner, you can begin to wipe the entire baseboard down. You will also use your all-purpose cleaner to wipe all light switches as well.

Step Nine: 5 Items

It's time to finish off your bathroom cleaning with the floors

Most bathrooms have tile floors or wood flooring. While some might have carpet. No matter what type of flooring your bathroom might have, we are positive that our checklist will have your floors looking great. To clean the floors we will need to use our floor cleaner or wood polish depending on what type of flooring your bathroom might have.

Download your copy of the Homeer Ultimate Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

As you can see that's a whole lot of information. 64 points to clean your bathroom is a lot and that's why so many have chosen to leave their home cleaning needs in the hands of a professional cleaning service.

At Homeer we understand that not everyone needs or wants a cleaning service and that is precisely why you can download your copy of the checklist our professional cleaners follow when delivering a deep bathroom cleaning.

If you follow the list and check each box off your bathroom will be the cleanest you've ever seen it!

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