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One-Time Cleaning Services

A one-time cleaning can save you an incredible amount of time. Especially when a deep clean is scheduled. With a one-time cleaning you can forget about the days of having to do spring cleaning or setting aside days of your week to return your home to perfection. With a one-time Homeer cleaning you have full control over the day and time that your team arrives for your cleaning.

All you have to do is choose the information that best fits your home and our one-time cleaning team will be prepared to return your home to perfection!

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Scheduling Homeer for a One-Time Cleaning Service

While Homeer is designed to offer incredibly high quality recurring cleaning we do also specialize in one-time cleanings. With that, Homeer has the ability to return any home within our service area to perfection without question. There's no need for an initial quote. There's no need to hope that you can have the time you need.

A one-time cleaning service is perfect when the mess has gotten out of control or when you just don't have enough time to clean everything to your expectations. Life is crazy and that's a totally understandable issue to have. That's precisely why Homeer was founded and we continually receive such wonderful recognition from the communities that we serve. At Homeer we strive to deliver a stress-free experience and that idea revolves around scheduling the cleaning service that is truly best for your needs. To do that, we've built three key packages that will result in your home being wonderfully clean in every scenario.

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Go ahead and schedule your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed one-time cleaning online in sixty seconds!

When you trust Homeer with your one-time cleaning you never have to worry about anything. No need to buy supplies, no need to plan time, no need to deal with dust.

The Homeer locations currently offering one-time cleaning services.

Since Homeer only launched in 2020 we haven't had the ability to begin offering every service at every operating (and upcoming) locations. But, below you can see the full list of the locations currently offering our one-time cleaning services to your community.

Lubbock, Texas


2321 50th St, Suite G, Lubbock, Texas, 79412

(806) 464-1768

Midland, Texas


1308 S. Midkiff, #126, Midland, Texas, 79701

(432) 355-3171

Round Rock, Texas


555 Round Rock West Drive, Suite 201, Round Rock, Texas, 78681

Coming Soon

Austin, Texas

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

How to prepare for your one-time home cleaning

At Homeer we are not the type of cleaning company that asks you to clean before our team comes to clean. Actually, we are quite the opposite. We ask that you leave your messes and allow your Homeer team to return your home to perfection while you kick back and relax. You are booking a one-time cleaning service and we would never ask you to help prepare for that.

With that being said, there are still a few things you can do to make sure that you receive the highest quality cleaning possible. That starts by providing a change of sheets that our team can put on your bed. As long as you leave a pile of clean sheets to put on our team members will replace the sheets and put the dirty sheets where you prefer. Also with that, unless you would like your team member to take care of the dishes now would be the time to go ahead and toss them in the dishwasher! We do offer this as an additional service however it is not included in any of our base packages!

That really is all there is for you to do in preparation for your one-time cleaning service. We don't add any special rules or restrictions just because you only need a one-time cleaning. Everyones needs are different, but we will always deliver the same level of quality: perfection.

What to do when your team member arrives

Once your Homeer professional cleaner has arrived for your one-time cleaning a walkthrough of your home will make sure that no areas are missed and that you have discussed any special expectations with your cleaner(s). With a 30 second walkthrough our team member can ask any and all questions they may have before starting the cleaning to ensure nothing that you want done is left undone. Once the cleaning has been started we don't require that you stay. We don't require that you leave. It's still your home and Homeer would never ask you to act any way otherwise. So, whatever is easiest for you and simplest on your schedule will be the aboslute best for Homeer and the results of your one-time cleaning service.

Now, there many be some expectation that you have to do something during the cleaning, but really the area you can help comes at the very end with a final walkthrough. Because Homeer offers a Satisfaction Guarantee with every single home cleaning, even one-time cleanings, we always want to make sure that you are truly happy with the cleaning service that has been delivered. To do so we suggest doing a final walkthrough when your Homeer cleaning team has just finished cleaning. With this you can point any areas or items that you'd like done better or that happened to be missed! And while we don't realistically plan on you needing to use the Satisfaction Gaurantee you have available, it will always be there to ensure you receive the best cleaning service you've ever heard.

Beyond that, there really is nothing you need to do!

Ask all your questions and add any special notes to the comments

Every now and then you may be in a special circumstance where a one-time cleaning will just make a world of difference. If this is you, we highly recommend sharing a little bit of information in the comments section. This is good for any area that you know many need some special attention, or an area that you want to have special attention, any special situation, etc.. This way, our team will come prepared with the supply kit that best fits your needs and desires from your one-time cleaning!

Go ahead and schedule your 100% satisfaction guaranteed one-time cleaning online in sixty seconds!

When you trust Homeer with your one-time cleaning you never have to worry about anything. No need to buy supplies, no need to plan time, no need to deal with dust.

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