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Below you can see a list of the answers we've provided to the most frequently asked questions we've received from the Homeer community. With this you can go from knowing nothing to knowing everything in a few seconds of reading.

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Why should I trust Homeer?

Homeer takes an incredible amount of pride in delivering a perfect home cleaning service single time a team members comes to deliver a cleaning. With this, Homeer offers a satisfaction guarantee on every single booking so that no Homeer ever has to worry about not being happy with their clean. With this guarantee, payment will never be expected until we've given you 24 hours to make sure that everything is perfect. In the case that my team member missed something or something just could have been done better, all you have to do is let me know. I will have a team member out to fix that as soon as possible. Plus, at Homeer you can schedule and manage your home cleanings online in under 60 seconds at anytime. With this form you will always know the final total of your home cleaning without having to worry about getting a quote or being met by hidden fees or sudden price changes.

Who does Homeer hire to clean my home?

At Homeer the journey to become a team members take quite some time and an incredible amount of attention and focus. All Homeer cleaners (commercial cleaners and home cleaners) are insured and bonded as well have passed a pre-employment background check and drug test. Although Homeer operates with an in-depth training process that ensures reliable quality we also operate with the benefit of quality assurance checks on a regular basis. At this time we are not just checking the quality of the cleaning, but the quality of the entire experience you've received.

Finally, to give you a little more reference all team members are part of our local community. At Homeer we do not move team members city-to-city and instead find individuals of our community that are passionate about spreading the Homeer mission.

What time can I schedule a home cleaning service?

At Homeer you can schedule your home cleaning online in under sixty seconds. But, with that booking form you can also see all of the times that we currently have available for the service you've requested. The time slots shown are reflective of the actual availability for our cleaning services. That being said, home cleanings can be scheduled with starts of 8am - 3pm while commercial cleanings can be started 24 hours of the day.

Is Homeer insured and bonded?

At Homeer we maintain professional liability up to $1 million to protect the company and team members from any accidents. Along with insurance Homeer and all team members are bonded so that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your home or belongings.

How do I know I need a deep clean?

The easiest way to know if you need a deep clean is to take a look at your baseboards and check if they have any build-up of dust or grime. If you don't want to guess you can take our quiz: Which home cleaning package is best for your home? and get your answer in seconds. Plus with the quiz, you don't need to be a professional cleaner to determine precisely what Homeer house cleaning package is best for your needs.

Does Homeer use bleach products?

The only bleach that is found in the Homeer home cleaning supply kit is in the bathroom cleaner. At Homeer we've tried to limit the amount of bleach that is used for our home cleaning service to protect the hands and health of our cleaners, but also to lower the odds that there will be any splashing or ruined fabrics. This is just one of the many reasons that Homeer maintains professional liability insurance at all times.

When will Homeer add X service?

The services that Homeer offers is currently determined by the requests received from clients! If your location doesn't yet offer a service all you have to do is let us know that you're interested. Once we know there is enough interest to sustain a team member we will begin building the service and offering you the newly available options!

How does Homeer determine the next location to expand to?

Because we are always operating with the goal to serve all areas of The United States of America we go where our community asks! This means we keep an active list of the places that we've been requested to service and when we are ready to expand to a new location that is the place we check. The only way we will ever go off-track here is if we have someone in our personal network that wants to join the Homeer team by opening a new location. The Austin, Texas Homeer location is the perfect example of this!

How do I get a quote on a commercial cleaning?

To get a commercial cleaning quote all you have to do is reach out to our team by calling our team at [(432) 355-3171](tel:4323553171]. With that we will schedule a good time to come and get a walkthrough of your location while asking all questions we may have and answering all questions you have. Homeer is introducing a way to do this on our website however there is not currently any way to request a commercial cleaning quote online.

How does Homeer fill the higher level positions?

Taking pride in our local community, we love to move people up that have shown us they can handle more responsibility. This is not a company that will leave you stuck with no potential to move up. Doing so, we generally have all high-level positions filled by individuals that have reached out prior to the position being open. Homeer is one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in America and with that we are always looking for people that are inspired and have passion to join the Homeer team and mission.

How do I get hired to work at Homeer?

All applications are submitted through our Facebook page. Follow the link below to see any active hiring posts and apply on the Jobs tab of our Facebook Page!

What happens if something goes wrong during a booking?

If something is accidentally broken we truly apologize. Just let us know where you got it and Homeer will replace that item for you. You won't have to pull your hair out just to make sure that everything is taken care of. Additionally, if you have an issue with the quality of your home cleaning service we will make sure that we rectify that immediately. Getting in contact with our team will ensure we correct any issue as fast as possible.

How can I check my gift card balance?

There are two ways you can check the balance of your gift card. If the person that gave you the gift card provided your email you can see the gift card in your profile when you've logged into the Homeer dashboard. If an email wasn't provided and you do not see it in your profile when logged in you can give the Homeer team a call anytime and we will be able to tell you the active total of your gift card.

Can I apply a discount to an existing booking?

