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Recurring Cleaning Services

The average American family spends six or more hours a week cleaning their home. That's time you could be saving by using a professional recurring cleaning service. Instead of having to struggle with the cleaning, budget the time and supplies and more, you can leave all that in the past. It is a large task to keep your home clean and that task is only made larger when you aren't the only one living in your home.

By using a recurring cleaning service you could save over 300 hours a year. That doesn't even consider the amount of time it takes to get the supplies, keep them organized and collect them when you need it. At Homeer we specifically train our team members to deliver the highest quality work on a recurring basis so that your home is left in perfect condition every cleaning.

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Scheduling a recurring cleaning service with Homeer

With a regularly maintained house or business you will never have to worry or even keep track of the cleanliness. Instead, you can focus on the more important things will you home is maintained on a recurring basis. A recurring cleaning is perfect for the type of person that has no interest cleaning, is too busy to clean, or just doesn't believe they are good at cleaning.

A recurring cleaning service will deliver more than just a clean home. With a recurring cleaning service you will also gain the massive benefit of being able to forget about your laundry. With over 100 combined years of experience we have built an approach to ensure perfect results at every cleaning.

Many cleaning services will focus on making your life easier. At Homeer we take that one step further. Instead of just aiming for a good clean we are aiming to take all the chores off your hands. Homeer has built many teams of professionals that each have their own speciality so that we can reliably deliver levels of quality that were not previously capable.

We offer recurring frequencies to fit each persons schedule and you can find the frequency that best fits your recurring cleaning needs with:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Tri-Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

Homeer hasn't only focused on the cleaning service that you receive. Instead we've decided to focus on the entire experience. That starts with the scheduling and booking updating systems/processes that are in place. To make scheduling easier for you we've built an online scheduling system that allows you to schedule your recurring house cleaning online in under sixty seconds. There aren't any hidden fees. There aren't any surprise price changes. There isn't any need to get a quote. At Homeer we operate with flat-rate pricing to make the overall experience as simple as transparent for you. That means delivering an experience from start-to-finish that is one to remember.

Go ahead and schedule your 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed recurring cleaning online in sixty seconds!

When you trust Homeer with your recurring cleaning you never have to worry about anything. No need to buy supplies, no need to plan time, no need to deal with dust.

The Homeer locations currently offering recurring cleaning services.

Since Homeer only launched in 2020 we haven't had the ability to begin offering every service at every operating (and upcoming) locations. But, below you can see the full list of the locations currently offering our recurring cleaning services to your community.

Lubbock, Texas


2321 50th St, Suite G, Lubbock, Texas, 79412

(806) 464-1768

Midland, Texas


1308 S. Midkiff, #126, Midland, Texas, 79701

(432) 355-3171

Round Rock, Texas


555 Round Rock West Drive, Suite 201, Round Rock, Texas, 78681

Coming Soon

Austin, Texas

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

How do I know if a recurring cleaning service is right for me and my cleaning needs?

A recurring cleaning service is very helpful when keeping your home clean. It takes all of the hassles out of trying to find time to clean or always having to clean at the end of your days.

Are you someone who works a lot and by the time you get home from work the last thing you want to do is clean your home? Then a recurring cleaning service would be perfect for you. By the time you got finished after a long day of work, you would have a nice clean home to walk into. Leaving your evening stress and work free.

Have a big household that you always have to clean up after? This is pretty common and can be quite a mess to deal with on a weekly basis. To help with this issue a recurring cleaning service will be able to have your home looking clean and all straightened up on a weekly schedule. This will ensure that your home is always cleaned to its full potential at all times.

It is pretty common for college kids to avoid cleaning their apartment or home. Scheduling them a recurring home cleaning will help them live a cleaner and healthier life during the struggles of college.

Cleaning is not one-size fits all and that is why every cleaning deliver by a Homeer cleaning team member has been custom tailored to best fit your needs. While we do operate with cleaning checklists you can always add more details to your cleaning! Have some special in your home? No worries. All you have to do is let my team know or add it to the comments when you schedule your booking and we will make sure that everything is cleaned for you!

How can I determine the recurring cleaning package and frequency I need?>

Now, this is typically the most difficult aspect of scheduling a cleaning service simply because you are not a cleaning professional. You can't expect to know what frequency and package would be best without years of experience, could you? That's why we've built quizzes that answer both of those questions.

In our first quiz: Which home cleaning package is best for your home? you answer a few questions and we will be able to recommend the perfect cleaning package for the state of your home, apartment or condo. With only 13 questions we can cover all the important basis and you can have the answer you need in seconds without having to wait on the phone and describe your situation to a person. When choosing a cleaning package you can never choose a cleaning that is too deep. While we strive to get every square inch of your home in every cleaning that cannot be done with the signature package as that is more of a maintenance clean. Because of that, our personal recommendation is to start with a Deep Clean and then go to a Signature Clean while upgrading to a Deep Clean once a quarter. By doing that you can keep the dust and dirt tamed while keeping your home clean week-to-week.

The second quiz we have built for you: How often should my home be cleaned? follows the same idea as the quiz that helps you find which cleaning package best fits your need. With the frequency quiz we will get to know you, your family and lifestyle a little better so that we can recommend the perfect package. For so long the cleaning industry has been overly complex and secretive with the answers that you should have within arms reach at all times. We don't want to follow down that path and that's why you can find both of these answers very quick without ever having to pick up a phone or calling for clarification.

Don't want to take the quizzes? There is another method of determining what kind of recurring cleaning is best for you, but let me warn you; this method does take far longer to end with the same result. We've wrote the in-depth blog post, How often should my maid service clean my house? a few months ago before creating these quizzes and while you will end up at the same result you do have to use your brain and decision making skills much more.

A recurring cleaning should be designed to save you as much time and stress as possible without introducing any new things that you have to do in preparation of your cleaners arriving.

What is provided in a recurring cleaning service?

At Homeer we always want our clients to have the best cleaning experience possible. To help with this we will always send the same cleaner or team to your home. This will ensure that the cleaner(s) know exactly how you like your home and the areas that need more attention than others. Listed below are the benefits of choosing a recurring service:

  • No need for supplies
  • You can get to know your cleaner
  • You get a cleaner home with far less work
  • Never worry about a dirty home before people come over
  • You get a big discount on each cleaning
  • You'll never have to deal with pet hair
  • Plus you'll save yourself a ton of time each month

That isn't the end of the Homeer benefits. Because we care so strongly about the quality of cleaning that you receive we've built three key cleaning packages that will ensure all clients always receive the type of cleaning that is needed and desired. It's safe to say that having a recurring service with Homeer will keep your home cleaner than normal and will save you a ton of time each month.

Signature House Cleaning

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Deep House Cleaning

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Move In / Move Out Cleaning

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Go ahead and schedule your 100% satisfaction guaranteed recurring cleaning online in sixty seconds!

When you trust Homeer with your recurring cleaning you never have to worry about anything. No need to buy supplies, no need to plan time, no need to deal with dust.

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