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Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Having renovations or repairs done around your home is always an exciting time. There's nothing quite like custom tailoring your home to best fit your needs and preferences. A post-construction cleaning is vital to making sure that the last step of this project is completed smoothly without any new pain-points being introduced.

At Homeer we specialize in stress-free cleaning which means we are determined to take the most amount of stress of your shoulders as possible. Our speciality is cleaning and that includes post-construction cleaning. With that, you don't have to worry about cleaning up once everything has been completed and more importantly you don't have to worry about dust covering everything for weeks or months. Instead, when the project is done it is truly done and you can enjoy the benefits of a post-construction cleaning.

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The special circumstances of your post-construction cleaning.

Having some construction work done on your home or office? This could lead to a big mess to clean up once you've finished all the renovations and repairs. The home-renovation process can be extremely tedious and stressful. So, the last thing you want to add to this experience is countless hours cleaning everything. Realistically, if you're not a professional cleaner the odds of you cleaning to the needed quality are quite low. That's important because if you don't get a post-construction cleaning perfect the first time, the dust will re-accumulate in a matter of hours or days. Drywall dust and paint are not like your typical dust. They require the utmost of attention when cleaning or they will constantly plague your home and life. We don't want that, do we?

Selecting Homeer's post-construction home cleaning package will allow for our team of professionally trained cleaners to take care of anything and everything needed to get your home or office back to normal and clean again. Worried about the drywall dust that is covering everything? You don't need to. Worried about getting all of your windows spotless after everything has been lingering in the air? You don't need to. Worried about getting all the paint splatter off the floor? You don't need to. With a Homeer post-construction cleaning you gain the ability to forget about all these things you would previously spend time worrying about. Instead, you can focus on the more important things while your professional post-construction cleaner returns everything to perfection.

A post-construction cleaning isn't like the other cleaning service packages offered by Homeer. The key difference is the end-goal. That being we aim to remove all signs of anyone having lived there before while removing all signs of renovations just being finished. Just like our move in / move out cleaning, we will be able to get your entire place clean from top-to-bottom while having time to go above and beyond with the details not typically possible.

Finally, you have the ability to go through a phase of repairs or renovations while maintaining the ability to kick back and relax without the hassle of having to clean everything yourself. The only things that we ask from you are:

  • A walkthrough to show our team members your home and specific areas you would like cleaned if possible.
  • Any special supplies you want us to use if necessary.
  • A good way to lock up after we leave just in case you are not at the cleaning.
  • Sit back and let our Homeer team members get your home spotless.

Go ahead and schedule your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed post-construction cleaning online in sixty seconds!

When you trust Homeer with your post-construction cleaning you never have to worry about anything. No need to buy supplies, no need to plan time, no need to deal with dust.

The Homeer locations currently offering post-construction cleaning services.

Since Homeer only launched in 2020 we haven't had the ability to begin offering every service at every operating (and upcoming) locations. But, below you can see the full list of the locations currently offering our post-construction cleaning services to your community.

Lubbock, Texas


2321 50th St, Suite G, Lubbock, Texas, 79412

(806) 464-1768

Midland, Texas


1308 S. Midkiff, #126, Midland, Texas, 79701

(432) 355-3171

Round Rock, Texas


555 Round Rock West Drive, Suite 201, Round Rock, Texas, 78681

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Austin, Texas

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How do I know if my home needs a post-construction cleaning?

Are you getting any construction or contracting work done on your home? If so, then you likely need a post-construction cleaning to prevent your house from being covered in dust and paint for months. Renovations and repairs usually lead to a large mess to clean. The renovation process is long enough to begin with though the last thing you want to do is add an additional eight hours of manual labor...

That's why scheduling a post-construction cleaning is always highly recommended at Homeer. Our team will be able to come in and get everything looking back to normal again without the need of you having spent hours upon hours cleaning all the messes left behind from your home renovations.

Both the renovation and clean-up period are both made longer when you still need to be in the area! Sometimes you cannot avoid this though. There are some areas that we cannot be locked out of and our home and office are the two most common places for this to be the case. But, these two areas are also the places that see renovations and repairs most often.

It can be hard to work around all of the mess when construction work is being done in your office. With so much going on even if you can work through the mess, good luck staying focused. It's an unfortunate situation that is typically dragged out over weeks, but at Homeer we specialize in putting the bow on your renovation process.

Our post-construction cleaning team will come in and get everything cleaned up so that you can focus on the more important things. With professional assistance for your post-construction cleaning needs you can wrap up the renovation/repair process and move forward enjoying the outcome of all your hard work.

But homes aren't the only place that can experience massive amounts of downtime due to construction. A business or office under renovation will feel the repercussions of not using a professional cleaning service even more.

Having the massive task to clean up after renovations is completely understandable, but what's not so understandable is st-construction cleaning all taken care of without you needing to do a thing beyond letting my team inside. Even with the construction not being completely completed, we will have your home back to normal so you can relax after a long day and not have to worry about all that drywall dust.

Most private contractors who do work on homes and offices will leave a big mess when finished. This mess can be drywall dust, small pieces of trash, leftover materials, screws, nails, wood shavings, etc. There can also be paint marks on the floors and on areas not wanted. Our cleaning team can take care of all of these areas and make sure everything is sparkly clean at the end.

What is included in a Homeer post-construction cleaning service?

Our post-construction home cleaning will consist of our signature cleaning package, deep cleaning package, and our move in / move out cleaning package. It will also include the following:

  • Paint removal from floors and other unwanted surfaces
  • Drywall mud removal from unwanted surfaces
  • Removal and disposal of any construction materials left behind
  • Ensure that all drywall dust is removed from every inch of the home or office
  • Deep scrubbing where needed
  • Any other post-construction cleaning according to requirements
  • Satisfaction guarantee

No matter what kind of shape your home or office is in after a construction job. Our professionally trained team members will have your place looking in tip-top fashion.

Go ahead and schedule your 100% satisfaction guaranteed post-construction cleaning online in sixty seconds!

When you trust Homeer with your post-construction cleaning you never have to worry about anything. No need to buy supplies, no need to plan time, no need to deal with dust.

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