Yes, you can apply a discount to an existing home cleaning booking that you have scheduled that hasn't yet been charged. All you need to do is sign into your Homeer account and edit the booking you would like to add the discount to. Scroll down to the discount section and enter the code you'd like to use. Then you scroll to the bottom and submit the changes made.

Why is this discount code not working?

A discount code could not work for a few reasons:

  1. The promotion is expired

  2. You have already used the code before

  3. That's an invalid discount code

If you're sure it's none of those three reasons please give us a call at (432) 355-3171 and we will make sure we get that corrected and applied to the home cleaning booking you've scheduled.

How do I use the gift card for my cleaning service?

To use your gift card you will put the code into the discount section of the booking form and everything else will be automatically taken care of for you. Please do note, the total of your booking will not be withdrawn from your gift card until the booking has been completed and we've given you 24 hours to make sure your booking was perfect. You don't lose access to the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee just because you've used a gift card to book. Your Homeer cleaning should still result in a spotless home with no potential cleaning tasks to take care of!

Can I request special tasks or custom extras?

At Homeer we always have the standard options of:

  • Inside fridge

  • Inside oven

  • Inside cabinets

  • Exterior window cleaning

Additionally, when making a booking you can add it to the comments when booking online or let a team member know when booking over the phone. Custom extras may be an additional charge however we always try and accommodate every cleaning request you have.

Are your cleaning service supplies eco-friendly?

Currently at Homeer our standard cleaning supply kit is not eco-friendly. However, we will happily provide an eco-friendly kit for our team member on the day of your cleaning so that you don't have to worry about anything around your friends, family or pets. With eco-friendly cleaning supplies we do unfortunately lose the ability to offer our satisfaction guarantee unless our team members are using the eco-friendly supply kit we've provided! If you have any questions about the details of this please do not hesitate to ask.

Can I provide my own cleaning supplies?

You can! Though at Homeer we will always provide the tools we need. The only situation we've found better results when using clients supplies is in the case that you have a special type of countertops or flooring. Beyond that, the cleaning supplies our Homeer team members use are not only the best for the job, but also the cleaning supplies that our team members were trained with. By using the Homeer cleaning supplies we can ensure a higher quality of cleaning however we will happily use the supply you prefer if you have a preference!

Can I see a breakdown of what is included in each service?

Yes, you can either call us and speak to a team member about what is included or you can see on the Homeer cleaning services page. With that you can choose the service that you would like to learn more information about and you will be able to see everything relevant to the cleaning package or service you've chosen!

Can I give a Homeer team member a tip?

Yes you can! You can leave a tip online by giving us a call or give the cleaner cash directly. 100% of tips go directly to the cleaners. At Homeer every team member starts at a liveable wage so that we have the ability to offer you consistently stunning cleaning quality without the need to tip your cleaner additionally.

Is there a way that I can stay up to date with the status of my home cleaning booking?

In fact there is! You can log into your Homeer account at any time and head to your profile page. On that you will be able to see your bookings in a list with all of the active status properly reflected. More than that though, you can access a booking directly and see much more information about it. Things like when the status was updated, the active team members assigned, any notes we've added to your house cleaning and more!

Is the availability shown on the website really the spots that are available?

Yes they are! The times you see available on the website are the times that are open for a team member to take care of you. At Homeer we've devoted an extreme amount of attention to giving our home cleaning clients the simplest and most straightforward home cleaning experience possible. With that goal we've designed and built the Homeer website to offer you all of the information that could be helpful in getting the perfect home cleaning scheduled. If you're in the need of a timeslot that is not currently listed you can call our team and check to see if we can accommodate that date and time that you need.

Do you service my area?

You can see all the areas we service on the Homeer locations page. On that page you have the ability to search by postal code so that you can easily find the location that services your location without having to search through every Homeer cleaning location.

What is the difference between a the signature and deep clean package?

The main difference between our signature and deep clean package is that the deep clean includes baseboards, window tracks, blinds, and crown molding. You can see a full breakdown of our deep cleaning on the deep home cleaning service page. To put it simply, the Signature Package focuses on the items that you touch at least once a day, the high traffic areas while the deep cleaning will focus on getting the things you touch less often, but that collect dust overtime.

When I enter the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms will my entire house be taken care of?

Yes. At Homeer every single home cleaning booking includes 4 common areas that will be taken care of. So, that will cover one kitchen, one living room, one dining room, and your laundry laundry room in the booking without needing to be included as an additional room and without having any additional cost. All base cleanings do include these rooms as we know they will always need attention regardless your home cleaning needs!

How long will my home cleaning take?

Home cleaning is a very detailed process and the time it takes is largely dependent on the skill level of the cleaner and the level of cleaning you're looking for. At Homeer all of our home cleaners are extremely skilled and come with years of experience so there are a few more variables to tell how long each cleaning will take. Depending on the size of your home, the condition, and if this is your first cleaning. But to estimate an average cleaning will take about 3 hours, while a deep clean will take about 4 hours.

Is there any way I can get more information about the team members that are coming?

