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How often should my home be cleaned?

Determining what frequency your home should receive a home cleaning can be difficult. With this quiz you can answer a few questions and Homeer is able to recommend the absolute best home cleaning frequency for you! With or without a home cleaning service you will leave with a clear image of how often your home needs to be cleaned.

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Finding the home cleaning frequency that is truly the best for your home and your family includes many aspects that require years of experience to weigh. Instead of keeping it impossible for you to get a simple and fast answer, you we've crafted this quiz for you! In this quiz all you have to do is answer a few questions and we will use all the years of our combined experience to recommend the absolute best cleaning frequency.

With that we will be able to recommend one of the following frequencies:

  1. Weekly (Every 7 days)
  2. Bi-Weekly (Every 14 days)
  3. Tri-Weekly (Every 21 days)
  4. Monthly (Every 28 days)

We have not included our one-time frequency as your home will absolutely need to be cleaned more than once and we didn't want to get your hopes up if you happen to get the result of only needing a one-time cleaning from a professional cleaning service. Before moving on I do want to mention that you could totally be in the need of one-time cleaning and if you are then that's what you should choose! There's no questions or concerns you need to consider here.

That being said, if you are truly only needing a one-time clean, but you are considering a recurring cleaning then this quiz is perfect for you.

You are only seconds away from knowing what home cleaning frequency would leave you the least amount of cleaning and chores.

1. How many people live in your home?

2. What of these best describes where you live?

3. Would you like to stop doing your laundry?

4. How often do chores not related to cleaning pile up on your schedule?

5. Do you mind doing a little cleaning between your professional cleanings?

6. Do you have family and friends over often?

7. How often do you think to yourself that your home is dirty?

8. How long have you lived in your home?

9. Do you own any pets?

10. How often do you personally clean your home?

11. How often do you cook?

12. How often are you home?

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🗣   Published: 01/06/2021

  Updated: 01/06/2021

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