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A Homeer home cleaning is the perfect gift to anyone that lives in a home.

And since everyone lives in a home, a home cleaning is perfect for every person. Now, they can spend time doing what they love and have a clean home!

Giving the gift of a clean home is as easy as receiving the cleaning.

A cleaning is a wonderful gift to family members, friends, even work colleagues. Below you can purchase a gift card for a Homeer cleaning below in seconds without any fees!

1. Get the cleaning gift card.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and you will get an email with all of the information, plus be redirect to the page of your gift card.

2. Gift the gift card you purchased!

All you have to do is give the recipient their gift card code. With that they can visit our website at anytime and schedule without paying a cent.

3. They enjoy a clean home.

With their cleaning scheduled all they have to do is kick back and relax. A gift card is the easiest way to make sure they don't have to clean a bit.


Recipient Name

I know it's a busy time of the year and I thought you could use a little help. Sooooo, I got you a home cleaning so you don't have to think about it during this busy week!

- Your Name

A cleaning gift card is a great gift for just about everyone!

A clean home is a wonderful gift for everyone in your life. Regardless the age we all have to clean our home and with a gift card you can save them four or more hours!





New Home Owners




With flat-rate prices you never have to wonder how much your home cleaning will cost

You can see the absolute final total of your booking include all supplies, labor, tax, plus our satisfaction guarantee on our online booking form. Get started by entering your contact information now and see your total in seconds!

The frequently asked questions about Homeer gift cards

You can find our frequently asked questions below. If you don’t see your question on this list feel free to give us a call at (432) 355-3171 and our team will be happy to help.

The way we recommend determining the amount to gift is by visit our booking form and enter the size of their home. That way you can immediately see the final total price of their home cleaning without having to worry about possible price changes.

No! The total price you see on the booking form will be the final price for their cleaning when they schedule. It will never change or have any sudden or hidden fees.

Gift cards from Homeer have no expiration date and can be used on any cleaning scheduled.

If Homeer is incapable of serving the recipient, we will refund the charge to your card and notify you. No refund will go to the recipient as we do not have their billing information available.

No! Our team members bring all the supplies needed to do every job properly.

When you complete the purchase of your gift card you will receive an email that contains all the information needed. Plus, you will be redirected to the dashboard page for your gift card.

You will never be charged a cent until 24 hours after your booking is completed. Within that time, if you see something was missed, feel free to give us a call and we will have a team member come out and fix that for you as soon as we can.

Homeer does not offer refunds but does have a satisfaction guarantee policy. Meaning if you see something wrong with your cleaning just give us a call and we will send someone out to fix the issue as soon as we can with no additional charge.

Absolutely NOT. We pride ourselves on not charging fees and having our price be the final price always.

The purchase of your gift card will result in the charging of your card immediately. However, the credit of the gift card is immediately active as well.

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