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You can browse the current Homeer locations with the teams at each and more.

We have locations spread out through Texas so that our professional cleaning teams can deliver their expertise state-wide!

The perfect team for all of your home cleaning and commercial cleaning needs.

At Homeer we believe it's incredibly important to know, trust, and like your cleaner. This is precisely why we make it so easy to get to know the members of the Homeer team. After all, our team members do come into your home and we want to make sure that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. That's why we...

  • Include every team member on our insurance and bonding.
  • Background check every employee of Homeer.
  • Require that all team members be able to pass a drug test.
  • Keep a flexible schedule so that you can keep your cleaner.
  • Pay livable hourly wages to every single team member.
  • Go through an extremely thorough hiring and training routine.

While Homeer is here for you, we are also here for our team members. And by doing so we can offer you a much higher level of service with a much higher level of confidence. Click on any location below to learn more about the story of that location and the team members within that story!

Chance Herriage

Joined On: 12/04/2019

Mason Stacker

Joined On: 03/01/2021

Kailynn Virag

Joined On: 08/24/2020

Lubbock, Texas

Opened: 09/04/2017

2321 50th St, Suite G, Lubbock, Texas, 79412

(806) 464-1768

Midland, Texas

Opened: 07/14/2020

1308 S. Midkiff, #126, Midland, Texas, 79701

(432) 355-3171

Round Rock, Texas

Opened: 02/26/2021

555 Round Rock West Drive, Suite 201, Round Rock, Texas, 78681

Coming Soon

Dallas, Texas

Coming Soon: 05/01/2021

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Austin, Texas

Coming Soon: 07/01/2021

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

College Station, Texas

Coming Soon: 09/01/2021

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Odessa, Texas

Coming Soon: 11/01/2021

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Houston, Texas

Coming Soon:

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Pueblo, Colorado

Coming Soon:

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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