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Homeer takes pride in delivering satisfaction guaranteed Texas cleaning services.

Homeer cleaning services are built and improved with Texas cleaning needs in mind. Including residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, exterior window cleaning and more we are sure to have the service for you.

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The basics of how a Homeer home cleaning service works and the benefits that come with it.

At Homeer all cleaning services utilize flat-rate pricing. With this we do not charge by the hour, but rather by the type and size of professional cleaning you're in need of. At Homeer you never have sign a contract or even get a quote for your home cleaning service as you can schedule and update your home cleaning service online in under sixty seconds. Additionally, Homeer operates with no surprise price changes or hidden fees so that you know your total will never change unless you change your cleaning service request.

Plus, every booking delivered by a Homeer team members comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

Brining all of the supplies and tools needed to deliver your home cleaning to perfection, you never have to provide a single supply. Through years of testing Homeer has established a supply kit that allows for incredible results without any wasted time. Though, if you have a supply you prefer to use on a specific service we will happily oblige!

With over 100 combined years of cleaning experience of law firm offices, apartment complexes, personal residences and local businesses and condos in Midland, Texas and Lubbock, Texas every Homeer client is sure to receive the best cleaning service possible.

The cleaning services you can currently schedule with your local Homeer professionals.

Each cleaning service offered by Homeer comes with it's own checklist and final expectations. The only consistancy between the different services is the devotion to give Homeer clients a perfect cleaning every cleaning service scheduled..

Signature House Cleaning

It can be tough trying to decide if a house cleaning is something that you need. Not only that but trying to decide on a service can be even tougher. It is i...

Deep House Cleaning

A good deep cleaning can not only make your home look ten years newer, but also smell it. When it's been a decent amount of time between cleanings the odds a...

Move In / Move Out Cleaning

A move in / move out cleaning can make all the difference in the quality of your moving experience. Moving is an extremely tiring time and the last thing tha...

Post-Construction Cleaning

Having renovations or repairs done around your home is always an exciting time. There's nothing quite like custom tailoring your home to best fit your needs ...

Recurring Cleaning

The average American family spends six or more hours a week cleaning their home. That's time you could be saving by using a professional recurring cleaning s...

One-Time Cleaning

A one-time cleaning can save you an incredible amount of time. Especially when a deep clean is scheduled. With a one-time cleaning you can forget about the d...

Reaching for the goal to include all home care services into a single home cleaning booking.

Homeer was founded with the mission to give our community a chore-free life. That's only possible by reaching the point at which we can offer a cleaning of the interior and exterior of your home in the same booking. Below you can see the progress we've made!

Home Cleaning

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Commercial Cleaning

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Dog Dropping Pick-Up

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Window Cleaning

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Pool Cleaning

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Lawn Maintenance

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To Be Announced

Gutter Cleaning

To Be Announced

Duct Cleaning

To Be Announced

Carpet Cleaning

To Be Announced

Floor Finishing

To Be Announced

The mission behind the home cleaning services we strive to deliver at perfect quality at every booking.

The mission at Homeer is simple. Give our community members a chore-free home-life.

This is only possible when said community members don't have to coordinate twenty different businesses to stay on top of their home maintenance. Instead, you could call Homeer. Our pros will take care of every aspect of maintenance and cleaning in a single booking.

  • No more time constraints.
  • No more managing a home-maintenance schedule.
  • No more wasting money and time on businesses that give you less than satisfactory results.
  • No more hoping you get good results.

At Homeer we currently have the goal to achieve the full list of services at all operational locations by the end of 2025. Along with the expansion of our service list we also aim to extend our service area by the opening of 20 new locations in the United States. That's a big goal, but Homeer has one thing that many businesses don't..

A team of professional cleaners and team leaders leading the mission.

So with our amazing team members and modern-day technology, Homeer delivers a level of cleaning service that has yet to be seen in the cleaning industry. Admittedly, we still have ground to cover and improvements to make, but existing cleaning service clients of Homeer can attest to the value a chore-free life brings.

We're a local cleaning service that values loyalty, trust, and honesty. With those ideals, we are incredibly thankful for any opportunity you give us to show you the impact a Homeer cleaning will have on your life.

Not sure Homeer is right for you? Give us a call. We will happily answer any questions you may have and help you determine if we're the right fit. If you happen to be in a unique situation where Homeer isn't the perfect option we will happily refer you to another local company is!

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Delivering stunning quality home care services to our busy Texan community members with a satisfaction guarantee, flat-rate pricing and zero shady fees.

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