Actually there is! If you visit our locations page you will be able to see our team members and a little something they wrote about themselves to give you a little information about who they are and their time with Homeer. Once you've found a team member that you prefer to have moving forward you can enter that into the comments of your booking or give our team a call anytime at (432) 355-3171.

When will my card be processed?

Thanks to our satisfaction guarantee your card will never be charged a cent until 24 hours after your cleaning is complete. With this we make sure that you have had time to make sure everything looks perfect and if not you can give us a call to use your Satisfaction Guarantee and we will get that corrected!

Who will be cleaning my house?

At Homeer we know how important it is that you not only trust your home cleaner, but also like them. That is why we devote a lot of effort to making sure that we can continue providing the same team member when you encounter a Homeer team member that you really like! You can always see the names of your cleaners once they are assigned to your home. If you click on your booking and scroll down a little you will see your cleaner thats assigned. If you'd like to request some specifically you can do so by giving us a call anytime at (432) 355-3171 and we will get that updated for you.

Are there any fees that I should know about?

At Homeer there are absolutely no fees that you ever have to worry about. No cancellation fees. No rescheduling fees. No upgrading fees. At Homeer we understand how crazy life can be and that is why we've removed absolutely all fees from our business model. Thanks to the use of flat-rate prices the final total of your booking really is the final total for your schedule cleaning service.

What is your refund policy?

Homeer does not offer refunds but does have a satisfaction guarantee policy. Meaning if you see something wrong with your cleaning just give us a call and we will send someone out to fix the issue as soon as we can with no additional charge.

How can I reach someone in charge?

Homeer is a locally owned and operated Texas cleaning company. That means you can reach Chance Herriage, the owner of Homeer, anytime at (432) 355-3171 or (806) 464-1768. Both of those phone numbers direct to him so you can use whichever you prefer!

How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

Every single Homeer cleaning booking comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with your Homeer service, we aren't happy and we will make sure that we have a team member out to fix that as soon as possible. With that guarantee you will never be charged a cent until 24 hours after your booking is completed. Plus, once your booking has been completed you will receive an automated follow-up message that will ask you to rate your home cleaning service on a scale of 1-10. Within those 24 hours, if you see something that was missed or just could have been done better, feel free to give us a call and we will have a team member come out and fix that for you as soon as we can.

Are the team members background checked?

At Homeer every single applicant that has an interview is background checked. We do this because we take the privacy and security of all Homeer clients extremely serious and that starts with our team members. Along with a background check we do require that every team member be able to pass a pre-employment drug test so that we can ensure no client has anything to worry about. We can confidently say you and your home are safe when in the hands of our Homeer cleaning team members.

Is there a way that I can refer my friends or family?

Yes absolutely! With our referral program you can send your friends or family your referral code and get $50.00 in credit while passing on $50.00 in credit to the person that you're referring. Using your unique referral code on the booking form they can take advantage of this program without having to do any extra work. Then, when you're ready to use your credit all you have to do is enter "credit code" that can be found in your settings.

Do I need to provide any supplies for the booking?

At Homeer our professional cleaning team members provide absolutely all of the supplies and tools that they could need during your booking. This way you never have to worry about running to the store or even checking the shelves. Instead you can forget about the days you had to walk down the cleaning supplies aisle and spend the time shopping and cleaning focusing on the things you're more interested in.

Do I need to leave the house while the team is at my home?

No, it’s your home so you can do whatever makes you most comfortable. At Homeer we don't require that you stay, we don't require that you leave. It's still your home and we would never ask you to act any other way. Additionally, we don't require that you put your pets outside or in a cage.

Can I leave a key/code for my cleaners?

Of course! Homeer will make sure your cleaners have what they need to get in and lock up when they finish. Along with that Homeer has developed an in-house system to allow for easier key management across our local managers and team members. Plus with this all clients that have left a key will have the ability to log into their account and see where their key is currently located and what team member it is with, or if it is currently in the office.

What should I do to prepare for my service?

We don’t ask you to clean up before your service comes, thats what we are here for. The only thing we ask is that you pick up all clothes off the floors. We've written a full blog post: How to prepare for your maid service cleaning that goes into the full details of why we ask that you don't do a thing before your Homeer cleaning team arrives for your booking.

Does Homeer accept cash/check?

No, payment will only be accepted via debit/credit card.

Will the price ever change after I submit a booking?

At Homeer we will absolutely never change the price on your booking without you having changed the booking request. At Homeer all of our home cleaning totals are determined by the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, the package of cleaning you need and the frequency you desire. With that, you will know your absolute final total for all bookings moving forward. There are absolutely no hidden or surprise fees nor will our team ever show up and say that your home cleaning service will cost more than you expected.

What determines the number of rooms and bathrooms cleaned?

When building your home cleaning you only need to select the additional rooms and bathrooms you would like cleaned. At Homeer we include 4 common areas with every booking. One kitchen, One living room, One dining room, and laundry room are included in the booking. Then, you can add the rooms and bathrooms as you see fit! You can of course only have part of your home cleaned.

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